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  1. It was 16 years ago today. The newest most deadliest virus since Polio has arrived claiming almost all of the children born that year. Those who were infected contracted the disease while in to womb, apparently G Corp, the maker of a prenatal vitamin, accidentally mixed in some diseased rats giving birth to this new deadly disease known as GTX. GTX is a disease that breaks down your system slowly taking away all of your senses and motor skills until you are left as a dried up husk of a person drowning in your own blood.

    The death rate for children was at an astonishing 67%. Those who didn't die right away ended up living in the hospital. The intensive care unit was overflowing with tiny patients who got worse by the day. In the City of Hokaido at the local hospital 6 patients had an increadably mild case of GTX. The virus was still killing them but was taking it's time, they were slowly losing the ability to walk, speak or even eat unassisted.

    One day the 6 were suddenly put through a rigourous amount of tests. They took vials of blood, urine, DNA, and saliva samples. It was a weird day all 6 were met with happy staff who had worn grim faces since before they could remember. After all the tests their parents came in and hugged them, espressing their joy and something they hadn't felt for a while hope. It was later revealed that the same company had been working on a cure for GTX.

    The 6 were excited but that excitement was short lived. Dr. Fujioshi, the leading expert on the GTX virus, payed the families a visit he looked concerned. He explained that the cure that G Corp was creating was indeed a cure however the success rates on their test subjects were only 50%. That's right only 3 of the 6 friends would survive this horrible disease, and once more those who it didn't workwould have the virus accelerated and die within weeks.
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    Those who have been deemed as not going to survive has been notified through a pm. Do not share your fate with anyone, and remember for the first couple of months everyone will start to get better.

    I will do a gm post when the virus starts to kick in.

    Remember post atleast a paragraph each time, let two posts go before you post again.
    Have fun.
  3. Dr. Fujioshi
    Interacting with the 6 patients

    Dr. Fujioshi enters the room in his hand a case with the logo of the pharmaceutical company G Corp. He smiles at the children in their common area and says "it's here, the cur...the treatment is here. I just want to remind you all that this drug currently has a 50% success rate. You are not obligated to take it, if it fails you will experience the virus in over drive. It will kill you within 8 months."

    Dr. Fujioshi looked at each of the children. He had come to think about them all as his own children. As he looked into their hopeful eyes a tear ran down his face. "I hope this works for all of you who wish to participate. So I'll ask once more. Are you sure you want to get this treatment?"
  4. Kei Assaragi.
    Interacting with Dr. Fujioshi.
    Location - treatment common room

    Kei looked up his eyes filled with hope as he heared Dr. Fujioshi's voice. As he sat up the several travel books, magazines and maps got moved around. "Good morning Dr. Fujioshi. How was your weekend? Did you enjoy your visit to Kyoto?." Kei's excited questions were soon silenced by Dr. Fujioshi's serious mood. Kei sat there and weighed his options. 'If I do nothing I'll continue to slowly get worse until, I die. Whenever that is. My other option is to take the drug and either be completly cured or die within 8 months. Kei cleared his throat.

    "I can't speak for anyone else but whether it's permanent or only the 8 months u want to experience everything I can. All I know is this hospital wing." Kei smiled bigger than he ever had. "I want a chance to experience life with my friends like normal high schoolers. So please let me take that treatment."

    Kei rolled up his sleeve as Dr. Fujioshi pulled out a syringe and stuck it into his arm. "Thank you Sir."
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  5. Ryuji Takenaka
    Hospital - Treatment Common Room

    I listened carefully as Dr. Fujioshi told us about the treatment. My soul was burning with the newfound hope. I have always been the gloomy one of this group and no wonder. I gave up on hope six years ago already, the others seemed to do a bit better on that half. The answer to choices Fujioshi gave us was self explanatory, there was only one right answer.

