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    Oh how exciting this must be for you 1... 2... 5... 7! Wait 7?!" It was when God had become confused that a bright pink orb floated over to his side and landed on his little stub. It whispered to him and his eyes open wide. The seven heroes were all gathered on an empty plain of nothingness. Below their feet was a tile representing the abilities that God had yet to give them. On the tiles were pictures of their weapons. If the heroes looked around all they could see were various "screens" of the infinite realms floating about, on each black beings could be seen. Some seemed to be sucking something from the people around them and others were terrorizing the realm. God spoke forcing the attention of the heroes. "Well, that's certainly interesting." God then waved his hand away and the light hastily shot through a screen making it ripple. "It seems we've encountered some more generals. That sucks. I was hoping this would go along a lot smoother, well they are demons." God was shorter than the heroes and thus floated in the space above him. While explaining he floated about. "You're all probably wondering what's going on so let me enlighten you." He floated behind them and all the tiles quickly shot around to face him where a giant screen was. God now had a remote in his hand. How it got there? Osmosis. He clicked a giant green button on it once and a projector showed an image of a demon.


    "This here is a demon. In the realms their "role" varies. In realms where things like killing, stealing, etc. are common they are tangible beings able to affect the world around them, but when the realms are in a more peaceful state these beings are turned into spirits." God clicked the remote again.

    "This is a spirit. They literally can suck the souls of people and possess them. It's very simple to get rid of them. Cut their horn off." One of the many heroes then raised their hand, Papa Lee. God looked questionably in his direction, but then responded. "Speak."

    "Speak. Ha, I can speak! Oh yes. I had a question. Why choose us?"

    God sighed and hit his remote muting the being. "I haven't gotten to that. Jeez. Messing up my presentation. Where was I? Oh, yeah. The origin of the beings. Demons exist by the simple negative energy generated by the realms, but once it reaches a level dangerously high a demon general is created. These generals are able to create demons and can only be defeated by clearing a realm of its tangible demons and then confronting the general and killing it. If you don't my realm will overflow with demons and they will force you out." God then hit the button again.
    The screen was pitch black, but the silhouette of a figure could be barely seen. "This is the Knight realm. It was an unending war over resources and land. At the time I was unaware of the demons and all the killing attracted them and created them. Before I knew it a general appeared taking on the name "Titan". Titan's demons fed off the raging souls of the soldiers and soon became tangible enslaving the race that lived there. When I confronted Titan he defeated me and I was forced back into this plain of emptiness and the heaven that dying souls awaited was destroyed and turned into hell and so I used my power to create multiple realms in order to hold Titan's conquest at bay. Since then he has conquered at least thirty percent of my realms. I am sending you seven to five of these realms."

    God gave a glare to Papa and then rolled his eyes to see the whole group. "You were all chosen because you have the spirit of fighters within you, but were suppressed by your realm, the realm of boredom's atmosphere. Since nothing ever happens in your realms you are the best soldiers due to their only being good in your heart, but be warned that this may change as you encounter tragedy, loss of hope, and other difficulties." The tiles beneath the heroes began to glow a bright heavenly hue. "Now go my heroes! Save the realms!"

    With this the tiles would dissapear and align themselves on the screen perfectly. The heroes would then fall onto a giant blue bounce pad that would send them through their respective tiles granting the weapons of their class as they landed on an island where someone stood waiting by a rock across a bridge.

    Papa Lee, stood up rubbing his head and looked around. He then felt a large weight on his back and reached behind him feeling a hilt. He wrapped his hand around it and attempted to lift, but the weight was too great. He then tried to lift with both hands and the blade came out feeling lighter than before. The man seemed to notice the group because he started waving over to them.

