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  1. Ok, so I haven't seen much group role plays going on in this section and I figured its because we are very few in numbers so I decided I would try to create one. We can have as many people as we want but we really only need two! I will let anyone join at anytime so we can start with one and then wait for it to get to a lot.

    Now then, I have an idea that might work for all of us. Basically it is just a camping trip, get a RV and drive it down an old dirt road to the middle of the forest. This means everyone in this are friends (preferably only friends to begin with) and will have less sex then some of my other mature RPs >.> I think most of you already know...

    So we will start with my character sending out invites to all his friends via txt message. Something like "Hay, camping trip in an RV. No parents and all fun!" We will have it during the summer, near a nice pond and in a spot in the forest where their is no other people. They go deep into it (for those of you that want your characters to sneak away) and the pond will have a beach with sand, and maybe the forest at night can be kind of creepy *wink wink*. This way further in it won't be as hard for them to sneak away. Play whatever gender you want but make sure you specificity if you (or your character) are gay/lesbian, straight, or both. This way others will know who they can go after you with and help create less awkward situations for the player. Of coarse that doesn't stop people from creating an awkward moment in the RP, just lets them know that they can't go all the way.

    So character skelly

    Age: (18-22)
    Appearance: (No real pictures if you choose to use a picture!)
    Sex appeal: (Any information you would like others to know about how they like sex and if they are a virgin)

    Hope I get at least one person to join >.>
  2. Name: Ken
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Sex appeal: Not a virgin, Straight, Likes slightly larger natural breast
  3. ((Where is the normal thread?))
  4. This is the OOC thread. No need for ((this)) xD

    Also the other thread isn't up yet. I will probubly have it up later today =)
  5. Allowed to join?, i would feel rude if i just posted a character in here
  6. Your fine, its open to everyone. I will start after we get three people (you would be the third) though, if you want to invite someone you should do it now. No one will be aloud to join when the RV pulls out =P
  7. Nope i don't know anyone that would join or they are the 18+ one and so can't join this one

    Name: Nayeli Hale
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Brunette hair, dark brown eyes, curvy, good bust and bum.
    Sex appeal: Not a virgin, sleeps with guys for pleasure, straight
  8. I guess that is everyone. I will have the thread up soon as I catch up with my notifications. (Only 20 left =P)
  9. Sorry for what? =P
  10. I'm eager to start role-playing. It'll be my first role-play on this site with anyone.
  11. Working on the post now!
  12. you seem like a very busy guy with having like 20 to reply to :)
  13. bloody hell that is a lot XD well i can see you love RPing for sure dude :)
  14. That's not counting the time I had almost 100, it was in the upper 90s or something nuts. They moved an entire RP to another location though so it was all just messages saying 'This post was moved here' then like 13 notifications about actual RPs =P

    Anyways you guys have pretty nice posts, I might throw in some stuffs to give them problems in the beginning but end up being more... fun... in the end... like only one bed and a single couch >.>
  15. Jeez XD i don't know how in the hell you could do that many XD :)

    i can post better than that :), it takes me time to get into the RP, once it get's started the i'm better :), ahaha sounds good to me if you add in problems like that