I Want to be Evil.

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  1. I have been unable to RP for a few weeks/months because of school/life/whatever. Now that I have time to RP, I have been looking around for a good RP to join. I found a few that seem interesting, but nothing that really caught my eye...I am very close to starting a new RP, except...well, all the RPs I create tend to die rather quickly, because I am not always able to stick around and kick people into action. That, and I tend to be a bit...picky/demanding, so people don't have as much fun as they might under a more casual GM.

    Anyway, I want to be in some kind of RP, I'm not picky on the genre; sci-fi, fantasy, steam punk, modern, post apocalyptic, whatever. I do not do Zombies, Horror, or Vampire/Werewolf RPs, however.

    I want to play a female character, I think, mostly because I am tired of playing guys (it always happens cause there aren't enough, bahh), and because, well, my default evil baddy is, guess what, a guy. I want to play someone new! So, female baddy.

    I was thinking, rather than being a traditional villain, who likes rape/murder/torture and world domination, I would play a character who was a more insidious form of evil. Someone whose moral compass does not point due north, but who does not take pleasure in the pain or suffering of other people. Someone who, maybe, has something to do with a special kind of social, mental or emotional evil. I would really like to play a character who believes she is doing the right thing, doing what needs to be done, and is not being malicious and nefarious on purpose. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, and all that.

    Right, so. I will do a 1x1 IF you agree to play multiple characters, of varying genders, and to contribute equally to the development of the world and plot. And trust me, I LOVE world development, soo...I tend to accidentally take over if you aren't coming up with stuff often enough.

    I will also work with one (or two) other members to create a group RP, helping to establish world, plot, setting and the like, so that other people can join. I am very good at coming up with random details for worlds/plots. Problem is, I suck at actually running RPs, so...someone else would have to do that part, yeah?

    I will also join an RP if it is interesting enough and if I get a chance to contribute to the world/plot/setting, and not just play a mindless evil grunt who dies/is defeated in the first few pages.

    What I would really like is to play in a 1x1 or group RP in which there is no guarantee the Good Guys (Protagonists) will win, and in which the Bad Guys (Antagonists) are given equal play and participation, and might have a chance at taking out the good guys for ever. Points if there are plans to kill of a few characters along the way, from both sides of the struggle.

    Sooo...Does anyone want to RP with me? I am just dying to play an Evil Female of some kind.
  2. I'd love to Roleplay with you! ;D I myself am developing a more evil character quite like the one you described, only he's just really greedy/self-serving to the point of being 'evil' and he knows it. Perhaps we could start a one on one Roleplay where we each play two characters, a protagonist and antagonist? Just an idea. I'm more interested in fantasy, scifi, et cetera roleplays that take place anywhere but the modern world, unless the modern-world thing actually had structured plot line outside of "Here's a college... Lets see where it goes!"
    I'd also be all for playing multiple characters, one or more of which ends up dying later on in the Roleplay. Not everyone survives, you know? And it keeps things interesting!
    Honestly, I'm up for anything. I don't have any plot ideas off the top of my head, but I'll shoot you a message and see if we can't develop anything interesting. ^^
  3. Awesome. Pms are good, especially for 1x1s.

    Anyone else? I could just play a protangonist who was morally ambiguous, so there was no telling when she would do something 'evil' or whatever.
  4. i am very much interested!
    Would your female need to dominate a man or a woman?
  5. ...Um...what? Why would domination come into at all? I'm not really interested in a pure romance or even smut based RP, so domination is like a moot point.

    I want to play a villain. Not a bad ass dom. Villain.
  6. I'd be interested. I've got this idea that I've been trying to do for quite a while, and it just never gets far enough.
    If you're still looking, give me a shout, and I'll elaborate.
  7. I am not entirely sure I am still looking. The person I was gonna make a 1x1 with seems to have vanished from Iwaku, so... I'm working on a group RP instead. I might be interested in a 1x1 or a group RP or whatever, just not sure yet. It depends on the idea.

    So why don't you elaborate and we shall see?