    The Start (open)

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  2. During and a little after God was finished with his speech, DJ thought: "Wait, 7?! ...DAMMIT! I didn't even think I would be in a group, let alone a group of 6 other people! I don't like being in bigger groups. Ugh... This is gonna be rough. Well, but God said something else I was interested in. What was it? Oh, yeah! The weap-". DJ could even finish thinking before the tile under DJ's feet. "What the- Aah! Oof! Oh, a bounce pad!", DJ thought. He landed, kinda roughly. "Ouch! Ah, that was pretty rough. Ah, my left arm! Geh, it will heal pretty quickly, but it still hurts! I'm left handed, why can't I be lucky for once? Meh... Wait, what is that on my back?", DJ thought when landing. He grabbed the sword with his left hand. "Hmm... Light enough to be used one-handed. Great! This is a simple enough design to fit my liking! Yay! Huh?", DJ thought while looking at his sword. He noticed a shield in front of him and he picked it up. "Huh, a shield. A relatively small, triangular shield. Umm... Alright. I'm not the greatest at being the so-called 'Tank', but I'm not terrible at it, either.", DJ thought while holding his shield in his right hand. "Hmm? Oh, someone is waving. I'll just wave back.", he thought while waving back to the man.
  3. As he blue bounce pad made Azrael got launched into an unknow island, he widen his eyes a bit. In mid-air, he spined around for align his feet and not land on the ground on his butt. He landed perfectly and flawless on the island with a thud and some dust puffing a bit. Azrael stood straight and looked around, tyring to figure out where he was. "Looks like an island.." he said softly with a slow blink. His face, like always, was emotionless.

    Suddenly, he felt an unexpected extra weight on the right side of his hips. As he looked down, he saw a black hilt. A question mark popped above his head as he slowly wrapped his left hand around it and slowly unsheathe what appeared to be a beautiful katana with a knda redish blade. "Oh, this is light enough to be held with one hand... This is good... I actually love it..." A small smile draw o his face as he held out the katana with both of his hands, finding it more comfortable helding it this way.

    He really didn't cared if he was in a party of 6 others strange people that was sent here with him with the same purpose in common. He also didn't cared about that funny God true intentions about sending them to clear out the demons that was around this island. The only thing Azrael wanted to do was to safe those innocent people.
  4. Kate Hawthorne

    God seemed to be having fun with the speech, to which the reaper silently listened to. Her hood was pulled down over her head, and there was a mask over her left eye, however it let others see her dark brown eyes. Her hair was long and sleek black, curled up into locks as the hood over her head gave her a more dark appearance. She looked like the type of person who would cut a person down if they were to mess with her, which really wasn't the case. Suddenly, they were dropped onto the island, the hooded female slowly getting up and rubbing her head. "Ow ow ow! What was that for..?" She whined to herself, looking around for a moment, only to see that her blade was no where in sight! Where was it?!

    She began frantically looking around in the sand where she landed, maybe it got buried? What if it fell into the water? Gods.. What will she do..? She could care less about the whole demon thing and what not at the moment, she was just searching for her blade. She didn't feel at ease unless she had it by her side, after all. What's a reaper without her weapon? She didn't pay far too much attention to the few others who were already conscious, since she was too busy searching for her blade. Her long, black locks kept getting in her way, so she tucked it back into her hood as she continued searching.
  5. Azrael
    As Azrael sheathe his katana, he noticed the Reaper of the time on the ground. She looked like if she was looking for something under the sand and was kinda desperate to find it soon. He they didn't knew each other for talk all of a sudden, but neither he wanted to just walk away and do as if he didn't saw her like that. He may had an emotionless and kind of antisocial expression, but he had a heart with feelings. Besides, they were teammates, so it was alright to help out each other when needed.

    After a bit, he sighed and slowly walked towards her. "Excuse me, miss, do you need help with something?" he asked her as kindly as possibe, but again, with no sign of emotion on his face. His scarlett eyes glistened a bit by the sunlight as he stood beside sher, looking down at her.
  6. What was Blip thinking of? Well, nothing. That was what she'd spent her whole life doing, and she wasn't about to start changing it up now. She watched the god talk about... whatever it was he was talking about, without really thinking much of it. So there were demons going around destroying things, and they were supposed to be the ones to destroy it. Good to know. It had little to no impact on how she felt. When they went flying through the air and suddenly found themselves falling, however, her immediate reaction was a flare of anger, especially ng as she seemed to be heading for the ground head first. Instinctively, she put out her hands and curled her body into a ball, which, unbeknownst to her, allowed her to roll onto her butt without even a bruise. The white haired girl sat there for a bit, before patting her long hair down and standing up again, just for the heck of it.

