I want to make a Harry Potter RP...

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  1. Someone help me plan this. I want it to be in-depth, fun, accurate, and literate.
  2. Man I have like 4 Hogwarts characters made so this is tempting. So, a few questions:

    What posting level are you thinking?

    Cannon, non-cannon?

    Are you going for them academy-type RPs where people just go to school, live their lives and face a few things here an there with a bigger focus on character development? OR are you going for having an overarching plot and being active in leading the plot towards some goal?
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  3. 1.) Intermediate, maybe?
    2.) Non-canon. I even have a list of made up professors we can use.
    3.) Mostly the former, but I was thinking of maybe a werewolf of some sorts hiding on the grounds or something, attacking the students. Be a cool kind of mystery plot, especially if the attacker is secretly one of the teachers or something. And of course, students could be infected.
  4. Hmm, I'm not that into the academy-type set up, but plenty of people are. I think if you throw in a few more specific ideas of what you have in mind for this RP, you might get more interest and shape its direction and specific set up from there.

    Good luck! =)

    What did you have in mind?
  6. I may be able to give some insight on this.

    A few years ago, I was part of a small RP tabletop group. A guy named Tom was our game master and he whipped up a Harry Potter RP with dice. It was the most brilliant thing in the world and I'd love for someone to possibly incorporate the experience through here.

    We had a character in the group who was 3 parts human, 1 part dragon. Gold things made her neeeeeeeed them. Any time she saw something gold, she had to have it. She was the best friend of my character. A mutual friend of ours had the last name of LeStrange. Oddly enough, he was placed in Gryffindor. I'd advise that there be a signup sheet if you go through with this. Go as far as to do research on those who want to play complex characters (for instance, a character who is part dragon). Make sure they can play those characters. It's something that can make or break the RP.

    The story was very deep and very rich. We were placed in the "future" so to speak. After the Harry Potter story had already ended. There were other professors in our game as well. In this time frame, magic became a thing that muggles were vaguely aware of. It was feared by some, embraced by some. However, magic was the cause of the fall of Big Ben (the huge clock tower in London). Because of this, witches and wizards became victims of hate crimes among the muggle world, which my character fell victim to as well. This added great conflict.

    If you decided to go through with this RP, I'll happily help and play. :)
  7. Neko, Your rp sounds like it was really fun. I'd love to do an rp that is as well done as that one.
  8. So, is this still a thing that you might be doing?

    I was just thinking of doing a slice-of-life roleplay (mine would have been post-Battle of Hogwarts, even possibly a few generations down the line). However, I went to the fandom roleplays section and saw there was an already well-established HP world roleplay that sounded kind of similar. But I really don't wanna join in on one that is so far in. (I'm rather new, and for some reason that seems weird to me.)

    Anyway, I'm very interested. This sounds like exactly what I was thinking of, but I was worried it wouldn't turn out quite as I wanted given that the other one was already around.
  9. Would love to hear back and see if this is still happening. If not I might be interested in creating my own.
  10. I don't know if anyone else is in this thread, but I'd love to join your rp!
  11. I think I'm going to go ahead and write up my own and see how it goes. It will be a bit different than OP was describing though.
    I will link to sign-ups in this thread when I am finished.
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