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  1. Not much into many of the choices, so if you'll note that I didn't check the:


    Don't ask me to do them. They are far out of my comfort zone.

    Getting on with the program, I took a rather long (long to me anyways) hiatus because of job related issues, no wifi, and just being damn busy. But when I came back, all my roleplayers were gone or just not on as much. So, my quest for finding a new roleplay partner is on!

    My personal interests in roleplays vary. I'm not really into MxM or FxF (especially FxF, I just can't seem to play it). Not too good with playing a female character either.

    What my themed interests are (please keep in mind that I do NOT do cannon)

    -Star Trek (I have a great plot for this one. it's complicated but worth it)
    -Walking Dead
    -Pirate themes
    -Robin Hood (got a really good story for this one)
    -ElfQuest (I'd be surprised if I found a partner that even knows what this is to be honest)
    -Super Heroes
    -Fantasy (Mythical realms and etc)

    Just about anything, just message me to talk to me.

    However please keep in mind that I like roleplaying with people who can do:

    -Paragraphs (just two will do, more will give me a heartattack from being so damn happy)
    -Passable grammar (nobody's perfect but damn it I want to be able to read the roleplay)
    -No chatspeak (I will Sparta kick you out of the rp)
    -Have a good sense of humour (seriously, I'm almost never serious)
    -Be willing to keep up a conversation. Seriously, I don't know why people just want to plain out roleplay without making a friend out of your partner. Keeps shit from getting weird.
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  2. I would love to do a fxm rp with you I wouldn't mind doing walking dead, Robin Hood or even super heros (depending on the story line). :pikachu:
  3. I'll join Robin Hood has caught my eye lol
  4. We could do a Robin Hood group rp. It'd work
  5. There are two sides to this rp; the people who Robin Hood is fighting against, and Robin Hood and his merry men.


    The year is 2234, and the world has gone to hell after a third world war. This time, a dictator has taken over the whole world, and is exterminating people left and right that he doesn't like. That includes other races, sexual identities, gays, just anything that he could judge someone on, he did, and got the world to side with him. Because he promised to stop the nuclear wars. He promised to stop hunger. But slowly, through the years, he began to control everything. He taxed the people left left and right, until the world fell into poverty, except the high class of that world.

    But there was a group that stood up to him, that still do. Robin Hood and his Merry men have taken refuge inside the thick forest next to most of the camps set up for the 'Undesirables'. From there, he's raided and saved plenty of men, women and children from their dooms.

    Only Robin Hood is not just one man; he is multiple men, taking on a name to protect their identities. And what makes it even more of a kicker, these are the children of the rich. Together, they fight to save the world from destroying itself completely.
  6. I'll make the dsign up in a bit
  7. I'm interested in either Walking Dead or the superheroes idea. Are they still open?
  8. I'm up for a superhero rp. Message me?
  9. I'm all into super heros and star treck
  10. Alright! I've a really good Star Trek plot
  11. I'll post the plot soon
  12. Im intrested in the pirate theme I have a plot if you would like to hear it. I am also a multi para roleplayer .