    There was something distinctly wrong with the way Blip looked. Her big eyes were somehow at once piercing and empty, and her hair was off-white, a random pin in the shape of a painfully white bandage stuck in the top of it, and the only jewelry she was wearing was a silly, bright yellow pendant that held no meaning for her whatsoever and clashed with her slightly yellow-tinted skin. Her feet were bare, but what need had she ever had for shoes? As she stood, she felt a weight suddenly impress itself against her hip and back, and she looked down. On her left hip sat a slightly short, curved blade, and when she pulled it out of its sheath, she discovered it looked like a katana, except that it was a little shorter than the regular ones, and connected to its sheath by a long chain. Sheathing it again, with no emotional reaction apparent at all, she reached over to pat at her shoulders for the source of the weight on her back. The hilt stuck out on her right hand side, and when her fingers closed over it, she found that it took some tugging to get it out. It was heavier than the other one, a longsword meant to be used with both hands. A bit to her dissatisfaction, it was also chained to its sheath.

    Glancing over at her teammates, she noted that the others all had only one sword, except for one person who didn't have any kind of blade at all. Weird. Maybe god or whoever he was had messed up. She shrugged and clunkily shoved the longsword back into its sheath. The land around them was quite beautiful, all pale greens and blues, so she looked around it for a bit, then lay down in the grass, face down so as to not to let the sword on her back get in her way. She stretched out comfortably and simply stared at the green and blueness of it all, her cheek pressed against the slightly bouncy ground.
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  7. Kate Hawthorne

    She kept practically searching for it, her mask soon falling off her face as she was on her knees searching. Soon, she picked it back up and god the sand out of it, and looking up and behind her, only to find the man with the emotionless expression. "Yes! I'm looking for my scythe! Have you seen it?" She asked, fractically trying to look for it. She looked a bit.. Girly, to be considered a reaper, as it was clear that her appearance had been carefully maintained, though she wasn't wearing make-up.

    "Where could it be..?"

  8. Azrael widen his eyes just enough to show an emotion: surprise. After seeing that a mask had fell off from the girl that was a Reaper, his image about her changed completely. He thought she had a hideous skull face with no ski to be seen. Even though he didn't managed to competely see her face without the mask, he could sense that behind all that scary clothing and mask, a hidden beauty was waiting to be discovered. He tildted his head to his right ashe looked at her for a couple of minutes, totally curious about her.

    Then, he shook his head to snap out from his thoughts, once again returning to his monotonous and emotionless expression. He blinked once and loked around the sand. "I don't think your scythe is under the sand, miss..." he said with a soft and gentle tone, totally different from his appearance. "Why don't you try to touch around yourself and see if you feel something? I don't know, maybe it's invisible or you just need to invoke it".
  9. Chapter 1 [START]

    God floated in the plane of emptiness watching his many realms with the aid of other gods. One of these gods, an adorable creature, was assigned the first shift of watching the heroes. "Nyaa~" this god called out. "God-kun! One of them is acting really funny." The blue-eared squirrel God also known as Yure shot around and shoved PoPo, the god who brought his attention to the matter, out of the way. PoPo then spun slowly in nothingness going "Nyaa~" Yure watched, but didn't see anything suspicious. PoPo was suddenly back at his position and shoved the worried Yure aside.


    "Much faith you must have in these heroes. Nyaa~" PoPo said poking fun at Yure, but Yure's tail sparked and he retreated with a smile. "I will let the Leprechaun begin their training. Nyaa~" A big rainbow button appeared next to PoPo and he slammed down on it with his tail and resumed watching the "screen" of the heroes. "Nyaa~ I bet they die here." Some of the many gods gathered in the emptiness snickered, some remained quiet and judged PoPo's words.