    "We've been stuck here for our entire lives, like Kei said. It's still about eight months of living if the treatment backfires. I am more than willing to take the medication for that risk. Not taking it would be guaranteed death sentence, and if i'm sure about something, it is that if i'm going to die, i don't want that to happen in a hospital, at least not before i have been able to experience what the world has to offer to us" after saying those words, i watched the doctor walk up to my bed. I rolled up my sleeve. One quick sting and i had at least eight more months more lifetime than just few seconds ago. Just the thought was too much for me, i still couldn't believe that i had the chance to actually survive from this disease.
  6. Tomo Ichihara
    [Location] Hospital- Treatment Common Room

    When the familiar face of Dr. Fujioshi entered the room, Tomo’s expression lit up and she quickly sat herself up right as the doctor began to talk. The doe eyed girl had an evident look on her face as she nodded to Dr. Fujioshi warning. Her mind has been made up. Tomo’s thoughts drifted to when she discussed the trial possibility with all her family members. Each and every one had different opinions, yet they were all supportive about whatever decision she would make. It was decided together with her mother and father, they originally wanted to fall back from the trial treatment and be able to spend the remaining time left with their daughter. However, with such a golden opportunity in the back of their minds, and a daughter full of hope, their decision soon shifted. They agreed that no matter what happened, Tomo deserved to live a normal life even if it there is a chance it will only be for a short time.

    Planting on a small, warming smile, Tomo looked up at the doctor with approving gaze “I’m aware of the warning signs Dr. Fujioshi, you only ever tell us this every time we see you.” Tomo glanced over at the others before looking back at Dr. Fujioshi “I’m ready for this. I’m not backing out now.” She replied softly and lowered the blanket that wrapped snuggly around her. She waited patiently for her turn, but the truth is, she is extremely nervous. This is one impactful treatment, one with two very different and drastic outcomes. Tomo let out a shaky exhale before tugging her sleeves out of the way, revealing the light pinkish hue of her skin. She then lifted her arm as the doctor walked over to her bed and pricked the injection in her. Her heart raced.
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  7. Momoka Kisaragi
    Mirai Kisaragi
    Group Quarantine Ward

    The peach tree meant immortality and peach blossom was for luck and the future is always uncertain. Perhaps that's why her parents named them such, despite their scientific way of life, since there was power in a name. Momoka, despite it all, wanted to believe the meaning. She wanted it to be true.

    Between herself and her brother; she had been the first one to be tested positive for the GTX and her brother had been tested since she was sick. She hated herself for it. She was a newborn and couldn't help it, but she hated it that she was tested first. First to be sick between herself and her brother, and that's what she hated most.

    When they tested and placed in the ward, she paid attention everything and everyone. The pitiful looks the nurses gave her and the way the doctor's just sighed at her deteriorating rate made Momoka boil. She knew what she had and she knew there was no cure. She hated every second in this hospital with these children and with her brother who wanted to run and play but couldn't. But she played nice. She smiled and cried when she was supposed to. She read and studied like what her parents told her to. But she watched and listened to all those around her. Secrets kept hidden was something people would do everything to keep silent.

    When Dr. Fujioshi had gently told her of a cure for her brother and herself, she was wary. There were no secrets she had stolen from this doctor. She had to gauge the pros and cons carefully. There was no fall back plan for something like this. There was nothing she could do if everything fails. She turned her attention to everyone else and saw their faces. Hopeful from Kei, disbelief from Ryuuji, acceptance from Tomo and Momoka couldn't help but laugh at them, inwardly at least. Lab rats, she told her brother over and over. They were nothing more than lab rats.

    People always whispered that her brother was stupid, that he wasn't smart. They were wrong. Mirai was the smartest of them all, even smarter than her. Meeting Mirai's eyes, Momoka nodded slightly, giving him her acceptance. Whether or not they took this cure, they were still slated to die. It was a gamble, but Momoka wasn't about to die without trying every possibility. Glancing back at Dr. Fujioshi, she narrowed her eyes. With this program, perhaps she would be able to get his secrets. Secrets were what many people liked to buy and to hide. Hiding her facade, Momoka smiled at the doctor. "My brother and I understand, Dr. Fujioshi." She told him as he waited for their response. "We wish to proceed."

    She turned to look at her brother, the illness eating his bright self away. She frowned and clenched on her teeth as she looked him over. Mirai, they said, is a stupid child. Looking at his eyes, she saw him smile and there was nothing in his eyes but acceptance and trust. Momoka smiled back. "Mirai..." she started, ignoring the others for now. "We'll get through this, ne?" Seeing him smile brighter, she knew this was their only chance to get better. Mirai is and never will be a stupid child, not when he knows to trust her, knowing that she would never lead him astray. She closed her eyes to blur out her fear.

