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  1. *Turns dramatically on swivel chair*
    Greetings, my friends. Allow me to welcome you to my thread.
    What can you find here, you ask? Well, dears and dearies, that is simple.
    You may find vague ideas and fragments of inspiration, each one leading to a potential RP with me.
    Now now, do not fret. Despite appearing to be a twat of gargantuan proportions to no small number of people, I can assure you that I am trying to become somewhat more sociable.
    Please note the 'trying' and 'somewhat.'

    Now, what are these ideas, I hear you ask? Well, friend, they are as follows.

    Numero Uno
    I love the twentieth century. Tons of history, ripe for the parodying.
    What do you men, I hear you ask? Easy. We take an event from the twentieth century, we tweak it about a bit to make it more RP friendly, and voila! Instant RP. Of course, you would have to know a little history to participate, but only basic information.
    Alternatively, the setting could just be similar to a period in the mentioned century. Take the anime Allison and Lillia, for example - complete fiction, though it had plenty of features of the early 1900s. I think.


    Who's heard of Sword Art Online? All right, now raise your hand if you're sick of it being all over the place. Right, that's you lot out, you wouldn't be interested in this. Maybe.
    You guessed it, it's based off of SAO - except it isn't.
    Look, it's basically Aincrad Online meets Team Fortress 2 - instead of swrds and maces, you have different guns and classes. Instead of different sword arts, you have different skills unique to your class, ripe for the upgrading. Like the skill trees in the Elder Scrolls series. Look, I'd need to explain it more, but if you like SAO and if you like brainless shooters, this is probably for you.

    That Third One
    Who wants to be the very best, like no-one ever was?
    Not me, not after last time. We're not having a pokemon RP.
    No, it's time for a plot based on something so few people seem to have experienced it's like talking to a brick wall!
    Yes, I speak of Aphorism. Again.
    You know, the manga where students who can see an 'island in the sky' are allowed into a prestigious boarding school, where they each write down a symbol kanjii symbol that represents them the best, which then becomes a seal on their hand which they have to use to fight against enemies based on a different seal for a year at which point they become extremely successful if they're still alive?
    Yeah, that one.
    Except, instead of Japanese symbols, we'll have a single-syllable word in English.
    Take, for example, the word 'gun.' You could summon a pistol, yes. Or, you could be creative and have a whopping great rocket launcher. Keep in mind, however, that there are still limitations, such as range things can be summoned at, whether you can concentrate hard enough, and if you can even use the thing.
    I'll explain better if you express interest.

    Well, don't just sit there, say something!
  2. I'd love to try number three~ It sounds fun.
  3. Excellent! Wonderful! Fandabidosy!
    Well, here's as good a place as any to discuss plans. anyone else'll have to PM me. Hear that, other people?

    Now then, before we start, allow me to make one thing clear.
    If I recall, the manga is still ongoing - therefore, we'll have tom improvise, past what has been established as canon, and we may have to omit some parts that are, due to lack of explanation.
    If you're all right with this, please state anything you feel unsure about, and we'll get right to the finer points.
  4. Get me in number one bro!!!
  5. Please read previous posts next time you reply to me, some of them contain information you may waant to look over.