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  1. I whispered in her ear; fear me dear, for I am death. I'll take your hope, I'll take your love, 'till there's nothing left.
    I whispered in her ear; fear me dear, for I am death. And I'll take that shit you call a life, in a single fucking breath.
    I hear the fear in your voice, but you shouldn't feel a thing, your life's already worse than any pain that I could bring.
    (Lyrics are from parts of Braille by Bring Me The Horizon ^)

    There are somethings that should never be created, some things that the world would be so much better off without. The world is being taken over by dark creatures, creatures who's hearts and souls have been trapped in ice.

    The humans have either gone into hiding, been captured as slaves, or killed. There are a few humans who are trying to fight, but how do they fight against something when they have no idea how to kill it. They are getting help from some of the good creatures, or more the ones who want to stop their kind from destroying the human race.

    Fighting against them is a dangerous task, if you are found you are either taken to live a horrible life or you are killed. It is dangerous, but would you rather live a life of slavery and fear, or at least try to free yourself?


    The setting takes place in a large city of Burnitte. Right now it is the beginning of winter and it is starting to get very cold. The city is mainly taken over by the creatures, but there are still a few humans hiding around. There are different buildings where the humans are kept and sold as slaves, and there are also prisons where some are waiting to die.


    Okay, so that is pretty much what it is about. You can be one of the creatures which are made up of many different species such as vampires, shapeshifters, witches, ghosts, or whatever you want pretty much. You can also be one of the creatures that are trying to help the humans or a human that is trying to fight, hiding, or captured.


    1:No bullying! There's no need to be rude. c:
    2:You don't need insanely long posts, but please try to put enough detail and information in them to give other players something to work off of.
    3:No godmoding or marysues please! It just makes it less fun in my opinion.
    4:I don't care if you don't spell everything correctly or use correct grammar all the time as long as I can read it.
    5:To join just make a skeleton for your character and I will accept or tell you what you need to fix. (:
    6:Romance and violence are very much allowed!
    7:Please kill your characters or message me if you decide to quit.(:
    8:Have fun and ENJOY!!! (:


    Appearance:(I prefer if you described how they look, but pictures are fine as long as they aren't anime.)
    Any powers?:
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  2. Name:Fayte Jean
    Personality:Fayte has a cold heart and is believed to have no soul. She doesn't like anyone, but she stands them. She gets pissed off easily and she is not against killing at all if you make her mad enough. Although she may be cold, she is also very smart and knows how to get exactly what she wants and is will to do anything for it.
    History:Fayte lived among humans until she was five. That was when the humans she lived with discovered she was a freak and that they couldn't handle her. She was found later by her own people, and already hating humans she was taught and grew into darkness as she watched people she loved killed and hurt. Soon she just stopped loving and everything about her turned into ice. Now she is one of the leaders that is killing humans and trying control.
    Appearance:Fayte is a small girl, she stands about 5'3" and her weight is 110. She has dark, violet eyes that seem beautiful but threatening at the same time. Her hair falls down a little ways past the middle of her back and she usually wears it in a loose, messy braid with different beads laced through it. Her hair is thin and it is a very light blonde-silver looking color that almost glows around her faces when hit by the light. Her skin is flawless and is a very light creamy color. She has nice curves for her size, but nothing too much. She usually wears blacks and purple, and she doesn't wear shoes but she always has two beaded ankle bracelets tied around her ankle. She also has a necklace that is a glass swirling flower of purple smoke, which seems to be moving within the glass.
    Weapons:She used a sword which she can also use magic through.
    Any powers?:She is a witch, so she knows many different magical things like voodoo and spell casting but she can also make different jewelry that holds different spells and powers.
    Other:She has a falcon that sits on her shoulder and follows her orders.
  3. Name: Andromeda Chase
    Nickname: Andy
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human
    Personality: She seems very agressive but kind and extremely loyal. When those she loves are compromised, she feels personally responsible to come to their aid or defense. Only then will she become violent and that's something that is best avoided.
    History: Grew up with a loving family. She had to watch her father die as she, her mother and brother, Percy, hid from the dark creatures that did so. A short while after that her mother took her own life. Andy took care of her brother from that day on. She practiced her powers but only in secret. One day she went back to the hiding place she shared with her brother to find it ransacked and her brother gone. She asked the humans who were hiding clse by what happened and they explained they he went too far out in the street and a vampire saw him. The vampire took Percy hostage. Andy started her plan to save him. If she didn't, she wouldn't be able to live with herself.
    Appearance: Andy has a dark pixie cut and expressive brown eyes. She's only about 5'5'' and weighs 115 lbs due to lack of food. If she were healthy, she'd be about 130 lbs. She has pale skin and freckles that cover her body.
    Weapons: She uses a crossbow and she's very proficient at it.
    Any powers: You'll see...but they're powerful.
    Other: She's going against the dark creatures and is hoping for some others to help her, no matter their reasoning and/or causes.​
    If you need anything else, tell me :)
  4. okay that's great! You can go ahead and start whenever. (:
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  6. Name: Jae
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Species: (can she be half-human half shapeshifter?)
    Personality: Loyal and caring, but antisocial. Anyone that works hard enough to be her friend will definitely be worth it
    History: she doesn't remember anything other than it being cold and dark. She remembers one thing: her mother told her to run, and never look back. that's exactly what she did.
    Appearance: Her jet black hair is super short except for her bangs, which are brushed to the right of her face. She has striking blue eyes that remind people of the depths of blue ink. She's 5'6'' and is fairly tan with an athletic build. She usually wears a dark blue tank top and a black jacket with black cargo jeans and a belt that carries a pistol and a knife. She wears a pair of black sunglasses and black boots. When she shifts forms, her necklace with a dogtag that says 'Jae: Daughter of Jack and Kate' stays around her neck no matter what form.
    Weapons: Pistol and a pocket knife
    Any powers: Teleports (within 20 feet) and shapeshifting. she can also breath small spurts of fire that range from centimeters to a foot. (is this okay?)
    Other: She is very emotional at times, acting strange considering her background.
  7. Silver Jae, Everything is good on it. (:

