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  1. Hi there. This is not a normal advice wanting topic and this is not a normal problem. I... am lost in a struggle to know how, no, why everything is the way it is. And I don't mean knowledge like physics or chemistry, though I do have the very basics of those subjects, I mean philosophical/esoteric knowledge about the nature of the universe, starting with our dimension. You see, I have to know, I can not live if I don't know. I get these tons of information, so this topic is not really made to ask for a resources, I have ample of those, but because for some reason I seem to be unable to made accurate deductions based on what I know (which is not too little). The latter is not entirely true, because I am able to see basic pattern and understand some occurrences in a better way, but it's not enough. So... whatever you feel like writing would be interesting for me to read. If I were to formulate a concrete question, that would be: how do I see patterns and form deductions based on previous knowledge. Sounds like a skill taught in elementary school, does it? Well it's not that easy.
  2. I can't quite word it, but this sounds very much like something I was thinking of at one point in my life around the same age. Still am. I have little advice but two words which appear weak and frail in the face of all things and the link to a video with some powerful words.
    "Subjective experience."

    This may be an off response, but it was the most appropriate which came to mind immediately.
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  3. Hehe, subjective experience is why we're here on the first place. I feel like it has something more to it, will contemplate on those key words for sometime, thanks. As I said anything you'd write is interesting for me to read and thus I appreciate it.
  4. If there were an easy answer to your specific question, or to the larger question you are pursuing, then I guarantee you that there would be no reason for you to be wondering about this stuff. If it was just a matter of learning some tricks to perfect pattern recognition and use that to make perfect inductive (deductive reasoning is top down, start with an answer and find evidence for it; inductive reasoning is bottom up, start with observations and build a theory) analysis of those patterns, then the answers would be readily available to the masses. Humanity has been striving to know how and why everything works the way it does for many centuries. The greatest minds of many generations have applied their intellect to the problem, and none of them came away with a definitive answer that cannot be easily shattered with a firm application of logic. Religion in general attempts to give definitive answers to the how and the why of everything, but I assume you've already discarded those answers if you're to the point of using scientific reasoning in looking for patterns and trying to explain them. No offense to the religious minded folks out there, but those who decide a centuries old book holds all the answers they need tend not to bother looking for further answers.

    How can you recognize patterns? The same imperfect way as everyone else: observe the world around you and put together individual observations to make patterns. If there were some easier way of finding patterns in the world, science wouldn't take so much damned tedious work to gather facts.

    How can you perform inductive reasoning using knowledge you have obtained? The same imperfect way as everyone else: think about it a lot until you come up with something that makes sense. If there were some easier way of pulling answers out of observations, science wouldn't take so much damned time consuming work to experiment things over and over again to find answers and make sure they've got a reliable theory.

    Basically, you're asking for shortcuts in the scientific method to get big answers to the questions that have plagued humanity since time immemorial. We as a species haven't found any such shortcuts, else we would have availed ourselves of their benefits long ago. :lol:
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  5. Welcome to the joys of being a mammal cursed with self awareness but only a shitty-ass two pound brain to ponder this fact.

    I think what you're looking for is something you can only gain throughout the course of your life.

    But hey, you can always join a cult if it's really stressing you out.
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  6. Scientifically speaking, there is no known why.
    There's nothing to suggest were made/created for any sentient/intelligent purpose, we just happened by chance, natural selection, the big bang etc.

    We have a good idea as to how we exist, but there's nothing to indicate or suggest there even is a why, because a why requires there to be an intelligent being with motivations and reasoning pulling strings on the other side.
    But like said above we don't have all the answers, and finding answers is a long, complex and time consuming process.