I whispered in her ear, you better fear me dear for I am death

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    It was 3:00 in the morning and it a cold night. Snow had been dancing around the sky for a while now and was beginning to blanket the ground in white. Two glowing violet eyes pierced through the darkness as a small girl watched the city below as its light flickered around. Her eyes were looking at it almost as if it were her prize, which of course it was. She looked up as she heard a noise from nearby. Her mouth formed into a nasty smile as she stood up and leaped down from the building she had been standing on and landed gracefully and very quietly on the ground.

    Fayte had been following this human for a while now, and normally she would have already killed it, but she was waiting for it to lead her to wherever it was staying at. She stayed a little ways behind the human as she quietly stalked behind her. She narrowed her eyes when the human came to the building and slipped inside. Fayte smiled and walked over to it. She cracked the door open a little and peaked inside.

    In the building there were about half a dozen other humans beside the one she had been following. She quietly closed the door, and put a sheild around the building so no one could leave it. The edge of her blade touched the side of the building as she scraped against the bottom of the wall. Flames burst from the tip of the blade as she walked around the building. She could hear the humans screams as the flames spread up the walls and through the building. She smiled as she watched the fire dance around the building.
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  2. From where she hid in the apartment buildings in the old financial district, Andy could see a building burst into flames. She knew what was going on and she hated herself for not being able to help the poor humans inside. But she knew she had to wait until the right time to act or all effort would be lost. She wondered what kind of dark creature bound in ice could kill with fire. Tomorrow she was going to search the most popular hiding spots for anybody who was ready and willing to rebel against the plague of dark that had been cast on their beloved city. Glaring at the flames licking the sky, Andy turned to the thin mattress on the floor and laid down. She closed her eyes and waited for the nightmares to come.
  3. Ash was walking through the dark streets, hiding in the shadows so that no one would see him. He could hear scream in the distance and knew that he needed to get to safety or else whatever had happened to them would soon happen to him. Walking a little bit faster, but still silently, he began to head to the little building he had been hiding in. He had a knife in one hand and a wooden steak in the other one and he was ready to kill. He paused and looked around carefully, checking every shadow and every window twice to make sure no one could see him, and then he quietly made his way across the street hoping that with his dark clothes on he could blend into the pavement better.
  4. Andy woke suddenly. There had been a scream. A woman. Maybe it was her dream, but she could have sworn it was real. Just in case, she grabbed her crossbow and slipped into her father's old combat boots. They didn't even tie up anymore but she refused to wear anything else. She crept down to the street level, keeping against the wall. She peeked out onto the dark pavement, there was a flash of a blade. She pulled back instantly. She heard soft movements and just as she was about to peek again to aim, a knife at her throat.
  5. Ash was almost back to the building, when he saw some movement not very far away. He noticed a girl struggling as someone held a knife to her throat. He knew that helping her could mean suicide for him, but he knew he didn't have it in his heart to just leave and let her get slaughtered. He looked around for the best way to get to them without getting caught, but the attacker had his back towards Ash so he figured he would just try to sneak up on them. He silently walked towards them, making sure to not make a sound he even tried to make his breath soundless. Something when wrong though when he stepped on a piece of garbage and it made a crinkling noise. All of a sudden the attacker whipped around and was on him within seconds. He dodged the man as he very sloppily started swiping his knife through the air. He winced when the man got lucky once and managed to actually slice him with the knife, but it didn't help except make Ash pissed. Ash watched the mans movement, he knew this would be easy. He went in with his own knife and watched the man's feet try to move to away from Ash's knife, this was a mistake though. Ash took struck the man hard on the knee with his wooden steak and heard the man scream and fall onto the ground. He could tell the man was a vampire and was obviously really really drunk from his sloppiness. He took his steak and cleanly stabbed him into the chest and through the heart. The vampire screamed once and then his body collapsed in on itself, turning into dust and bones.
  6. Shocked from the sudden act of heroism, Andy couldn't help but gape at the dark stranger. He couldn't have been much older than she. He was a swift mover and obviously against the creatures of the dark. He raised his eyebrow at her, unimpressed. She collected her thoughts and closed her mouth. She motioned for him to follow her inside. He turned the other way to walk into the night so she cleared her throat softly. When he looked at her, she was glaring and motioned for him to follow her. He rolled his eyes and followed her back into the apartment. Once they were safe inside, she turned to him, "Do you think you could help me?"
  7. Ash followed the girl inside. He already knew what was going to come out of her mouth, its what he heard from most of other humans. "I believe I did just help you..." He said raising an eyebrow, "But what exactly are you talking about?" He added after a little while curious. He figured he probably wouldn't be able to help her, he had his own things and he didn't like getting close to anyone, but he thought he could at least listen to the girl.
