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  1. It was 16 years ago today. The newest most deadliest virus since Polio has arrived claiming almost all of the children born that year. Those who were infected contracted the disease while in to womb, apparently G Corp, the maker of a prenatal vitamin, accidentally mixed in some diseased rats giving birth to this new deadly disease known as GTX. GTX is a disease that breaks down your system slowly taking away all of your senses and motor skills until you are left as a dried up husk of a person drowning in your own blood.

    The death rate for children was at an astonishing 67%. Those who didn't die right away ended up living in the hospital. The intensive care unit was overflowing with tiny patients who got worse by the day. In the City of Hokaido at the local hospital 6 patients had an increadably mild case of GTX. The virus was still killing them but was taking it's time, they were slowly losing the ability to walk, speak or even eat unassisted.

    One day the 6 were suddenly put through a rigourous amount of tests. They took vials of blood, urine, DNA, and saliva samples. It was a weird day all 6 were met with happy staff who had worn grim faces since before they could remember. After all the tests their parents came in and hugged them, espressing their joy and something they hadn't felt for a while hope. It was later revealed that the same company had been working on a cure for GTX.

    The 6 were excited but that excitement was short lived. Dr. Fujioshi, the leading expert on the GTX virus, payed the families a visit he looked concerned. He explained that the cure that G Corp was creating was indeed a cure however the success rates on their test subjects were only 50%. That's right only 3 of the 6 friends would survive this horrible disease, and once more those who it didn't work would have the virus accelerated and die within weeks.
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  2. After several days of discussion it was finally time to inject the kids with the antidote. This is where our story will start. You will play one of the 6 or if there is more interest someone close to one of the six. The Rp will begin the day after receiving the injection where all 6 patients are reunited. After a day in the hospital the 6 will be released into the world where they will go to school, join clubs, go out for sports teams or even fall in love.

    I will come up a way to have the survivors decided in which case I will pm you and you will subtly reveal your sickness returning.

    Character sheet-
    age (all 16)
    hobbies -
    likes -
    dislikes -
    short 1 paragraph or shorter bio. -
    number between 1-6 (once a number is picked you may not pick it again)

    1. no perfect characters
    2. no controlling other people's characters/killing unless you have the other persons permission
    3. at least 1 paragraph a post.
    4. wait at least 2 posts before posting again, this way others won't be left behind.
    5. post atleast 1 every couple of days, pm me if you are unable to for any reason.
    6. no godmodding
    7. Bring the drama. This is a drama rp so bring it on.
    8. keep all ooc in the ooc thread
    9. treat others nicely if there is any dispute you can't resolve on your own let me know.
    10. have fun

    accepted characters-

    1. Assaragi, Kei
    2. Ichihara, Tomo
    3. Murakami, Risa
    4. Kisaragi, Momoka
    5. Ryuji Takenaka
    6. Kisaragi, Mirai

    you may post cs's now.
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  3. reserved for my cs

    Character sheet-

    name- Kei Assaragi

    pic(anime)- tumblr_ljxl39VqoP1qee6of.png

    age (all 16) - 16 soon to be 17

    hobbies - reading, writing, learning new things, conversation

    likes -meeting new people, learning about new and exciting things, watching t.v. (there only outlet to the outside world.)

    dislikes - being weak, falling asleep all the time, his steady loss of vision and taste.

    short 1 paragraph or shorter bio. - Kei is a smart, kind, and happy person. He gets along with everyone and treasures the friendship of the 6. Kei has a mother, a father and a sibling that is a few years older than him. They visit him often telling him of their vacations, daily lives and future plans. He loves hearing about travel the most and after hearing about the shot he's already planning a world trip. He has high hopes for the cure and prays it works for everyone.

    number between 1-6 - #1
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  4. i'll join as log as 3 of them are girls and 3 are guys. sounds interesting :)
  5. @Ravenbelle I am looking for a balance but as of now i'm not sure if i'll have even numbers all I can do is hope. If there is enough interest I am willing to include other characters, sisters, brothers, school crushes etc.
  6. Sounds like it could be interesting. I guess I'll take a spot on the possible chopping block.
  7. well you are the gm you could always require it, but if you wanna leave it up to whoever shows up here in the interest thread, that's fine too. I'll just keep an eye on this and see where it goes. :)
  8. nice to have you on board @Oaken

    @Ravenbelle yeah I thought i'd leave it open. cuz if there are 4 boys and 2 girls then love triangles start to form. I'll be honest I would prefer a love triangle to an ordinary love story.
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  9. Gonna post a CS for a young boy! :D
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  10. Me too. I'll prolly be doing a CS later. Not yet sure of gender yet.
  11. Question: As the disease was introduced in the womb, does this necessarily mean that the characters have been in the hospital their whole lives? Or did the disease incubate until a later date?
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  12. @Oaken the character's have been in the hospital their whole lives.
    @Mippu sounds good. @Boss Megu you're free to make any Gender however as it is now we have no female characters.
  13. Yeah, I think I will be doing female. :) Mippu and I talked about it.
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  14. Quick question, do they all have to be 16?
  15. I suppose not. I guess I can give some wiggle room. So one year before or after so your choices are 15,16, or about to turn 17
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  16. Thanks! Here we go!