    She looked up to see Dr. Fujioshi smile at her and she smiled back. She didn't trust his smile. He went through the procedures and began to administer this so called "cure". She wasn't feeling any different. Was this a sign it was working? But she threw those thoughts away as the doctor went to her brother and she waited with bated breath. Please let this cure be real. She repeated as she watched the needle pierce her brother's skin. Please let it be real.
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  8. Risa Murakami
    Group Quarantine Ward

    Risa watched Dr. Fujioshi from where she sat at the end of the row. For the millionth time, she was told this had a fifty percent chance of failure. She'd had a lot of time to mull it over, so she wasn't tearful like the sensitive doctor. She thought if anyone had the right to cry it was the patients. The five children who were like her, the ones that had a chance at surviving long enough to actually live. She doesn't know them that well, but they are closer to her than anyone else, including her parents. Most of them were hopeful though and sure about their decision, despite its extreme consequences. Honestly, Risa wasn't sure which was worse: receiving a life she had no idea what to do with or finally giving up on it completely.

    But it was something. Something to finally end the monotony of a terminal hospital stay, one way or another. A chance to change, to finally be someone or...cease to exist. Either way she would no longer be a waste of space just breathing through a damn cannula without a purpose. And that's all she wanted now.

    So she waited patiently through everyone else's agreements and injections. She'd waited sixteen years already she could wait a few more minutes.
    Assaragi was optimistic and smiley, no different than most of the times she'd been around him. They'd received spinal taps one after another a week ago..somehow he managed to smile afterward. Sometimes she envied his glass-half-full attitude but most of the time she just rolled her eyes.
    Takenaka was similar in his response, sounding a bit preachy despite never having smiled in her presence before. She supposed a treatment this life-changing would have drastic effects on most people though, so she shouldn't judge.
    Ichihara's reaction was predictably sweet, hoping to lighten the mood despite her obvious worries. Risa actually appreciated the humorous truth about Fujioshi's extensive warnings and the corner of her lips turned up just slightly. Though Risa liked to believe every life was inherently equal to every other, she couldn't help but feel in that moment like none of them deserved to survive this treatment and live a healthy life more than Tomo.
    The Kisaragis received their shots right before her; Momoka, then Mirai. The twins were practically inseparable as far as she knew. She'd only ever been with Momoka alone one time waiting for a nurse to finish a blood test on Mirai and the other bespectacled girl had seemed somewhat cold, though clearly protective of her brother, whom she'd ever been around without his sister in the room. He was the only one who didn't say something before his injection. He merely smiled at his sister, who wore an expression of reassurance and comfort, the most emotion she'd seen out of the girl yet.

    And then it was her turn.

    As the white-coated doctor approached the last bed with the last syringe in his right hand, Risa took a deep breath, and stared up at the man's eyes for a moment. They were brimming with tears. She knew he felt badly for her, but he made it about himself; she was sure that he was already feeling guilty for the lives of those that would end in eight months but he had no right to take the blame and play the victim. This was getting to be more dramatic than it should. So, Risa simply sighed and stuck out her arm..watched the needle pierce the tiny pink scar on the inside of her elbow where all the needles tend to go. The plunger pressed forward and that was it, life or death in a clear liquid. Patched up with a cottonball and a bandaid, strings attached.
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  9. Dr. Fujioshi
    Common treatment room
    Addressing everyone

    When Dr. Fujioshi finished the injection on his last patient he packed up the G Corp. Case and faced the kids. "Well that's it then, you should start to feel the effects within 24 hours. It'll be slow at first you will notice that your fatigue should disappear, next your motor skills will return finally your loss of senses should return."

    As Dr. Fujioshi was making his speech the familiar faces came in the common room one by one. He smiled when he saw them all. "On behalf of everyone here, and those we had lost." The room full of nurses and staff bowed their heads respectively. "WE WISH YOU A SPEEDY RECOVERY!" They all smiled and looked as they were going to cry.

    Kei Assaragi
    Common treatment room
    Addressing everyone

    Kei received his shot. He was excited and nervous at the same time. He watched as the others received their shots, as soon as Dr. Fujioshi finished injecting Tomo an odd thought popped into kei's head. 'That's three shots so far, 50% of us. Maybe the first three will live, which means the twins and Risa will die.' He opened his eyes wide, amazed at the horrible thought he just had. He shook his head trying to rid his mind of those horrible thoughts.

    When he finished the good Doctor stood infront of them all and started to let them know what they were in for. "Does, does that mean I'll be get my 20/20 vision back? And my sense of taste?" The Doctor nodded. Kei got excited, that's when he noticed the rest of the staff and nurses walk in behind them. They all wished the 6 luck on their treatment.