    Meanwhile back in "[] Realm" Our heroes are gathered confused on a small plot of land. The man who sat against a rock on the adjacent island slammed his cane down and shouted Paradox Shift. Immediately it would seem as the heroes view crashed into them before pulling away and revealing new surroundings. The man with the cane and purple stuffed animal now stood before them, he was at least five inches taller than the 5'9'' even company.
    "Welcome!" He shouts with his arms extended to the what used to be the heavens he then bowed down and the stuffed animal hopped on top of his head with its hands on its hips and feet shoulder width apart. The toy animal then spoke. "To your training ground!" The man stood back up and the animal fell onto his shoulder. "I am God. Some of you may know this already with the new installment of God's knowledge, but he tends to screw the spell up a lot. Newbies." The stuff animal started to shimmy down the man's backside until falling with a thud into the sand. It stood up and didn't bother to wipe the grains sticking to it. "I am Mitten. I will be with you as we traverse through this made up plane of existence created for your benefit. So make sure you listen to me!" Mitten declared, he paused to look around, but continued to speak shortly after. "This plane has been filled with demons via "bad creations" these creations only have malice in their heart- Urm. Ahem. God." The man who was leaning on his cane looked to Mitten who pointed to the clueless heroes. God fumbled around with his cane before replying. "Oh, yes!" With a simple wave of the cane's head the heroes had basic knowledge of men and women their age, but still had yet to learn how to use or what their weapons were. "As I was saying..." Mitten said turning back to the heroes after shaking his head. "This land is full of demons. This makes it perfect to show you how to use your abilities to fight them, but be careful you can die here." Mitten forced his threads to smile before they returned to their normal state.

    Mitten then pointed to the wooden gate next to them. "First we're going to see what the man and his shield can do! This gate is a barrier cast to ward off low level demons. The paladin has been blessed with ability to absorb these gates to attract demons, but harden his skin so low caliber demons can't cut through him." Mitten scurried over to the paladin and jumped on his shoulder. "Alright its easy, simple voice commands. When near these glowing green barriers shout out Absorb and raise your shield to the sky. Be quick about lowering it in heavily contaminated areas like this though, you'll be swarmed by demons. Don't want to be knocked over and stuck on the ground. Blip and Thana follow me through this gate, the rest go with God. We will meet again."

    God sat whistling a tune, both hands on his cane, as Mitten taught the paladin his main ability.

    Papa Lee was so lost as to what was going on. A girl was frantically looking for something and this man just smiled and waved at all them, but everything smacked into Papa Lee throwing him off balance in a split second. "Ow." He said as he cradled the back of his head slowly rising to a stand simultaneously. He looked to the man who was now right in front of him, scared Papa Lee instinctively jumped back into a primal stance. It was then the man and his pet introduced themselves, this put Papa Lee at ease and he came back to a full stand and listened as the tiny one spoke. He started going on about "bad creations", but stopped. During this pause the toy and the man claimed to be "God", even though he didn't look or act like him, had a small interaction before with the wave of a wand, Papa Lee could solve basic high-school math and understood most languages and dialects. A sudden throb came on, but soon faded. Mitten then continued and to Papa's surprise he was not lost in his words. "...This is amazing." Mitten finished his spiel on the Paladin and then Papa couldn't wait to see what he could do, he immediately faced the so-called "God" with a look of excitement.

