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  1. I have a few different ideas, but if you don't like romance... I'm not sure this thread is for you. Most of my ideas revolve around couples. Although the romance is more of a side object, it's still nice to have it there. I tend to be more interested in adventure type plots.

    Some of my plots are a bit harder to describe so if interested, PM me and I will tell you the plots. For now, I will tell you some of my 'must haves' for an rp.
    I do ask that you respect me.
    I also ask that you reply at least once a day.

    My pairings are either MxF or FxF.
    Vampire xPrincess
    Vampire x Human
    Werewolf x Human
    Prince x Commoner
    Princess x Commoner/Peasant
    Elf x Human
    Elf x Vampire
    Prince x Princess
    Angel x Human
    Angel x Demon
    Rich Guy x Poor Girl
    Shy x Cool
    Football Jock x Shy New Girl
    Dragon x Human
    Elf x Dragon
    Pop Star x College Student

    Some pairings can be mixed with others.
  2. I'm interested in
    Princess x Commoner/Peasant
  3. Right. You want me to send you a PM to discuss ideas?
  4. yus please :)
  5. Right. I'm on it!
  6. Dragon x human sounds fun ^_^
  7. Aha! YES! Would you like me to PM you?
  8. Yes please ^^
  9. elf x dragon or shy x cool sound interesting if you're still looking :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.