I Told You it Would Get Better...2

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  1. (Hi again guys! Let's get this show on the road. We're going to start off where we left our poor, lonely characters. Where is this? The lobby of a hotel. Whoop.)

    Celia stood awkwardly with everyone else in the lobby. She wondered if Qeith would be making it back. She knew his mother, though. She was a very stubborn and mean person towards him, but was benevolent to everyone else. Celia held her bags at her side, peering down at the lingerie and the bathing suit she had purchased. She peered over at Bryan, blushing and then quickly looking away. She was so fucking awkward. She shivered lightly as someone opened the door, allowing a cold gust of wind to rush in, blowing her hair back.
  2. Isa sat at the edge of the group, observing her brother's awkward attempts at making passes. She laughed softly, leaning back in her couch and feeling content to just watch for once.

    Alex stood glanced over at Kanda a little nervously. He didn't want to mess this up. So, are we going to head up to the rooms soon? He asked, feeling immediately that it sounded stupid. He felt his face go red, and he stared down at his feet.
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  3. Bryan winked toward Celia as she shivered. "Come on pretty lady, I think it's time to get ready for the night." He stretched and arched his back while yawning. He was becoming increasingly nervous as he thought of the night ahead. He looked back at Kanda who looked so down after Qeith's departure. "Besides," He tossed his head toward Kanda, "She looks really bored and unhappy."

    Actually Kanda was upset because she wasn't sure how things would go with her and Alex. She had blatantly ignored him when Qeith was here. Sighing she toed the ground and made her way towards the entrance. "Maybe they won't notice if I leave."
  4. Celia blushed more as she was winked at, nodding as her stomach threatened to explode with butterflies. She grasped her bags at her side tighter and smiled. "The elevator is that way. Just in case you didn't happen to see it on the way in. It's a big hotel." She looked a the elevator and back as she grinned and held up the room key. "We still sharing the room, then?" Celia smiled at Bryan.
  5. Alex's heart fell a little as Kanda headed towards the exit. Wait! Kanda, please don't go! He called after her, jogging to catch up to her. He caught her arm with his hand, looking at her with hopeful eyes. He really didn't want her to go. She was the whole reason he had come. But clearly she liked Qeith better. He glanced at the ground. I mean... You can go if you really want to. But, I really want you to stay.

    Isa just laid back, enjoying the show.
  6. Bryan's smile widened, "I don't see anyone else cool enough to share a room with me here." His smirk faded though when he actually thought about staying the night with her. What am I thinking? I just met this girl in a mall...I didn't even MEAN to meet her. Trying to keep his cool guy attitude he took her hand and led her towards the elevators. "Do the others have their keys?"

    Kanda was surprised to feel her arm touched. When she turned to see it was Alex her heart jumped into her throat. "Really? You want me to...stay?" She smiled and cocked her head. "I guess I have no choice then. I've been meaning to get to know you more." She slid her arm into his elbow. "Lead the way?"
  7. Celia smiled and nodded at the room key question, blushing even more at the 'Cool Enough' comment he made. She giggled softly, fgiving his hand a gentle squeeze as they stood in front of the elevators. She bit her lip suddenly, a thought occurring to her that hadn't before. Wait. "Are you sure about this?" She smiled some still, though she was unsure of how things would turn out. There was going to be alcohol involved, but she didn't really mind that. It was the fact that something could happen that people would regret. She looked up to him as the elevator door opened.
  8. Alex grinned, nodding, Of course I want you to stay, He assured her, feeling relieved that she would stay. And she wanted to get to know him better! As you wish, He said in response to her "Lead the way?". He led her towards the elevator, making sure that her arm stayed tucked into his elbow. He was thrilled that Kanda wanted to stay, but just a bit nervous what that would mean... They had just met, yet they were presumably sharing a hotel room.
  9. Bryan ruffled Celia's hair and shifted his hand so their fingers were interlaced. He didn't bother answering the question because he wasn't sure if he knew the answer. He held the elevator open for Alex and Kanda. "Hey what about your sister?"

    Kanda's heart was trying to jump out of her chest as she touched Alex. She rested her head on his shoulder. How is this happening? I don't understand how I can connect with two people so soon. She really liked Alex though.
  10. Celia smiled a bite more as he interlaced their fingers, stepping into the elevator. She grinned out at Kanda, Alex, and Isa. She didn't know what would happen from here. Then, another idea popped into her mind. "Hey! I have an idea! Let's all go up to our room and play a drinking game! It'll be really fun you guys! We all brought some booze, so we'll have enough to play Never Have I Ever!" She hoped everyone would accept her proposal as it was a game she hadn't ever played before. It would be great to learn more about her friends.
  11. Alex gently rested a hand on the top of Kanda's head as they made their way into the elevator. Oh, right. Isa! Are you coming? He called to his sister. He glanced over at Celia as she suggested that they play Never Have I Ever. Sounds fun, He agreed happily, glancing down at Kanda agin.

