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  1. characters (message before you apply for an OPEN ROLE)

    vince (deilighla's father)- open
    race: vampire lord
    Power: small magic.
    -over protective, prideful and racist against non vampires.

    alex- by alex
    Race: super soldier.
    power: combustion
    -World-class bullshitter, tries to be nice but ends up being an asshole instead, protective of friends, wolf hating due to his own past.

    Super soldier
    power: mimicing other dna for 5 minutes ot of range with need to be in contaced area of 4ft.
    -air head, stereotypical blond, caring protective, constintly aiming for groin...... :( , has only one thing on her mind, and that is the promise of becoming stronger to protect her friend stephen.

    deilighla- by akiko
    race: vampire princess
    power: minor magic
    Sweet, Logical, Likes Nivek, Royal,

    nathen-by nivek
    race: super soldier.
    power: minor air momentom control
    -silver tongue, getting others in trouble with the best intentions, overly prideful, and knack for bad luck

    devon- by nivek
    race: super soldier.
    power: self physical eletric control
    -loyal, one track mind, not wise, rushes into things without a second thought

    race: human.
    power: none.
    -loyal,gets dragged into things easily, not a take charge kind of guy, relaxed more than most.

    jeramy- open
    race: super soldier
    power: self muscle manipulation
    rager, military trained to hate other races thats not human.

    carcus- by nivek
    Race: super soldier.
    Power: warping
    -strategic, scatterbrained, tends to skip detail in conversation, PERV!!

    nivek- by nivek
    Race: lycan
    pwoer: shifting at will
    -loyal, blunt, earns respect the hard way and gives respect to whom earns it the hard way, impulsive, willful,solo kind of guy, risk taker,

    arson(alexs permanant companion)-open
    race: hellhound
    power: worps 3 times in one day ONLY!
    -kindly blunt, never curses unless the around flyers other than alex.

    athena (alexs permanant companion)- cry
    RACE: dragon hatchling
    power: ice breath
    -childish, kind hearted as can be, pranks only arson,

    custom- unkown
    race: custom
    Power: custom

    hell -also known as demiconation

    earth- well its earth

    it all started when the gates have risen on earth three generations ago and no one knew how or why all anyone knew what was going on various creatures called Demicon came through the gate and started to try and take the human world, then during an 8 year war over power and with neither side good nor bad who knows if it could.

    then humans finally built what is called a super soldier. (these are humans with an inhuman ability). ever since these new soldiers came out the Demicons started to negotiate with the humans. now three generations into the war.

    now a band of wolves may have found way to either end the war or possibly finish it by taking a human who has a very special gift inside him. and with the actions of a few, everything in this war will change. and just maybe with the help of these few the two worlds can co-exist in harmony.
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  2. nivek is a lycan that's always been a slave to the vampire royal palace stuck in his chains the palace thought it best for a beast like him to be put in the 'cage'. {a basic fighting pit} where he must fight for every breath of his life even if that means fighting his own kind.

    carcus one of the best ex-military strategist's out there discharged because of the way he thinks. he'll think something all the way through then for get to tell some of the parts or tell you the parts of the plan out of order. he found a girl and a boy seeking help for to separate goals one is trying to train for the vengance of his parents and the girl trying to protect her friend and help him on his journey. there names are Alex and Sonya. now when they are both 15 he has them living with him in demiconation in a shack he built himself. for they're training.

    nathen is a 16 year old living with his parents always getting him and his best friends from school Stephen into trouble. even though he always gets him in trouble he always finds a way out of it. no matter what happens these two always stick together no matter how rough or bad things get.

    devon is a 16 year old boy who has a horrible of rushing into things. due to his one track mind he will go against anything without a second thought so long as he thinks it right even if itll kill him. once when he was 10 he saw a man beet on a girl and tackled the man off her and started to beet him with his ability for electricity and is now confined in a juvy until hes 18 then he has a prison sentence of 10 years
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  3. Charactar- Delilah
    Race- Vampire Princess
    Power- Minor magic
    -Headstrong, Sweet, Logical, Likes Nivek, Royal,

    It is dark in the Princess's room as she wakes at night, she opens her curtains to reveal the ugly world her father rules, only to shut them again in distgust.
    Delilah changes into a pretty sunset orange gown, brushes her hair out and lazilily puts it in a bun.

