I Took Him Home

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  1. Rp between Kawaii and Rika. Please no posting!
  2. He sighed as he picked up his cigarette pack and glared at the noise that was happening in front of him. Children laughing in their blissful happiness, it was aggravating. He puffed and soon his mind was on work as he look out his lap top. He was typing away, killing and relighting cigarettes. The pack already almost depleted within two hours. At some point he paused and looked up. His mind drifted to the pleasures of a dependent life and he wished he could relive his own. Almost dazed, he looked at the smiling children's faces.
    "Shut up..." he says quietly returning to work as if he had been working hard the whole time.
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  3. Where the children were playing, they retreated to pick on quite a younger boy who stood idly in the middle of the playground, drawing in the sand with a stick. One of the older boys grabbed it and broke it, throwing it on the ground. "Hey! You shouldn't be here!" He suddenly pushed the boy, throwing his glasses to the dirt that Dmitri always wore. The child sniffled, and leaned down to pick them up. He ran, ran all the way until he crashed into a stranger's knee, sitting on the bench. He peered up at him, his eyes widening, a crack in his glasses. He sniffled, and backed away.

    "I-I'm sorry." But his sad attitude changed when the mean kids went away. "What are you doing, mister?" He smiled cutely.​
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  4. He looked at the male plainly, watching dirt get onto his pants. He sighed. The kid was just a kid so he let him off with it. His glasses were cracked, he was dirty, looks like he was pushed around or something. However That wasn't any of his business so he just left that alone. When hesaw the child suddenly smiling, he was alittle surprised. He looked like he was going to cry before, but now hes all smiling as if he didn't just run into a knee. With a pause, Moyku returned to work.
    I'm working." He said plainly typing. " Didn't your parents teach you not to talk to strangers...?" His asked an an uninterested tone. Who does this kid think he's talking to? A friend? That's how they get snatched up..
  5. Working? Chiyo's eyes widened and he sat on the bench next to the stranger, watching him work. "Whoa.." He whispered. "I've never seen anyone work before." He grinned, obviously interested, though did not answer the question about his parents. Maybe his mother had told him once, but that was with a needle in her arm. Chiyo frowned momentarily, before kicking his legs a little bit. "Can I watch you work, mister?" He asked enthusiastically, still smiling widely and pushing up his dirty, broken glasses. ​
  6. The man Looked at the boy and decided it wouldn't be much of a problem if he was quietly watching. He put out his cigarette and continued typing, wondering why a child this age hasn't seen any one work. Where were his parents..? Was he lost..?
    Its a bit boring so.." He says warning the child as he still seemed interested in his work. After a few more moments of silence, the man closed his lap top and turned to the boy lighting another stick of tobacco. " What's your name kid...?" Moyku says losening his tie and taking a deep breath. " Your parents know your here..? Its pretty late.."
  7. Chiyo actually enjoyed watching. He didn't even mind the smell of his cigarettes, as bad as they were to be near. The young boy sat in silence, a smile on his face, and when the man started talking to him, he looked up with happy eyes. "Eh? I'm Chiyo! What's your name?" He asked softly, before his eyes turned rather dour at the mention of his parents. "Um.. Mama's probably sleeping. She doesn't mind." He mumbled, staring down at his hands. Though, he tried to remain cheery and the child peered up at the man again. "Do your parents know you're here?"​
  8. The Man smiled at his enthusiastic tone. Moyku defiantly needed some more enthusiasm in his life. He was such a downer and even now its affecting his job. Then when the child mentioned his mother and not his father, he decided to leave it alone. The kid was probably looking to a little freedom is all.
    I'm Moyku.. Nice to meet you." he held out his hand. And gave a smaller smile than the child's. Its not every day children come up to him all friendly and such. Moyku was told he could make children cry after all. " My parents are In California, kid. They don't need to look after me like yours look after you."

    He puffed again and looking in the other direction to release his smoke. The kid was defiantly innocent. Can't have him getting second hand from him.. The golden yellow eyes were large compared to his face and his lip was small. Like a doll, his hair came over his face lie a bleached blonde shroud. He was cute basically. And defiantly shouldn't be here alone. Luckily he was able to be here with him Untill his parents came.
  9. California? Chiyo wondered briefly where that was, before sitting criss-cross on the bench and staring down at his dirty hands. California.. He wondered if that was in Africa. He learned about the country Africa by people standing on the street corner once. They were really loud and wore weird clothing. He sniffed a little bit, and shook Mokyu's hand, grinning. "Nice to meet you, Mokyu-san!" He continued kicking his legs, and at the topic of his parents once more, Chiyo quickly changed the subject. "Where's California? Is it in Africa? I learned about Africa once." Chiyo informed, because, of course, it was very important information. The boy stared up and study Mokyu's feature. He had some stubble on his face. Chiyo remembered his mama telling him that his own daddy had a full beard. Maybe Mokyu was trying to grow one?