    It was suddenly real. Kei felt a huge lump in his throat, he was extremely happy but worried at the same time. He felt something rumbling in his stomach. He didn't want to make a scene so he kept quiet, but he felt nautious. He kept up the smile as long as he could until suddenly, Kei turned to the side of his bed and vomited. It was like he had just eaten lava, it was hot and burnt his throat. He felt hot as if he was was in a sauna, he broke out in a cold sweat. Kei started to panic. 'Is this it? Am I going to die now?' His heart beat elevated just as the Doctor and nursing staff ran over to Kei. "What's wrong Doctor I thought this cure was supposed to take hours to get through his system." One of the nurses shouted. "Yes, however Kei could have had an bad response, shit don't tell me he didn't eat again today?" Dr. Fujioshi motioned to Kei's food tray, the nurse lifted the cover to see a full untouched meal. "Damnit Kei, today of all days." The nurse started apologizing "I'm sorry sir, since Kei had lost his sense of taste he had been skipping his meals. He says it's a waste on him."

    The Doctor and nurse grabbed iv bags and jammed them in his line trying to stabilize him. Kei was getting hotter. "Bring me ice packs damnit. Cool this boy down." Dr. Fujioshi looked worried as if he was working on a loved one. "Damnit Kei."
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  10. Several weeks later....

    The 6 have finally been released from the hospital. It was as if they had been born anew, they were walking, moving, talking, feeling like normal teenagers. It was now their first day at school, the 6 hadn't seen eachother since they left the hospital.

    The time was 7am, school was about to start as hundreds of students started filling the streets heading tword their campus. It was a day that the 6 have yearned for.

    Kei Assaragi

    Kei had trouble sleeping that night, he was to excited. He had always dreamed of going to school, learning about new places, new things. He even blushed at the thought of making new friends, even female ones. Kei's mother yelled from downstairs. "Kei wake up or you'll be late for your first day."

    Kei sprung outta bed and shouted. "Ok, mom I'm up." His voice clearly filled with excitement. Kei got ready and headed down stairs to see a huge buffet style breakfast. "Mom?, I'm just going to school. You're over reacting." Kei's mom hugged him tightly, as she did Kei felt her hands tremble. "I know I just, I'm so happy. But I'm also nervous what if you have another episode?"

    Kei hugged his mother back and laughed. "I understand. Your just being a mom, but that won't happen again." Kei sat down and started eating. "See, I'll eat alot so you don't have to worry." After a while Kei looked up at the clock. "Well looks like it's time." Kei's mom hugged him tightly, kissing him on the cheek and fixing his hair. "Do you have your cell phone?, your tissues?, your school bag?, what about?", Kei cut her off with a solid hug
    "Mom, I'm gonna be fine." He smiled, grabbed his lunch and walked out the door tword school.

    Kei reached the front of the school gates
    The plan was to meet the other 6 there. "Oh man I hope they hurry up or we won't have time to talk before school starts."
  11. Ryuji Takenaka

    I was sleeping so well until i got ripped out of the dreamworld by my alarm clock. I smacked the top of the alarm clock to silence it. First day at school huh? I was too tired to get excited yet. I got up from my bed sleepily and shuffled over to my closet. I gotta say, living in an actual house still felt so strange. It's been like a months since we got out of the hospital and most of that month has gone in getting used to living in general.

    I open my closet and dress up. For some reason the house seemed to be too quiet. Was mom and dad still sleeping or something? Especially during such important day? After getting dressed i head downstairs and over to the kitchen. "Good morning Ryuji!" my mother exclaimed when i walked in to the kitchen. She had set up some very amazing breakfast. Like, it easily beat hospital breakfast, but the main thing i was really thirsting for was coffee. I needed that caffeine in my life. "So, are you excited for your first day?" mom asked. "Well you could say that... once i actually wake up, but i don't have much time to eat if i want to meet up with others before school starts." I said and with that i started feasting on this amazing breakfast. I couldn't be more thankful for having such amazing mother. The minutes went by and soon it was time to leave.