  8. "I need a team of sorts. People who are powerful, deadly and willing to fight the dark creatures" she told him, "and you seem like the right person." She looked away as soon as she said it, nervous for his response, knowing the probable answer. Who would put their life at risk for some random girl off the street?
  9. Ash narrowed his eyes as she told him her plan. "Its safer to work with alone or with not very many people. Did you see the fire? Well that is what happens when one person from a team is careless, they get the whole team killed." He said darkly. He walked over to the window and looked outside, then he closed the curtain and turned around to face her again. "I used to have a team, but when I was out they all got killed. Maybe this won't happen if you train them good, but you yourself seem to need some training." He said.
  10. She jumped forward in protest. "Please! I can't do this on my own!" She cringed at her own words. She sounded so desperate. That wasn't usually her 'style'. But desperate times call for desperate measures. "Please, they took my brother. He's all I have left and it's my fault that he's gone. I should have been watching over him better, but I failed him and he's probably going to die. The least I can do is try to save him!" she pleaded. Andy watched his body language nervously as he prepared a response. She hoped that her plea had been enough.
  11. Ash narrowed his eyes as he watched the girl pretty much beg him to help her. He was silent for a very long time as he went over it in his head. He knew that her brother was probably either already dead, or he was either being sold or held in a prison if he was alive, either way it would be very difficult to save him. He saw the desperation in the girl's eyes and softened his voice, "Alright I will see what I can do. We should only have a few other people in the team, and I want to pick them just to make sure they aren't going to get everyone killed."
  12. Jae watched everything carefully as she padded down the street as a dog. Her blue eyes scanned everything in sight. She was about to turn into her secret entrance when she heard voices across the street. She silently took three steps towards them before teleporting outside the window, sitting there. They sound safe..and human. She thought as she narrowed her eyes, scanning the road. So no one and nothing will hurt them without my permission. She sat there silently, her only intent was to bark loudly if anything suspicious was seen, and if danger was inevitable, she'd protect them. She'd never met a dangerous human so far, and she has seen their pain. It was her duty to protect them, at least, in her opinion.
  13. Andy hesitated to agree, but remembered that her brother's life was at risk here. Since this boy obviously was much more combative than she, she decided it was only wise to trust him. Like she had a choice.
  14. Ash glanced towards the window thinking he heard something, but shook his head deciding it must have just been the wind. He looked back at the girl and didn't know whether he was crazy helping this girl or not. "Alright, well do you have any idea where they may have taken him?" He asked.
  15. Jae took another glance around before leaving her station to pad around the building. Nothing looked out of place even though she felt like someone was watching, of course, she always felt that way. She returned to her place, her eyes flashed as she padded over to her secret entrance and changed to her human form, rubbing the back of her neck. That was one of the side-effects of being a half breed, was the knick in her neck every time she switched forms. She sat down in the darkness in her human form. Everything seemed pretty clear, but still, she kept one hand on the knife on her belt.
  16. Fayte walked down the street as the fire slowly began to die down. Everything was quiet and no one was out on the streets besides her. She didn't care about hiding, she had no reason to being one of the leaders of the dark creatures. Her eyes looked around at the buildings, trying to pick out any signs of a human. She didn't see anything or anyone that shouldn't be so she decided that she would go back to her house and get some rest.
  17. Andy wanted to tell him with certainty where Percy was being held, or even that he was still being held and not dead. But she couldn't she hadn't ventured close enough to the centre of the city where the dark creature populations are most dense to map out the area. She just stammered until she could spit out a logical answer, "No, I have no idea" she sighed and leaned against the wall, "I'm sorry."
  18. Ash sighed as he started to wonder even more why he was helping her. "Alright well that's fine, we'll just have to keep an eye out until we can find him." He said as nice as he could manage. He looked around the apartment again, making sure that everything was safe and looked outside. He could see a girl walking down the streets and he quickly closed the blinds again to make sure that no one from outside could see inside. "We'll need to see if we can find another human or two before we make any big plans."
  19. Jae pulled her knife out and backed up slowly as she saw someone coming down the street. She scanned her over, her eyes sparking with icy blue anger. She's one of them...She better watch it.. She thought as she closed the door behind her, listening quietly.
  20. Andy knew that the boy was beginning to be exasperated with her. If she wasn't in dire need of his assistance, she wouldn't have even bothered to thank him after he saved her. Survival of the fittest, right? But she knew she did and if he was going to work with her on this mission, she wouldn't be able to call him 'boy'. "What's your name?" she asked.
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