I want to do something different/ perhaps The Last of Us

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  1. Whether it is MxM or MxF, either is fine with me. Though I would prefer it to MxM.
    I want something to do with two military characters or just one. I would really just want to play a military type character.
    Here is some ideas I wouldn't mind having this in.
    ~Post Apocalyptic.
    ~government experimentation on military personnel.
    ~ Old friends.

    I would like to combine a few of these together and get a really good plot going together.

    I would also be very much interested in "The Last of Us" roleplay as well.
    ~Most likely to be one x one
    ~MxM if possible
    ~ Oc x Oc preferred.
    ~ Multiple characters, loved.
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  2. Hi, I'd be interested in doing something like that with you. I'd prefer m/m as well. i'm not all that fond of apocolypse plots, though. perhaps something war or revolution related? (historical, future, whatever floats your boat)
  3. Sure it doesn't have to be apocalyptic. Something future would be cool.

    maybe like a futuristic revolution.
  4. What kind of government experiments did you have in mind?
    We could combine that with old friend, you know? Maybe the military gets experimented on and comes back a changed man (for better or for worse) and things ensue.

    Or we could do apocalyptic and mix them in with old friends or something of the sort.

    Perhaps they're both soldier in the military?

    Nevertheless, I'm interested.
  5. Ah! I really like both ideas.

    As for experimented, maybe they were trying to get soldiers who could control different elements like Fire, ice, etc.
  6. Ooh, well we could have two military boys put through a series of tests and whatnot? Perhaps they're friends? And they develop feelings for one another through the pain of the experiments?

    Or perhaps one soldier manages to have control over one of the elements, and maybe he's got a lover back home(a male) and the government made him swear to keep it a secret as to no jeopardize both his life and the danger of the government, and yeah. . . but he doesn't have complete control of the element, so it's sort of hard?
  7. You make it very hard to choose just one of those ideas. XD
  8. Well, you must pick. :P
  9. I think I like the second one better.
  10. Likewise. So, you were wanting to play the military character, correct? I've got no preference, I'm just going from your request.
  11. Yes I would. I just enjoy military type characters so much. XD
  12. Sweet! Shall I PM you so we can figure out little details?
  13. yes please.
  14. bump, I am still open to more of this.
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