    I get up from the table and give my mom a hug and kiss. "I'll see ya later" i tell her. I could see couple tears rolling down her cheeks, but i can't blame her. "Have fun, Ryuji!" she exclaimed as i stepped out and set off to school. Once i reach the school, it turns out i'm not the first one. "Yo Kei" i say and smile as i arrive. "Seems like others are still coming?" i comment.
  12. Tomo Ichihara

    Since Tomo's arrival from the hospital, the first she did was spend her time outside. She strolled around the neighborhood and studied the area in an intrigued manner. Stopping by every playground, park, bench, garden, lake she came across. That's when she came up with a new found goal. A goal to familiarize herself with the town, just like most kids her age. Simple things like knowing the directions around town is what she envy's the most. It might seem a little silly, but that won't change her mind at all. Unfortunately, her goal would have to take a bit longer than expected. Her parents are still cautious about her health, not allowing Tomo stay out longer than desired. They've even insisted on home-schooling her for at least for a semester. Their reason, to avoid or prevent any uncomfortable situations, complications or possible withdrawal. But Tomo was determined to attend regular school. That is what she wished drastically, to regain all she has missed while being stuck at that hospital. At the top of the list, being able to attend public school. Also, with the rest of the five attending the same school, she couldn't feel more ready. Just the idea, is a dream come true. So with her nerves kicked in gear, Tomo spend nearly the entire night in the kitchen. Cooking away and trying different recipes in hopes to come up with the perfect lunch meal for school.

    After countless rounds testing, tasting and washing, Tomo decided it was best to at least try to go to bed. She had a slight fear of the possibility of falling asleep during class, definitely not an impression she wants on the first day of school. As soon as she tucked herself in to bed, that decision didn't last for long. After a while of constant tossing and turning, the sun began to rise. The soft rays of light slowly peeking inside her room, Tomo let out a long sigh. She then decides it was no use to try and sleep now. So hopping right out her bed, Tomo crept her way back to the kitchen and flicked on the lights. She tied on a frogy-themed apron, rolled back her sleeves, and then snooped around the fridge for a moment. The ends of her lips curled when she spotted exactly what she was about to make.

    As quiet as little brunette tried to be, it was the sweet scent of freshly cooked breakfast that woke up her parents. They both came shuffling in to the kitchen, with their long robes and sleepy smiles "Awe sweetheart, you beat us to breakfast." Her mother said softly, and took a seat at the already set table "Don't worry about it, I was up early anyways. So I decided to make some breakfast." Tomo grinned and placed the loaded plates on the table before taking a seat herself. After the meal, Tomo gladly began rounding up the dishes when her father stopped her “Hold it! Don’t you think your cutting it a little close time wise?” he said, motioning over to the clock that hung on the wall. Tomo blinked for a moment, then turned her head to gaze over at the clock. Her eyes grew wide.

    “Ah! You’re right! I promised to go to school earlier so I can meet up with the others!” she exclaimed and quickly shoved the pile full of plates into her father’s arms “Sorry! You’ll have to wash the dishes without me.” She added and hurried up the stairs.

    Within a couple minutes, Tomo was already dressed and skipping down the stairs with one ribbon between her mouth and the other attempting to tie it in her hair “I’m off!” she announces and instantly speeds towards the door. There she tries to slip on her shoes, grab her bag and open the door all the same time. But instead it turned into a very wobbly dance followed by a loud shriek. Suddenly, a loud thud could be heard as Tomo came stumbling down on to the floor in a pretty awkward and painful manner. Her parents hurried to the front, only to get a shoe flown towards their direction and their daughter toppled over on the ground. Quickly straightening herself up, Tomo’s face grew bright red “I’m fine! You guys don’t have to look at me!” her voice wavered and she quickly gathered her things before dashing out the house, leaving her parents dumbfounded.

    Despite her rocky exit, the way to school was marvelous. Exactly how she imagined, if not better. The air was pure, the trees and plants shading a canopy, the bright atmosphere of the chattering students all making their way to their schools. Tomo’s heart fluttered, now this is what she’s always wanted. After a while of indulging the walk, gazing at the groupies, and successfully avoiding a crash between a couple cyclists, the tall gate of the school came to view. Taking in a deep breath, Tomo smiled then lightly jogged over. A familiar smiley faced boy with glasses and another with dark spikey hair she can recognize anywhere, came to view “Good morni-!” she promptly tripped over herself at the last moment. Luckily she was able to catch herself this time “H-hey, how are you guys?” she asked and followed the question with a nervous laugh. Trying her best to direct the attention away from her little stumble.
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  13. Kei Assaragi
    Location -front of school gate
    Interacting with - Tomo and Ryuji

    As Kei waited he saw a familiar face walk up. It looked like Ryuji only, normal. He looked kind of cool. "Good morning Ryuji. Are you excited? I can't believe it, I have been looking forward to today for a long time."