    Name:Ash Leon
    Personality:Ash isn't exactly nice, but he is always willing to help. He has a way of speaking the cold truth without even thinking or caring how it might scare others and he is very blunt and straight to the point with things. He has been hunting the dark creatures for three years, which is a long time considering most of them are killing within the first few months of hiding. He has a good heart, but he has seen very bad things in his life and they have kind of destroyed his kindness and hope for things.
    History:Ash has had a very hard life. He watched his whole family get ripped apart and tortured by the dark creatures when he was 8. His mother managed to hide him in a secret room before she was also killed, but her screams will always haunt him. He went from family member to family member after that, until no one was left to go to, and then he went and lived alone when he was 15. He started training to fight and he created a group of fighters, but soon they would all be killed as well. He went back to fighting alone, not able to stand watching anyone he loved get hurt anymore. He has made it his life training, hiding, and fighting.
    Appearance:Ash is well pretty well built with nice muscles and he stands around 5'9". His skin is a nice light tan color and he has that is cut an inch or two about his shoulders and ends just under his eye brows. His hair is a dirty blonde color and has some natural highlight in it. Ash's eyes are a light blue-gray color and he has dark eyelashes. Usually he wears some type of dark t-shirt and some old jeans and his only shoes are a pear of tough hiking boots that he can run or climb or do pretty much whatever in.
    Weapons:He uses different weapons depending on what he is hunting. He has a wooden stake, a silver knife, a gun, and a copper knife.
    Any powers?:Not anything not human, but he has better senses then most people because he has trained himself to take in everything.
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  12. Name: Thomas Dunn
    Age: No one really knows, not even him.
    Gender: Male
    Species: Former human (Good creature)
    Personality: Nothing but a comedian, no matter what situation he's in he finds a way to make it funny and enjoyable. Still counted as a cold blooded killer.
    History: Thomas Dunn was born into a fighting fighting family. A family of humans that had so many connections with the good creatures they were virtually invulnerable. That all changed once the dark creatures got stronger and killed his family. They ended up with the prize of little Tommy. Apparently he had a special blood type that enabled him to be turned to a dark creature, so they sent him to the human slave scientists they stocked up on a couple years back. After years, and years of pain and suffering Thomas woke up...amnesia struck his mind. He remembered nothing of his past, and only small flashbacks of different machines and chemicals being used on his body. He escaped from the dark creatures, not knowing about his abilities until he escaped the horrible labs of the dark creatures. Teleportation was a major ability that he'd gained from the experiments. Since escaping he had been determined to kill every last one of the dark creatures, however, he wasn't exactly sure why... He gained an arch nemesis in the fight with the dark creatures...it was his brother...he was kidnapped and kept, but the only difference between him and thomas, is that they're opposites. Thomas's brother has the ability of telekinesis. He has only met and fought him once. However he's determined to find him again, and simply kill him.
    Appearance: Short brown hair, Blue eyes, a lean but muscular body, usually walks around in a torn black tank top, and black slim sweatpants with black converse shoes, he's equipped with two sheaths hanging on his back, and two holisters for duel guns. Wears a white hockey mask, with the word "Good" sprayed across, meaning "Good Creature"
    Weapons: Two swords and an ample amount of weapons, bombs, and explosives
    Powers: Teleportation, Advanced healing
    Other: Unlike most mysterious heroes, he actually takes off his mask occasionally, and let's his "Secret Identity" lose.
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