I Was Bored!

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Anime, Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, Action/Adventure, and Dark. Sometimes I like to do Edgy things, but it has to be played out right to work for me.
I Was Bored is centered around five heroes, chosen by god to defend the various realms he oversees from demons. The heroes will be tasked to save five realms though various deeds and battles. God relies on the heroes backgrounds and inabilities to dupe the sly demons as his own power can do nothing to them, but the power of his many creations can push them back down under where they belong. But, mainly the heroes only serve as a means of entertainment while as a side-mission cleansing his many realms. Two birds with one stone in his mind. More interesting too.

God in this case is a pokemon named Pachirisu and the heroes are from The Bored. The Bored is a realm where nothing, but breathing exists. The people are extremely dumb and don't aspire to do anything, not even eat. This however meant demons never bothered the realm because there was no possible way for any negativity to breach the barrier of boredom that existed, or positivism for that matter. So, God took five lucky souls out of the gray cloud and restored their hidden personalities and knowledge allowing them to function as proper human beings. Upon these five he bestowed upon each a weapon he believed would suit the beings the best, each weapon being a blade of some type.

Now suddenly thrown into the vast emptiness known as The Land. Our heroes must first find their way to civilization before the true journey can begin. Only, downside... the heroes have the minds of ten year olds because God hates being bored.


"Come, come heroes. We have much work to do! Pachi, Pachi, Pachi..." - Pachi the Bored God​

"I Was Bored!" - OOC
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