    Delilah stands in te middle of her chameber wondering what to do next, she decided to visit the wolf chained in her fathers Dungeon.

    The gaurds bow at her presence and move out of the way not daring to bother her. She stands infront of the wolf and looks down upon him.

    "Do you want to be free?" The Princess says quietly so the gaurds won't hear her.
  4. nivek in chains just looks at the girl always comes down and asks him the same question every night. "why ask when you know my anwser?" nivek said with a almost cold tone. then the bell rung witch ment it was time to getready for his next 'show' witch ment he had to fight.
  5. This time the Princess does somthing different. She goes to the wolf and pulls him into a hug, Whispers in his ear," I love you, Nivek." Just before the gaurds come in to take the wolf away she kisses him on the cheek.

    Standing, Delilah turns to a gaurd and tells him," I will go to the Show tonight."

    She then walks off to find her Butler and demand him get her carriage ready.
  6. nathen late to school as ussual was running and trying to make it before the bell could ring. he had 3 minutes before he was late and he was still a mile and a half out. he knew he needed to do something.

    then he felt a breeze of wind and his eyes glowed a crystal siver then he jumped up and maid a sort of wind bord and road the wind knocking anthing or anyone that was loose loosly conected to the ground down.

    nathen barly mae it to class when the bell rang as he sat next to stephen.
  7. nievk loked confused at the princess after the kiss she gave him. then the gaurds shut the doors and nivek now stould in the ring alone.

    'what was that all about?' he wondered to himself. was she just messing with him? he wondered why she would kiss him knowing that hes a wolf.

    vampires are roal meaning they have a sicioty standered . nivek was a wolf meaning slavery and beast standerard. nivek shook his head and tried not to think about it as the gate opened.

    nivek goes to the ring only to see a horrible sight for any wolf. he saw one of his own in the ring. 'is this a some form of punishment or is this just there i dea of a joke' nivek thought
  8. carcus coming back from taking care of some personal matters to check on his two students. he saw that they wernt home so he sat on the roof and waited for them
  9. The Princess, Quietly lead by her gaurds walks up the stairs to the stadium and sits next to her father.

    She looks at the wolf sadly awaiting the beating he is going to receive, even if he does win.

    She sighs and looks to her father handing him a drink from the boy handing her the drinks.

    The girl flinches when she sees the beast the wolf is to fight.
  10. devon yet again running from through the lnch room of the centers lunch. he jumped over peoples tables just making more people mad but they undersould that he was being chased. then devon ran out of places to run when the door he tried to open to escpe the people were locked.
  11. nivek sighed "just my luck" he said under his breath as he stould tall ready for the beast to make the first move then nivek shifted into wolf form.

    the beast charged at nivek nivek just shook his head as he could the beast barly knew what he was doing and when the beast tried to go for and underbite nevik took his opening at the beasts neck and bit hard enough to draw its blood.

    then all he could do was watch it bleed out rqaising its paw as if asking for help nivek closed his eyes pretending he didnt hear since all he could was watch what he just unfoled
  12. Princess Delilah is scared not only for the wolf, but for her feelings towards him.

    The wolf had been in her families dweling fr a long time, OVer this time period the girl das visited him every night, and to the princess's disliking she began to fall in love with the wolf. she wants so badly to help him be free, she wants so badly to be free with him.

    The princess lets out a sad sighs, her father looks at her, she smiles at him to distract him from her saddness and the turns back to the ring.

    The match has begun and she flinches as the Monster charges at the wolf, but he had already dodged out of the way and done damage to the beast, The Princess relaxes a little at the though that the wolf will be okay.
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  13. nivek looked at the other wolf and felt nothing but sadness as he was just forced to kill one of his own. and one that didnt even know how to realy defended it self. nivek just looked at the corps with pitty as he went back in the cell.

    carcus sat there bored and decided to fill the little shack he called home with speakers. he did so but forgot the reason why then he put in micraphones but also forgot why he even wanted to but still did knowing there was a reason.

    devon was cornored and before he could even get ready to swing one the people chasing him already got tp him first and started to choke him while freezing him.

    nathen stat down as the teacher just gave him the 'that was close' look and nathen just smiles and looks at stephen. and they both just laughed to themsenlves as the teach started the class
  14. Delilah gets up and leavs the stadium, she reminds herself to go see the wolf later to make sure his wounds heal correctly.

