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    Hiya! Futaba here ;3
    I got some idea's and plots FINALLY!
    So here they are!
    Princess x Prince -Arrange marriage-
    Princess x Elf boy -Rivals-
    Tribe princess x Hunter
    Elf princess x Hunter
    Princess x Pirate
    Lost princess x Pirate
    Lost princess x Thief
    Princess x Bartender
    Princess x Servant
    Princess x Guard
    Run away princess x Guard
    Runway princess x Runaway prince
    Princess x young/new king
    Elf princess x Elf prince
    Brother x Sister- Twins or older sibling
    Teacher x Student- I will be teacher
    Seme x Uke- BxB
    Bad boy/girl x Good girl/boy
    Jeff x Lui- BxB- Creepypasta
    Killer x Victim
    Killer x Killer
    Female!Mafia leader x victim/Enemy?

    Plots! Plots! PLOTS!
    More like Human toothless 5/5 (I play toothless)
    On a normally day in berk, the young dragon toothless was found by a young boy hiccup, their relaionship growing to the point were it was like they were brothers. Hiccup as well showed berk that dragons were good and not so much of evil.
    (Your name), a friend a Hiccup and the sister of Astrid had a liking to Hiccup but in the end her sister and Hiccup fall in love but what happens when toothless turns into a human?

    Unexpected roommates 3/5 (I play female)
    Arianna, a young girl who lived with her step mother and sister, moves away from her old home town and goes to college to start her life over but in the process who joins a college group/home but what happens when she finds out its full of boys? And the leader of the group is an old friend/boy friend
    Will they fall in love all over again? Or hate each other?

    His pain is mine 4/5 (MxM)
    Brothers, living with their abusive father, soon find love interests in each other but what happens when their friends and family find out? Will they except them? Or will the boys have to ignore their love and move on.

    I wouldn't say I love you 3/5 (FxF)
    Arianna, a young adult who is new to the world meets, (Your name) a hard working girl who couldn't give two damns about anything or anyone. The young female finds a strong liking in the woman, soon sexually but will (Your name) feel the same?

    Bitter sweet love 5/5 (MxF) Jack frost grenderbent
    (Your name) a shy, isolated boy who dreams of a new life and makes up fantasies to escape the real world but what happens when he meets Jackie frost? An annoy girl who messes around and just wants to have fun with everyone? But nobody can see her but (Your name)?

    Mafia leader x (your name)? 5/5 (MxF)
    -Let's make one!-

    This is it! I hope you like them! Please PM me or Comment on this thread
  2. Hey, im new to RP forums and couldnt figure out how to PM, i havent RPed in a while but im interested in "His pain is mine" if you havent found a partner yet.
  3. I need more partners!!!
  4. Interested in the human toothless one if that's still available.
  5. Still need partners!!
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