I wanna RP but...

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  1. People are offline when I'm online. People are online when I'm asleep... Or at school... Sigh...

    Im free in June so I'll probably RP lots. :D I love IwakuRolePlay!!! I am kind of impatient and obsessive. When I start RPing I can't stop. TT^TT Does anyone else have this problem?

    Oh yeah and I'm new here. So maybe in the future my friends here will be online when I am. :D
  2. Since summertime is upon us, I'm sure you'll see your friends online more often or will find new friends who are online a lot. I reckon later this month things will pick up more. In the summer, Iwaku is always bursting with more life and activity because of school being out. :] Just be sure to hang out in the Cbox, start up some conversation with members you come across, all that good stuff. You'll find your posting-spree buddies in no time.
  3. I am also a roleplay obsessive psycho. >> When I get in the grove, I am stalking the forums nonstop.

    And now that I am not babysitting anymore, I suddenly have a lot of free time and free brains on my hands. >:D Perhaps I will meet you in a jump in somewhere!
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  4. i have the same problem butits in the mornis like around 6or7or8 on sat and sun i like have this wird thing i just wake up that early i gusse becuse of the stupid school i go to they make me wake up at 7 leave the hose at 8 when i normale wake up at 6 and leave at 6 30 and get home at 2 or 2 30 so ya and sme times at 3to5,6,or 7 on some days i hate it but i try to live with it
  5. I'am new to the site and haven't done any rp in awhile but i am already finding my self changing my sleep patterns and almost stalking the few rp's i have joined.

    But loving every second.
  6. i love roleplay too but am having trouble finding some interested people! very frustrating...