    The princess gets a small but painfull headache and instantly heads for the cooler, She must feed before the pain gets unbarable.

    After she has drained two blood bags she goes to the holding cell of the wolf and sits next to him

    Delilah reaches for the wolfs head," May I?" she asks gently, hoping he will let her kiss him.
  15. nivek sits there barly able to pay attention looks up and saids quietly "the gaurds are looking" ...then he looked back down with the fresh memory of what he just did to that poor wolf... and nivek woundered what point there was and could he still call his kind kin?

    carcus got done putting up the speakers and mics then grabbed a micraphone and headed to the roof and waited for his studentws to return as he looks at the micraphone and remember what his plan was then he grined from ear to ear as he waited on the roof.

    devon now laying on the ground freezing. the person the froze him just said "next time dont bother trying to be the hero we both know your just a pethetic kid who got lucky with that one time rescue job you did when you were younger bitch" and all devon could do at that moment was still there and listen to the kid talk down to him.

    when the bell rang the class got out and nathen and stephen both ran out. "come on i have an idea" nathen said to stephen. "you have an idea......no no no no no no no no no you not dragging me in to this again!!" stephen replied
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  16. The Princess waves the gaurds away and takes the wolfs face in her hands and loks into his eyes,"I don't want you to hurt any more." she whispers and kisses his lips softly.

    She sits with him for what feels like days before her father finally sends gaurds downto drag her away. She watches the wolf as she is pulled she only slightly fights knowing the consiquences if she does.

    She whispers so quietly only the wolf can here," I love you."

    she is drug out of the dungeons and into her room where she undresses and climbs into bed falling into a deep restless sleep.
  17. Name: Alex
    Age: 18

    Alex cursed silently to himself. "How much longer? Are you sure you guys aren't lost?" He said to the hellhound and the dragon walking in front of him. "Carcass is going to raise hell if we're too late, and most likely forget why he's mad in the first place."
  18. I'll Take her! I read it again And say Pranks *evil smirk* And I just love PRANKS! I just hope hes ready for them))

    athena (alexs permanant companion)- open
    RACE: dragon hatchling
    power: ice breath
    -childish, kind hearted as can be, pranks only arson,

    Athena or Ena for short, Smiled at Alex "Doesn't Carcass always Raise Hell?" she giggled at him. "And Don't worry I got some treks up my sleeve that can save you from hell" she laughed. "Nothing can STOP ME NOW!" she yelled "and You should ask Arson-Cutey over there" she said with a pout and stopped moving. "are we lost Aron-Cutey?"

    Edit: I wanted to add something for you guys ^^

    [​IMG] just hatched Athena!!!!

    I AM A A GIRL!!!! and I had my name Cry before I knew about Cry >.>!!!!
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  19. nivek stared through the bars he must call home and wonder why he has to go through these things like the fight and this whole being a slave because of his race. and then the memories of all the bad hes had to do and he wondered if there was a way out of it all then nivek fell asleep with the thoughts of escaping to a free world in his head.

    devon laid there cold as ice the his electic power kicked in warming his body by shocking it back to warmth then devon slowly got up and went out side to think bout his actions wishing there was more he could do he wished that he was strong enough to save every one then he sat down alone wishing someone could show him the way to be usefull.

    carcus started to get tired of waiting and went inside to his 'work area' and turned on a mechine and watched the lights not really knowing why hes doing these thing "might as well " he says then he worps out and arpears next to alex arson and athena. "why hello" he said with disapointedc look although he really had no idea why just felt like he should stare alex with a disapointed look.

    nathen got wilded eyed and said "just come on why not ? you dont even know what im going to say" nathen gives that you know im right look.
    "No I don't know what you'll say, all I know is that it'll get me hurt!" as he llok into nathens eyes. "oh come on you wont get hurt so long as you can run witch we both know you used to be in track" nathen said. "why is it hat i would have to run again?" stephen asked couriously catious. nathen just looked at stephen then saw someone "because you hes coming this way" nathen said as he walked off and stopped jaramy. "oh shit nathen dont-" and before stephen could say a word nathen jumped up over jaramy used his wind to depants jaramy in the midle of the hallway then nathen ran past stephen dragging hims along.
  20. Throughout the Day the Princess cries out in her sleep, she cries for her mother, at some point she cried out for Nivek.

    She wakes up crying before it turns night, Laying there in her bed she cries herself back to sleep.
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