    Character sheet

    name: Momoka Kisaragi [如月.桃々花]; number 4
    hobbies: figuring out ways to make money, getting blackmail information on people, reading
    likes: making money, being the best, security, pink, bunnies, carnations, ice cream, soda, sugar candies
    dislikes: being sick, losing/wasting money, bullies, having nothing to do, being restless, thunderstorms, unproductive loud noise, inane chatter

    Momoka grew up in the hospital and hated every second of it, being smart and stuck in clinical white walls made her a small target, to which her twin defends her from. Her parents were geniuses in their own field and understood why she was restless. They were financially stable but hospital stays weren't cheap and Momoka knew that. So it was then she had started figuring out ways on making money with her brother; Mirai, helping her. She's always been observant and found that people would pay good money on dirt on other people and despite her illness, Momoka felt strong, in power. She likes using her adorable and innocent look to her advantage and has earned good money by simply pretending to be kind. There are others who have fallen for her mask and there are those who haven't. When the "cure" was proclaimed, Momoka wasn't optimistic, though the possibility of losing her brother makes her fearful. She doesn't quite believe it to be true but if it were, the world better watch out. The Kisaragi twins are a formidable force together.
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    Kisaragi Mirai

    Hobbies- playing sports or fantasy video games, reading manga, exercising, sleeping

    Likes- potato chips, egg dishes, karate, mecha anime, variety shows, action movies, pop/rock music

    Dislikes- confinement, when he has to fast for tests, waiting, dramas

    Mirai despises having nothing to do so when left to his own devices, he would exercise. His attention span wouldn't last long enough for him to pay attention to his studies. As a result, he's very restless even if he gets tired and wheezy. He isn't exactly stupid although he thinks he is. He just has little patience to sit still and think about things. He trusts his sister with everything, never questioning her or her requests. Despite it all, he's just shy and is open to having friends. He's a patient listener with a caring heart. He's willing to gamble on the cure but only if whatever happens, he and his sister would have the same result.
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  18. Name - Tomimo "Chiisai (小さい)" Haru (Number 2)

    Age - 15

    Hobbies - Playing her ukulele; singing; bird-watching; reading comics

    Likes - Music; birds; shonen manga and anime (they're so exciting!); friends; people being happy; her dad

    Dislikes - The dark; shots; math; people being sad

    Bio - Despite growing up in a hospital, Tomimo has always maintained a positive disposition. She never fully grew up, and as such still acts a bit childish and immature; a personality trait that she mostly likely obtained from spending time with her overly positive father. Anyone who entered her room with a grim expression would end up leaving with a smile. She was excited to get the cure, as that meant she could finally explore the world outside her window and on her TV.

    Her mother died in a train wreck two years after giving birth to her, so it was up to Tomimo's father, Shukei, to shoulder the monetary and emotional weight of his daughter's illness. Being a local musician, Shukei spent his down-time singing songs and playing the ukulele with his daughter (whom he lovingly calls 小さい, or "tiny"); which, due to being generally unknown to most of the populace, meant he had a lot of down-time.

  19. Name: Murakami Risa

    Number 3

    Age: 16

    Hobbies: Sketching, Writing (mostly horror stories), Reading philosophy books, Listening to music

    Likes: Honesty, Integrity, Freedom, Solitude, Stargazing, Watching the sunrise, Rain&Storms, Museums, History, Licorice, Jasmine Tea, and Violet

    Dislikes: Lies and Liars/People who sugarcoat things, Nosy or unreasonable people, Flower Bouquets, Peanut butter, Screamo songs, nasal cannulas and hot weather

    Bio: Risa is a slim girl who stands at about 5'2 with black hair and fair skin. Her eyes are dark as well and she sort of looks like a modern, more edgy version of snow white...with Glasses. She's had problems with her vision since she was very young, but despite that, she's always loved drawing and sketching. She developed severe myopia as she grew older and tried to use contacts in order to do away with the glasses, but by the time she started high school (online of course), she had developed an intolerance for them and they weren't worth it. So now she wears thick glasses because taking them off would mean she couldn't identify anyone around her, especially in the hospital where most staff wear scrubs. She would know since she's lived there basically her whole life, slowly getting better in her sketching skills until her motor functions started lacking. She still practices, but unlike most artists, her drawings got worse and worse as time went on.
    Risa is the only child of Hironori and Chie Murakami who run a popular Hedgefund together, so while they could afford a laptop and program with a voice synthesizer window enlarger as well as let her stay in her own room at the hospital for 16 years, they rarely came to visit. The nurses were her friends because after knowing too many kids who lost their lives all around her, she gave up on getting close to anyone. She's quiet, introspective and nervous about actually leaving the hospital grounds to go to real school. Sure she'd read about it and watched plenty of movies, but going will be an entirely different experience.
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