    While they were talking Kei saw another familiar face only for some reason she was even more stunning than before. Her hair so light and full of life, her skin looked smooth and warm, her smile was enough to make his knees buckle. "Tomo?, you look really," Kei turned away slightly almost blushing. "Cute, that uniform really suits you."
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  14. Mirai Kisaragi
    Location: Right behind his sister, walking to the school gate

    Normalcy was something the Kisaragi twins didn't understand nor cared about. Even at the hospital, they reached a point of acceptance. They would probably get better, but they will never be the same as everyone. Mirai knew his sister was planning to snoop around for information, so he put on his best yankii look to support her. He didn't wear his uniform top properly and carried a baseball bat with him.

    He was all bark and no bite, so he barely spoke at all. He wasn't strong. Not even smart. But he recently learned that his being tall and his tsurime eyes had a profound effect on people. All he had to do was loom over them and bounce the bat on his shoulder. People got scared. That was all he needed to do to keep his sister away from suspicious characters. He relied on her to think for both of them and followed her everywhere.

    Approaching the school, the twins looked like a classic ojousama-and-her-bodyguard pair. Mirai wasn't in a bad mood, in fact he was happy. His face just looked permanently annoyed. He stopped for a second seeing Kei, Ryuji and Tomo. He missed them a lot even if he was quiet most of the time around them. They were, along with Risa and his sister and cousins, the only people he's ever smiled to. He waved at them, still looking like a gangster but with a happy little smile.
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  15. Risa Murakami

    Risa woke with bedhead three hours before she set her alarm for her first day of school. The sun wasn't even up, but she heard movement about the house so her parents must be getting ready for work. She knew she wouldn't be able to sleep now. She'd barely been able to the first couple times last night. The pale girl groaned and sat up before feeling around for the switch on the light by her bedroll. Once on, it didn't help her to really see much, but at least she could vaguely make out where her glasses sat beside her. So when her fingers did what her eyes rarely could and the lenses settled on her nose, she blinked a couple times and sighed at the sight of her new room in the lamplight. It was just as plain as her hospital room and just as cold, so as familiar as it felt, she had hoped for the opposite. Of course, she couldn't have expected much from her parents, but she really did want a normal life. She wondered if any of the other five got decorated rooms instead of one that looked like it belonged on an ad for a hotel, but then again, her folks wouldn't have known anything about her to decorate the guest room with... They had thrown a welcome home party for her, but since she didn't really know anyone outside the hospital it was mostly friends and business associates that came. So she actually spent most of it holed up in her room with her computer and trying to avoid her mother who kept nagging her to talk to the guests. So that night, much like this one, was not very restful.
    In fact, since her release from the hospital she'd been pretty much entirely restless. Deciding that since she was now living with them, they could finally start to play the role of mom and dad, Risa's parents set rules about how little she was even allowed outside the house. She desperately wanted to explore the world outside cold, white walls, but she had overprotective guidelines to follow and a schedule which had basically nothing on it until school started. So of course she was rearing to get out and walk to school, but now that the day had finally come, her mind refused to stop ambushing her with thoughts of failure and worst-case scenarios. Thus, waking far too early with no hope of falling asleep again.

    She sighed and took a long shower trying to think her way out of her worries until the hot water ran out, then sat at her computer for a while memorizing the school map. Using her custom machine has become a cakewalk now that her fingers can move according to what her mind tells them to and sketching again has actually felt nice for the first time in a long time. So when she was done learning the halls and classrooms, she pulled out her sketchbook and began a piece of art meant to get her nerves on paper, but she got a bit carried away and her alarm rang just as she was finishing the drawing. Risa flinched and scrambled to turn it off, then remembered she had agreed to meet the others before school. Of course she would wake way too early and still arrive later than she should. So just like that, her anxiety came flooding back and it a was a miracle she got into her uniform without tripping over herself more than twice in her needless hurry.