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  10. Blip groaned in annoyance when the ground literally seemed to bounce up and hit her in the face. Why was this world so annoying? She stood up unimpressed and patted her hair down again, ignoring her dress. She listened to the man and the stuffed animal in complete silence, as she'd listened to the "God" before that. Wait, if this guy was God, and the guy before was God, were they the same guy, or just had the same name? That totally didn't make any sense. Whatever. It didn't need to make sense. The sudden influx of information was also of no interest to her. She was interested in acquiring knowledge she hadn't had before. Now that she had it, it wasn't of much interest to her. As a matter of fact, all of this felt as intensely boring as her life in Boring Land. Following the stuffed animal, she watched it finish up with the Paladin, or whatever his name was, then followed it through the gate, wondering if things would ever start getting interesting. Probably not. They so rarely did.
  11. "Huh, the man over there doesn't look like he's doing anything. Why the waving then?", DJ thought as he was uncertain of walking towards him or just leave him be. He heard a small shout in the distance, which DJ couldn't quite hear yet. "What is he shouting? I can't- Wow! Everything went weird there for a sec- Ah! How?! Why?! How in the blue hell is he standing in front of me?!", he thought after experiencing Paradox Shift. He was holding his shield in front of him, just in case something happened, but continued to listen to the guy with the stuffed animal. He introduced himself as 'God'. "What the-? More gods? Alright. I dig that. There shouldn't just be one all-powerful being, that's boring.", He thought after the guy introduced himself. The stuffed animal introduced itself as 'Mitten', which DJ didn't react as strong to, since he has already seen enough of this stuff, it's starts to not have effect on him.

    After the talking of both Mitten and God, Mitten started to point at a wooden gate, while saying: "First we're going to see what the man and his shield can do!" "...Shield, huh? I'm the only one here with a shield... This is going to be a bad day for me... Ugh, it can't be any worse as just standing around, only breathing.", he thought when he heard that. Mitten suddenly sprung on his shoulder. "Ah! Could you please not- Eh.", where the words coming out of his mouth when that happened. Mitten said that he needed to raise his shield in the air and shout Absorb at gates, like that wooden one. "Why me... Ugh, let's just do it.", he thought when he heard that. He walked forward towards the gate a bit, till he was (what he thought was) in-range. He raised his right/shield arm up, pointing towards the sky and shouted: "Absorb!" Some green stuff of the gate came flying towards his shield, which he held up for 1 or 2 seconds and swung back down, just so he could practice that he needed to lower his shield quickly to block incoming attacks. "So demons are attracted towards this... stuff? And they will target me because of it, instead of the others? Alright, I guess I'm the Paladin after all. It makes sense, I guess.",
  12. Kate Hawthorne

    The girl pouted a little bit, and despite being a 20 year old woman, she was also a little bit childish. "Alright then.. But I'm sure that it's not on me. It's about larger than me!" The girl complained, letting out a sigh, and shaking her head a little bit. Her hair was long and sleek black, curled up into black locks that fell down to her waist. Most of her black robe was covering her body, and the hood didn't really help hide her face anymore. The girl slowly picked up her mask, putting it over her eye as she let out a sigh. "What? Are you surprised that the reaper isn't a creepy skeleton?" She asked, as though she knew exactly what was on her mind, and who could blame her? People always thought that a reaper would be creepy, hen in reality, it could be a seemingly normal girl, who acted like an older teenager. "The scythe is way too bit for me to miss, and even if it were invisible.. It usually doesn't disappear like this." She mumbled, still pondering and thinking about where it could be. However, she stopped talking, the moment she heard 'God'. This god looked.. Different, maybe? Same person, different form? Well, that was possible. This god looked just as cute as the other one though, she had the irresistible urge to cuddle it so hard, it would die to death, and that pretty much speaks for itself. Mitten was adorable though.

    She heard about the Paladin's blessings and such, she they most likely would have been given blessings as well, the little reaper was just really curious. Well, the paladin acted as a lure, so... Wow. She felt bad for him, but it's not like she could change anything. She was just curious as to what a reaper could do, hopefully it would be something fun! Despite appearing innocent and cute, held no remorse when killing something, or someone, didn't really treasure the life of others much. She went to follow god, only to look over at the female who appeared pretty shy. "Hello!" The reaper smiled, walking on ahead with a bright smile on her face.

