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  1. For as long as all the world can remember Pokemon have existed alongside humans, looking to each other for strength, hope, and courage, there are many different people in the world and just as many different Pokemon, and finally today, you'll get to meet the Pokemon you've dreamt of since you were young. In this world Pokemon choose their trainers, it's been a good turn for the world of Pokemon because for centuries now there has been peace, no one to truly threaten the world that you live in.

    As Pokemon now choose their trainers the age limit is a broad spectrum but for some reason you yourself have had to wait until you were 16, 17, 18 years old to have a Pokemon by your side. You never understood all your friends had left long before, except you and a few others. You and your friends still in town have all had to find jobs, apartments, and lead boring lives thus far. Have you given up on being a trainer? No of course not, but it's starting to look darker and darker to you.

    Then it happens there's a tap on your apartment door, you think it's a friend, but no, at your door is a Pokemon Professor, the Pokemon you've kept dreaming of in his hand. It's amazing and to you feels like a miracle.

    That isn't entirely the case though the Pokemon Professor has heard about something dark rising far far away from your home region of Kanto. The Pokemon Professor has come to you to ask for help, and because it's finally your turn to become what you've always dreamed. So, what type of trainer are you?

    Ground Rules: (ish)
    The region is Kanto, but there are Pokemon I love from the other regions, personally I would at least want to use up to Hoenn's Pokemon. (Ralts fan girl) that doesn't mean you can't have just one region's Pokemon, but in the CS you need to make it a point of saying your from that region.

    Mega evolution is cool, but also an incomplete thing, I want to know all the Pokemon that can mega evolve before I involve mega evolution so I have to say no mega evolution.

    Dark, Steel, and. Fairy are included... All three they balance out the Pokemon, Besides I like all three types.

    Pokemon in total, no more than six, as a regular team, you can have less if you like. But in this don't forget, Pokemon have to choose you as the trainer, if one is given to you, it will not want to listen to you until you earn it's trust, which means if you have a "New Trainer" your Pokemon won't listen to you.
    (this is a response to someone, so it may sound funny. I should probably edit it.)

    -Edit- This RP is open to all Pokemon, I love all kinds from all across the regions myself so Bleh don't like it sorry about your luck

    First Pokemon: (You can reveal the Pokemon you make your friends in the RP.)
    Dream Team: (Why? Because I wanna know...>w>)
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  2. Name: Marlon Venetia
    Age: 15
    History: Born to a Spanish mother and an Caucasian father, Marlon was always the center of attention; being an only child who was spoiled, he grew up rather sheltered. Throughout his education he was always with the 'in' crowd, though didn't follow trends; rather, he was responsible for setting them most of the time. An avid surfer, Marlon is known to almost live at the beach; life is a party twenty-four seven, and this teen has yet to figure out just what the true meaning of life happens to be.

    Personality: An extrovert in the truest sense, Jayce is anything but laid back. He has a tendency to hop into leadership roles, always ready to get things done. He always is focused on the 'big picture', so he is often inclined to push whomever he is grouped up with toward that goal. Playing alone is something that he finds weary; often, he won't bother doing anything without having people around, because being alone is something he finds immensely boring. Jayce is the kind of guy to run into situations without thinking of the consequences, which often translates into him charging into fights. Despite this, he maintains an exceptional level of strategic prowess in combat situations, and easily adapts when it is necessary. He is enthusiastic and animated, speaking as well as gesturing with his hands in various ways to get his point across. Finally, he's assertive; aggressive by nature, he's not afraid to speak out or act out to get a point across.

    First Pokemon: Chimchar.

    Dream Team: Gengar, Infernape, Blastoise, Garchomp, Tyranitar.
  3. Name: Seraphine

    Age: 16

    Appearance: AnimeGlasses.jpg

    History: She works part time as an employee in a Pokemart, she lives alone, she's always been very intelligent and responsive to other people. She gets along with them, but is shy so she cannot talk to people first. She has patiently awaited for a Pokemon to come along and choose her. It was her dream, what she wanted more than anything. She has often helped take care of Pokemon when her friends have had to travel away to get a break from their journey, so her friend's Pokemon enjoy being with her. She is adept at recognizing situations though and forming a plan to quickly solve the problem.

    Personality: Quiet, Caring, show off when it comes to her knowledge, she has a temper though, if you insult her get ready. She's a worry wart and loyal to friends.

    First Pokemon: Ralts

    Dream Team: Gardevoir, Gallade, Alakazam, Espeon, Delphox, Metagross
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  4. Name: Alyx Hale

    Age: 17 image.jpg
    History: some would call him "homeless" but he prefers "wanderer." He doesn't get along well with others, and therefore doesn't have many, or any, friends. He can surprisingly be found in the library a lot, as he finds the benches most comfortable there and honestly, books are better company than people. Not knowing his dad doesn't seem to have effected him, and while he intensely loves his mother, he needed an adventure of his own. A Pokemon would help him experience just that.

    Personality: Acts like he's a tough guy, sarcastic and a bit mean at times. In reality, it's only a farce. He cares deeply about his friends, and especially his Pokemon. In fact, he'd rather have them walk beside him than be in their poke balls. He's a bit of a prankster though, so watch out.

    First Pokemon: Zorua. I'm a 100% Zorua/Zoroark fan-girl I just.. But if gen 5 isn't allowed I'll change.