    The young boy stared into the man's eyes. They were shrouded in mystery and sophistication, but they were also down-to-earth. Chiyo couldn't make these assumptions by himself, of course. "Are you trying to grow a beard? Aren't you worried all those cigarettes will burn it off?"​
  10. Moyku Snorted covering his mouth. California in Africa? Isn't this kid like 8? I'm sure he has gone to school and did some annoying project of the United states already. He just shakes his head letting the kid continue with his higher tones, saying what was on his young mind and such. Moyku smiled when the child mentioned 'burning off' his beard. " Nah, I need to get rid of it, Kiddo." He soon let his cigarette fall to the floor as he put it out. He needed to get home and start cooking.. This kid really isn't here by himself is he..? The children where leaving the Park one by one and Moyku was getting a bit concerned. "Chiyo, You have to go home.. And well, so do I. Maybe we will meet again?" He didn't want to leave the kid.. But he seemed like he could take care of himself. Besides he had work tomorrow. Still, he finds himself wanting to stay. He probably won't see the kid again after all.
  11. Chiyo seemed somewhat sad to see the stranger wish to leave. But he nonetheless hopped off the bench and nodded. "O-Okay.." He smiled softly, "Well, maybe! I hope you get done with your work!" He chirped happily and turned, staring ahead into the darkness. A heavy feeling heaved in his chest, and he froze, tense, before he walked off into the darkness. "Bye bye, Mokyu-san!" Were his last words.​
  12. " Strange.." Moyku said as the boy went off. It seemed the little boy was sad.. Perhaps he didn't want him to leave after all. Moyku stands and heads home without another thought. He wondered what he was going to have for dinner.


    Mouku returned to the park again after work just to see if his little friend was still there. He grew embarrassed wanting to see him again, but the kid was like-able. He was just the type you wanted to care for and be friends with..
    What am I thinking...?" He says turning his back to the play ground and grabbing a cigarette. The kid was just a kid after all.. No one comes to the park Twice in a row any way.
  13. After a few minutes, Chiyo had arrived at the park again, and hid behind the bushes from the other kids. He breathed steadily, but when he saw Mokyu sitting there, Chiyo ran over to him excitedly. "M-Mokyu-san!" He called happily, grinning. "Are you going to work here again?" He asked excitedly, peering up at him with large, golden eyes. The other kids seem to roll their eyes or glare at Chiyo, but the boy didn't seem to mind and put full attention on Chiyo.​
  14. Moyku felt his cheeks redden to the adorable stare. it was betting..a bit unbearable, so he looked away. " Uh..no. I-I just.." he really didn't know what he was doing at the park really.. he can't tell him ' Yeah I came to see you!' because that would be a little creepy. Right..? " I was here to get some ice cream with you, if that's alright. What flavor do you want?" Might as well. He didn't know what else to use as an excuse. It then came to his attention that there where students who where giving little Chiyo looks. " Everything alright at school kid?" Moyku asked, buying the preferred ice cream flavor and setting down with his little friend, ruffling his hair. " You act good right?"
  15. Chiyo's eyes widened and he smiled brightly. "R-Really? Ice cream?" It had been years since he had ice cream. His big sister once got him some, but he only got a bite. He remembered the flavor. "Strawberry please!" He chirped excitedly, and his eyes widened at the largeness of the cone. He gave it a lick, and gasped. "W-Wow, thank you, Mokyu-san!" At the mention of school, Chiyo frowned. "Um.. I don't go to school, really.. Not anymore." He frowned. "But I act good nonetheless!" He grinned.​
  16. Moyku Raised his brow. A kid not going to school..? Whats with this kid. That explains his knowledge on California, but it doesn't explain why he was in the same clothes again today. Didn't the kid Go home..? That's when reality hit that..this kid just might be homeless. Watching him eat the ice cream so happy almost made him think other wise. Nothing is wrong with a little investigation though right? "So? What did you have for dinner last night?" This wouldn't be so pressing of a question. Mo could tel that the kid was getting uncomfortable with subject like that. The last thing he wanted to do was make this kid cry. Moyku was defiantly letting this kid grow on him.
  17. Chiyo watched the man, still happily licking his strawberry ice cream. "Uh? I had.." Chiyo frowned, and continued to lick. "I had some.. I couldn't find anything last night." He admitted softly, clearing his throat and finishing off his ice cream. "Maybe this could be my dinner! I've never had ice cream for dinner before, Mokyu-san!" He gushed happily, staring up at the man with grateful, golden eyes. He had some ice cream on his chin, and it dribbled on his shirt. "Thank you!"​
  18. Moyku stared at Chiyo almost shocked. That's..That wasn't acceptable.. how long was he homeless, and why hasn't any been taking care of him..!? "Chiyo..." Myoku started looking at his dripping chin shaking his head. " Come.." he started to wipe the child with his napkin and then taking out hand sanitize so the stickiness on his hands and chin would go away. Every time he sees that smile Moyku's heart breaks. Yeah he could take the kid home, but what if some one comes looking for him..? Myoku sighed and really thought about this. There was no way he could just take some one's child.. " Why didn't you say anything Chiyo... about your house.." Why DIDN"T Chiyo say anything..? Did he not want Moyku worrying..?
  19. Chiyo's eyes widened and he sniffled a little, smiling sadly. "Um.. I- I didn't want you.. to not be my friend." Chiyo whispered, putting his hands in his lap and nodding softly. "A- A lot of people don't like me whenever I told them that I had no house. Maybe they were just having a bad day, M-Myoku-san." He stuttered. "I wanted to-- to get a job so I can buy a house but everyone laughed at me. I have 23 cents so far though!" He beamed proudly, smiling at Myoku. ​
  20. Moyku Lowered his lids in that moment and silently decided that he was definitely taking this kid home today. There wasn't any one here for him, so Moyku was going to be here for him. " Is that so? I would have been friends with you even if you did tell me. Friends tell each other stuff like that after all. Besides, Since you told me, I think I want to take you on an adventure." Moyku smiled slightly standing and checking his phone. "Perfect." Moyku held out his hand to the small boy and put his other hand in his pocket cooly in the breeze. "Will you come with me on my adventure, Chiyo..?" He was going to give Chiyo some fun and expense free. The annual festival was here. Moyku never went to the festival and well, a kid like Chiyo would have a lot of fun.
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