    Although now i really wanna play an evilesque character in my group rp...eheheh...mwahahaha. Ahem.
  8. Basically it's a girl that's going insane. She's not "evil" but she just doesn't quite understand how things work, properly. Her mind's playing tricks on her, and things that are questionable seem fine. At first it's just odd behavior, but as it progresses, she gets worse. Her boyfriend is trying to take care of her, all the while struggling with the way the girl seems to just be getting worse and worse.
  9. Um, no, sorry. I am not interested in playing in any rp in which mental illness is used to replace 'evil' inclination, which is what I wanted. Certainly not one in which it might be fetishized. Thank you for asking though.
  10. Hmmm... I shouldn't post on this, but I'm going to.

    What determines the aspect of what you call "Evil"? Honestly, if you look at it from a non subjective point of view and the philosophy behind it. Evil is simply a duality to Good which is dictated by the laws of our modern society. What makes someone truly evil at any given point or view is simply the mentality and morality of men that entirely dictates what the concept of Evil is. So honestly, it is a mental illness in it's self, or rather viewed as such by the laws of man. Killing another? Viewed as evil simply because the laws of man and how we were raised dictates it as such. So I ask that you take a closer look at what makes someone evil. To an Evil character, they often do not see them selves as evil, but rather justified by their own morality and a string together of events that makes their motives make sense. Once again this concept falls under the auspice of mentality, you see?
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  11. Forgive any assumption, but you seemed offended that I ever suggested a mental illness.
    Her boyfriend doesn't know it's an illness. He only sees the change in virtues.
    As for anything being a fetish; I don't know what you're thinking.
  12. Disco - not offended per se. However, I find the thought of it uncomfortable. I mean, associating mental illness with potentially violent, dangerous or amoral characters and/or actions only seems to support negative stigma attached to mental illness. Sane people are far more dangerous and likely to do evil. Furthermore, I am not sure fetishization is the right term. It was the only one I could think of at the time...perhaps romanticizing would work? The idea of treating mental illness like it is cool, fun or interesting when it really isn't...

    Journey - Are you trying to debate subjective morality with me, simply because I stated a personal preference in regards to my comfort level roleplaying certain concepts? Don't you think that is a little in appropriate?

    Also, while it is true that those who do evil do not believe they are acting amorally, they do understand the difference between good and evil - they merely assign the status of 'good' or 'right' to their actions. They are still in full control of their actions. Mental illness, on the other hand, is a condition in which the chemicals in a person's brain no longer perform their proper duties; these people can not always understand between right and wrong, nor are they always in full control of their actions or thoughts. While this is not true for most people who are mentally ill, it is true of those who are often found to have committed violent or amoral actions. Playing such a character would not be playing any subjective concept of evil, any more than playing a lion who hunts and kills would be evil. Only those who consciously and knowing plan their actions in advance with specific intent to do harm can be considered evil, for they choose to be.

    Again, it is hardly right to attempt to debate another person's comfort level and personal preferences.
  13. I suppose that is simply your point of view on the matter. I speak from years of studying the works of some of our worlds most brilliant minds. My aim wasn't to make things feel inappropriate by questioning you and purposing new concepts. But to broaden your mind to new ideals. I guess I'll just leave you with one more thing. Should you want a closer look at the concept of morality please read Friedrich Nietzsche's work Beyond Good & Evil. I found the work quite good myself. That's all I have to say on the matter, unless you would like to continue this debate with a clear mind? Otherwise I'm walking away.
  14. The fact that you feel my mind needs to be opened to new concepts troubles me. Did you think it was not already open? That I did not contemplate morality, the essence of good and evil, that I merely accepted what is spoon fed us by our leaders? Debates on morality our interesting, but I did not create this thread to open a debate. I created it to perhaps inspire a roleplay. I turned down a possible roleplay inspired by this thread and you felt the need to debate my choice. That is what is what I find problematic.

    Unfortunately, as much as I love debating and exploring concepts of morality and ethics, I am not at his time interested in engaging in such a debate. Perhaps another time, via another medium. Private messages seem more appropriate.