    Dream team: dittox5, one Zoroark. which is the Zoro!? (Zoroark, Delphox, Flygon, Goodra, Alakazam, Gengar)
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  5. Name: Dahlia Greye

    Age: 17


    History: Dahlia's father was a gym leader, and a very prominent one at that. He was loved by everyone, known for being able to bring out the best from his opponents and being great with Pokémon. Dahlia, unfortunately, did not seem to inherit this trait. She has been left without a partner Pokémon for very long, despite strongly wishing to have one. She is currently studying to become a nurse, and sometimes practies at a local Pokémon Center.

    Personality: Dahlia is a kind, mellow, sweet type of person who rarely raises her voice much. That being said she also has a darker, more malevolent side, almost like a split personality. She quite likes reading and has no problem getting straight A's, but she would still much rather go out exploring the unknown. She hates people who abuse their Pokémon more than anything.

    First Pokémon: Frillish (Male). Yes, you can throw all the "blergh blergh gen V sucks" hate at me, but I just think this little guy is the cutest sucker ever. Plus, have you seen Jellicent? I mean, look at him! He thinks he's royalty, If that's not kawaii then what is!? Sorry for the rant... If you'd rather not have gen V Pokémon then I'll pick something else.

    Dream Team: Jellicent, Cofagrigus, Golurk, Chandelure, Froslass, Aegislash
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  6. The person I was trying to be mindful of doesn't want to play so Gen 5 go for it girl! -loves Zoroark too-
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  7. :bsmile: Sweet! Heheh already imagining all the fun Illusion adventures.
  8. [​IMG]



    Gentle | Soft Spoken | Creative | Versatile | Reserved | Brave | Resourceful | Intelligent | Observant | Kind
    Her mother hailed from Sinnoh, a region far away from Kanto. She was a top Coordinator, one of the best in her time. During a visit to Kanto, she met a young man, who later became Sirena's father. He was an aspiring Gym Leader in a town that possessed scarce trainers. His Gym wasn't popular, but it still applied as a token for the Pokemon League. After Sirena was born, her father retired from his Gym and moved to Cerulean city. Her mother continued her career, traveling across the world. On rare occasions, she included Sirena. After she visited Kalos, Sirena fell in love with Fairy type Pokemon. Her region contained a limited amount of Fairy types, but Kalos possessed a prominent population. Despite her parentage, Sirena wasn't sure what she wanted to do. Should she be a Coordinator? Or Trainer? Fortunately, she inherited qualities that would compliment both fields. On the other hand, it made her decision more difficult. What was the point of deciding when she didn't have a Pokemon companion? For years, Sirena dreamed of assembling a team of her own. If she acquired a Pokemon, maybe it would help her decide; Coordinator or Trainer? Unbeknownst to her, it may include a whole different path.
    Luxray, Floette, Vaporeon, Salamence, Delphox & Zoroark


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  9. Yay another Delphox fan! btw neat CS...
  10. Name: Eragon Ventura

    Age: 18

    History: He works full time at the Pokemon DayCare seeing how his grandparents run it and he spent most of his life there because his parents died in an accident when he was very young. There were times where he would wish to go on a Pokémon journey at the time he's more needed at the daycare so he always pushed that thought to the back of his mind to help raise other people's Pokémon while they're away. (More will be revealed later on.)

    Personality: Ricky is a very caring and sweet guy once he grows close and opens up to someone, which is hard for him to do after being betrayed by 'friends' many times before. He's hesitant of being around people and will sometimes use his intimidating look and fake attitude in an attempt to keep them at a distant. Though he doesn't actively show it, he is very intelligent along with being a good strategist along with tactician. (More will be revealed later on.)

    First Pokemon: Charmander

    Dream Team: Charizard, Garchomp, Lapras, Lucario, Aggron, Manectric
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  11. Thank you! I absolutely adore Delphox! When I played the games, I always went with Fennekin. I didn't like the other starter Pokemon. Delphox's middle evolution, Braixen, is adorable as well. (I love all of Delphox's chain-evolutions.)
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  12. I love Delphox, too! The design is especially great, and I also appreciate that they didn't go with another physically offensive fire-type starter this gen :3

    kyun, I'm feeling a bit ignored though TwT
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  13. Oh wow...I got a lot more interest than I thought I would! There's already five, not including my own... hmm...Once I figure out if some of the original people are still interested...we should be able to start soon.
  14. Why is that? Oh yeah and I agree too many physical fire types!
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  15. *Huggles* I agree with you! I love the design. I love Delphox's shiny form. It turned out great!
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  16. Haha, I agree. About time we got finally got away from the fire-fighting type starter; three out of the six were physical fire types.

    Hm...I've never seen Delphox's shiny form so I think I'm going to take a minute to look that up.
  17. Oh, nothing, just that everyone else generated a response and I felt a little left out XD

    I'm looking for a different appearance for Dahlia, btw. That picture was just one I had in stock but it's not really how I imagine her...
  18. That's fine take your time. there a few others who won't come on until later I hope will give a CS anyway
  19. Delphox's shiny form is beautiful! Purple and silver. Reminds me of Ninetale's shiny.

    Am I the only one really looking forward to this rp? XD
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  20. I have a question:

    Are we all going to start out with our beginner Pokemon? (When we obtain them...) Or will it be set in a time where that Pokemon evolved? (In other words, a time where they bonded.)
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