    When she shut the door behind her, no one was there to bid her farewell, but she was hoping to arrive soon enough to say hello to the closest people in her life, though she knew they were more acquaintances than anything..
    After a distracting walk that made her want to stop and stare at every little detail, Risa tightened her grip on the strap of her bag as the school came into view. There were so many people..her heart was racing in her chest but she refused to let it show on her face because the people waiting on her stood near the entrance. She grit her teeth and chided herself for arriving after everyone else, but returned the slight wave and tiny smile to Mirai behind his sister anyway. She wondered what a guy who smiles so gently was doing with a bat and if he was even going to be allowed to carry it around the school so nonchalantly, but she didn't comment. Just observed and kept quiet..like usual.
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  16. Tomo Ichihara
    [Location] Front of School Gate
    [Interacting with] Everyone

    Tomo's cheeks flushed ever so slightly after Kei's comment. She nodded her head in thanks then looked down at her shoes, the tips of it slowly rubbing against one another. Actually the uniform fit her a little bit too tight. It seems the measurements she took right after the release from the hospital didn't meet her current size. However, Tomo didn't want to be a bother to anyone, so she kept quiet about it instead. All she has to do is be a bit more aware of her diet and then she'll be fine."Ah! T-thank you... The uniform! it looks great on you too." she smiled, then tightened her grip on her bag straps nervously as she looked over at Ryuji "You as well!"

    Her attention soon shifted when the atmosphere turned silent. Students were now mumbling to one another and subtly pointing over to a pair of kids walking towards their direction. It took Tomo a couple seconds, but she finally recognize that two pair of golden blonde hair actually belonged to none other than the inseparable twins. Everyone either awed over them, or inched away whenever Mirai glanced in their direction. On the other hand, Tomo found this sight very intriguing. Almost proud-like to even have at least a minimal acquaintanceship status with them. For some reason they looked like celebrities.

    "Good morning~ That is quite an entrance you two have going on." Tomo giggled and study them closely. Momoka looked more like a sophisticated beauty than usual. Shiny hair, sharp eyes, confident posture, you name it. As for Mirai, he topped the cool mysterious level ages ago. She didn't think it was possible for it to skyrocket even more, yet here he is now. At the corner of her eye, Tomo spotted Risa arriving at the same time. Tomo's eyes glistened with joy as she smiled softly and waved at her. Even though Risa hasn't specifically spoken much before, there was something about her that Tomo feels so drawn. It could be because of her small self, kawaii looks, or kuudere personality. She resembles an avant-garde doll or maybe the reason she seem so alluring is because she gives off a calming vibe. Whatever the reason, she feels at ease around Risa's presence. Everyone appears to be glowing, it was such a relieving sight to see. Tomo felt grateful that treatment has managed work so well! That the 50% chance of survival completely slipped her mind for the moment.
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  17. Ryuji Takenaka
    In front of School Gate
    Interacting - Everyone

    As i was talking with Kei. I noticed someone approaching from the corner of my eye, the arrival didn't go very smooth but oh well. "Good morning Tomo" i say and look at Kei who was acting a bit... weird? I give chuckle a bit. "You look good in that outfit" i commented. As we were talking, i noticed the atmosphere suddenly shifting to silence, even Tomo quieted down. I look around me to see why this happened until my eyes lay on a couple of blondes. It was impossible to not recognize our twins no matter where they are. Momoka looked beautiful, i give her that but Mirai... Honestly he looked like a gangster or something, probably the reason behind everyone going silent. The style suits him though.

    Even Risa appeared almost at the same time with the twins. I give her a small wave. "So, we're all here. Everybody as excited as i am? Well, i already know that Kei can barely contain himself" i say teasing Kei a bit. It sure felt amazing to be together once again. We've been together for so long that being separated for month felt like eternity. I don't know about others but that was the biggest obstacle for me during the break we had after getting out of the hospital.
  18. Kei Assaragi
    Interacting with everyone
    Location infront of the school gate.

    Kei smiled and nodded at Tomo's compliment, that's when he noticed the rest of his friends approaching. The twins came down the street, Mirai and Momoka looked out of place walking among the other students. The blonde hair really stuck out. Mirai looked like some kind of hooligan, complete with a bat. His sister Momoka looked like a rich girl all prim and proper although knew her all to we'll soon she'll start her usual mischief.

    After another few minutes, Risa showed up. She was quiet like usual. She weaved in between the other student until she joined the group. "Good morning everyone. You all look so...normal. I can't believe it's time. Starting today were normal high school students."

    The bell rang signaling it was time to head inside. "Oh wow, it's time. If I remember correctly we are in room 1-C. We should probably hurry up so we won't cause any problems for our new homeroom teacher." Kei was the first to start walking, he was eager but nervous.
  19. Momoka Kisaragi
    Location: Local High School moving to Class 1-C

    While Momoka herself was excited to be out of that wretched hospital, it wasn't the school experience she was after. No, the possible information she could gain from people outside the hospital was something she was looking forward too. New secrets mean more money. Money was something she loved very much, plus this equated to being able to live comfortably with her brother. Smiling at herself at the mirror while getting ready, Momoka was excited to meet the outside world.