    Isa nodded to him, bounding over to join the group.
    We're playing Never Have I Ever? Awesome!
  12. Bryan smiled again and pressed the button for Celia's and his room. His palms were sweaty as he focused on Celia's hand in his. He patted the backpack on his back listening to the clink of the bottles.

    "Wait...what are we playing? I've never heard of it." Kanda raised one eyebrow and ran her free hand through her long red hair. She was getting ridiculously nervous as she heard the dings of the elevator.
  13. Alex listened as Celia explained how to play Never Have I Ever. He still grinned a little, feeling a mix of nerves and excitement. Kanda was starting to look really nervous, he noticed. Hey... You okay? He asked softly, so hopefully only she would here. He wanted her there, but he also wanted her to enjoy herself.

    Isa stayed to the corner of the elevator, feeling a bit misplaced being the only one not in a pair. But, she could deal. At least they were doing something all together that she could participate in.
  14. "Basically, everyone has a drink, right? So each person goes around and says, "Never have I ever..." And then they say something that they've never done that's really interesting. Something that maybe you haven't shared, or that might surprise others in the room. Then, everyone who has done said task takes a drink. Basically, you keep going until you're ridiculously drunk." Celia laughed and smiled at everyone as they piled into the elevator, headed up to the room. She cuddled into Bryan's side some, looking up at the ceiling. She really hated elevators; they scared the shit out of her. She didn't mind when there were others there, but they did freak her out.
  15. "Yeah! I'm fine!" Kanda blushed in embarrassment when she realized she had practically yelled it. "I mean you're cool right?" She smiled at Alex and kissed him on the cheek. Almost without hesitation she pulled away from Alex and cleared her throat.

    Bryan pulled Celia closer to him and breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the ding of their floor. "Damn, I hate elevators."
  16. Celia blinked and looked up at Bryan as he made his statement. "Seriously? Me too." Celia smiled some at him before stepping out of the elevator, headed down the hall to room 416. Once she got there, she swiped the room key and opened the door, flipping on the lights as the procession made their way into the room. She smiled and set her bags down, the bottles clinking together between the clothing. "Alrightie! Let's get down to it before I change my mind!" She grinned at everyone, hoping to convey she was joking about the possibility of her mind changing at this point.
  17. Alex stood, blushing and a little stunned at Kanda's kiss on the cheek. Yeah... I'm cool. He said quietly, grinning like crazy as he stared down at the ground. He followed the others down the hallway and towards the room, lagging a little to make sure that Kanda was with them. So, this should be fun, right? He asked her, as they neared the room. He followed them into the room, holding the door open for Kanda.

    Isa quietly followed them all down the hallway and into the room, watching as Celia set down the bag, the bottles clinking around. It was strange for her to be so silent for so long, to be almost anonymous in the group.
  18. Bryan pulled off his backpack and unzipped it with a loud zip. He pulled out a bottle of vodka and a bottle of rum. "I don't know if you guys like liquor or beer but this is my favorite stuff." He also pulled out orange juice. He figured that mixed drinks would go better for the girls than not. "So any drink requests? I guess we can use soda from the mini bar if we need it." He looked over at Isa, "You first?"

    Kanda smiled at Alex and started to wring her hands. She looked at the sleeve of her shirt and realized that it was still ripped. "I'm going to go change in the bathroom before I start drinking. This shirt is ripped and it's driving me insane." Suddenly she sneezed and tears came to her eyes as her septum shifted. "Ow ow ow..." She grabbed a tissue to try and stem the blood from her piercing. "Today is just not my day for fashion."
  19. I'll have some rum, please Isa said with a smile in Bryan's direction. She preferred liquor to beer, but she'd drink either really. However, given the choice...

    Alex gently took the tissue from Kanda, holding it as gently as possible to her nose. He wrapped his arm around her waist, looking at her with concern. Does it hurt too badly? He asked her softly, ushering her to sit on the bed with him.
  20. Celia gasped as Kanda's nose began to bleed. She bit her lip, watching as Alex moved to comfort her. She sat on the bed, crossing her legs so not to show anything no one wanted to see. She hoped Kanda would be alright. She took a bottle of Skyy Vodka from her bag, popping it open and taking a quick swig to attempt to calm her nerves. She was not only nervous about spending the night with a new guy she had only just met, but now her best friend was bleeding from her nose. She couldn't help but be happy that Alex was taking good care of her - not to mention is was fucking adorable. She smiled slightly, holding the bottle between her legs. She looked down at her pale skin, poking at it.