    ... Yes folks, this girl was really a reaper.
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  13. Azrael blinked a couple of times after hearing the girl replying to him with a rather upset tone and expression. He sighed a bit and kept looking at her. She really couldn't blame him for thinking the Reaper was a nasty and scary skelleton that only thought about killing without mercy anything that stand on his/her path. "Well... I guess that people learn new things everyday..." he thought as he nodded with agreement.

    Then, he beganto hear someone saying that he was a "God" and stuff that he couldn't really understand that well. He sighed and turned around, facing those who said they were gods. He narrowed his eyes as he spotted a talking stuff animal with what seems to be a Leprechaun. Azrael facepalmed with an annoyed expression. "Is this some kind of stupid joke made by that stupid neko thing from before? How that silly toy could call himself a "God"? Apparenly, nothing on this place makes sense..."

    He uncovered his face and looked at the one of the members that had a shield. Apparenly, he could use that for cast some kind of cool spell that absorbs the enegy of some gates around this island. Azrael blinked once, not kind of amused by that. "You know? That can actually come in handy..." He then followed the rest, letting behind the poor guy that had to stay for practice.
  14. Thana looked around curiously having not even paying attention as she had just been cuddling we stuffed animal till know. She was curious to what was going on but didnt want to talk to any one or pay attention to the one that was calling itself god so she just stayed quiet till she saw every one was moving. "H-hey!" She yelled quietly as she started to run after the small group before she felt a big weight on her right arm that she didn't expect and yelped as it pulled her to the ground making her throw her stuffed animal in the air

    She already didn like what was going on but now it was even worse considering she didn't know what had pulled her to the ground and she haven't even been noticed yet by the others.
  15. Azrael slowly looked back after hearing a thud. He then spotted the adorable shy girl from the team on the ground, holding something on her hand. Apparenly, it was something kinda heavy for her. The rest of the team didn't noticed her, because they kept walking. He sighed and turned around, walking towards her. He was kinda impressed that the girls of them them were a pair of clumsy ones, but if they were hear, that means those gods saw something special on them.

    "Hey, miss, are you alright?" he asked her as he stood in front of her. He held out his cinnamon skinned right hand towards her, his scarlett eyes falling on hers. He didn't had any sign of emotion on his face.
  16. "Y-yeah." Thana said to the boy that asked if she was ok before looking up slightly at him then looking back Down at her arm "s-some thing landed on my a..." She said before staring at her right arm which was armored now with a red and black Painted metal with a blade on her elbow and fingers
    "Wh-whats this!?!" She asked a little frightened by the blades as she followed it up her arm to her shoulder with her eyes before looking over to the boy that was there giving him a sort of pleading look
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  17. "Apparenly, that's your weapon", he replied as he took back his hand after she didn't take it. He blinked once before looking at her arm, totally curious even when that didn't showed on his face. That was definitely a weird weapon and it looks like if it was implanted on her arm. He crouched down and light poked it with his right index finger, the metal clinging as he did.

    Azrael widen his eyes a bit, blinking once as he kept staring at it. "This is definitely the weirdest thing I've ever seen..." he said and looked back at he girl.
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  18. "I don't like this." She said to him with a sigh before getting to her feet then pulling on her new weapon and grunting as she struggled to stand up straight. She sort of hated it that she wasn't exactly strong now but what was she going to do.

    After thana got to her feet she sighed again then looked at the boy then to her arm and raised it up while balling her hand Ito a fist and listening to the small clinks and scrapes from the metal. it was a sort of ringing sound when she scraped the blades of the fingers together which was weird
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  19. Azrael stood up stright as well, been more taler than her. He looked down at her weapon arm for a while, then, he looked at her. "I think it will take some time until you get used to it. You have to live with that for the rest of this journey, but if you have any doubts or question, well..." He stood aside and turned around to face the others that were following the Lepruchain. "You can either ask that funny guy or the cute stuffed animal".
  20. "But there all standing next to the scary guy with the sword and shield." She said as she pointed at the one she was talking about. He was still scared of the boy with the sword even though her right arm was now a weapon but that still Hadn't sunk in yet which was probably a bad thing plus she had no clue how she would use tho new weapon in a fight.
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