    She reached the school gate with her brother just a step behind her. She portrayed a calm persona, though inwardly, she was laughing in amusement. Her brother, while still physically weak, was looking vaguely intimidating with him carrying that baseball bat that their father gave to him as a welcome home gift. Momoka merely smiled brightly at their parents and ooh-ed and aah-ed at the proper time, but smirked at her brother when they were alone. The bat was a perfect prop. It was just as useful that the journal they gave her.

    When his brother smiled and waved at someone, Momoka looked back at him and raised a brow in question. He shrugged and Momoka huffed in amusement before seeing that it was merely their group he had greeted. She walked towards them instead and watched, fascinated, as the group of students parted around her and her brother like the red sea. Risa arrived and startled Momoka, slightly. The other girl was always so quiet. But Momoka adored her for that. She smiled and nodded to her in greeting.

    "Good morning~ That is quite an entrance you two have going on." Tomo giggled and Momo turned to look at her with a raised eyebrow, not quite certain that she understood what the other girl was saying. But before she could ask, Ryuji beat her to it with a comment raised to Kei. "So, we're all here. Everybody as excited as i am? Well, i already know that Kei can barely contain himself." He stated to the other boy. Sure enough, Kei confirmed it with his next statement. "Good morning everyone. You all look so...normal. I can't believe it's time. Starting today were normal high school students."

    Momoka found herself laughing at his words. At the corner of her eyes, she noticed that the students around them were staring at them and Momo smirked in appreciation. She knew they were a good looking group, new, mysterious and apparently, also very attractive. Turning her smile at the group, Momo knew that she could definitely use this to her advantage. Before anyone could say anything more, the bell rang. "Oh wow, it's time. If I remember correctly we are in room 1-C. We should probably hurry up so we won't cause any problems for our new homeroom teacher." Kei told the group and started to walk in the direction of the front doors. Who knew, Kei was apparently a goody-two shoes.

    Momoka rolled her eyes but followed the teen. She supposedly was good enough for the honour class, but they wanted to put her brother with everyone else and she wouldn't have that. She refused to be separated and here she was. With Kei leading their little group, she noticed how some students began to whisper. With her usual habit of picking up rumours, Momoka heard one girl say, "They can't be not famous. I mean, look at them. A group that good-looking should be illegal!"

    Momoka smiled to herself, but distracted herself from the circulating rumours. "I've heard our homeroom is named Kato Shigeaki-sensei. He's an Law graduate from *Todai but he teaches History here." she told them with her obviously fake innocent smile, knowing they were used to her ways of knowing someone's life story. "He's actually one of the more popular teachers and also, fairly young. They say he's as good looking as a **Johnny's." She told Tomo and Risa. "Do you think he's had a student-teacher affair before? I bet there are some people who would pay to have that secret exposed." Giving them one of her patented innocent look, Momo made an Oh!face and turned to their silent member, teasing. "I mean, Risa, you should be careful. Your first high school romance might just be with a teacher!"

    Laughing at their expression, Momoka turned to her brother. "I think high school might be fun after all." She told him with a gentle smile, "But we're still going to do some fact finding later. I'm sure some one knows someone who knows something. We'll start with the doctors' kids." She turned to the group as the door was opened and they all walked in the classroom. "So, where do we sit?" She asked the group, looking at the room with disorganised teens.

    *Todai = Tokyo University
    **Johnny's = Johnny's Entertainment or J.E. is an agency that mass-produces boy bands in Japan.
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  20. Ryuji Takenaka
    In front of school gate

    I was relieved that Kei and Momoka knew something about the school and our class. I honestly didn't know anything about that stuff, or then i had just forgotten. The last few weeks have been quite distracting so it's highly possible that i just missed that info. I started following Kei as he began heading towards the school building. I felt a bit nervous, for the first time in a long time.. or more like for the first time in my life, i felt really nervous about something. "You guys nervous as well?" i asked the, just to see if i was alone with this feeling or not.

    As we entered the classroom Momoka asked where do we sit. I had no idea.. did we have assigned seats or what? There was lot of people in our class, many of them seemed to know each other, maybe they came from the same school... or maybe same class? I don't know.. at least i wasn't standing here alone with no one i knew.
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