I think something's medically wrong with me.

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  1. I haven't been hungry.

    About Monday I started getting sick... not bad sick, just exhausted all the time, and my appetite was skewed. Not surprising, considering my sleep schedule was seriously whacked out due to two essays I had to finish. About Wednesday, I started feeling better.

    Then Friday night, I realized something weird. I hadn't eaten at all since the previous night, when I had had dinner. But I didn't feel hungry, at all. I went ahead and went to the cafeteria anyway, thinking that maybe the hunger would hit me when I was actually around some food- but strangely, I never got hungry, even when I had my food in front of me. I made myself eat, but for several hours after that when I was trying to sleep, I couldn't find a single comfortable position to lie on because my stomach hurt- and I'd actually eaten less than I normally eat in a sitting.

    It was the same way Saturday night, and now Sunday night. I go the whole day, and don't feel hungry. Then when I make myself eat at night, my stomach hurts. It's starting to kinda freak me out. My appetite's always been... temperamental at best; when I get upset, I don't want to eat. But I can't figure out why the past three days I haven't had any appetite to speak of, and I can't make myself eat without my stomach hurting. I'm already borderline underweight; I'm five feet tall and weigh a bare ninety-seven pounds. This kind of development can't be good for me.

    Anyone have any idea what's wrong?
  2. An abrupt exhale of surprise parted her lips as she found her hand suddenly sealed to the surface of the altar. Feeling her feet slowly begin to lift from the ground, a brief moment of panic filled her. Her eyes widened, pupils dilating. What was happening?!

    The air changed, and the druid who was intimately in tune with the intricacies of her surroundings noted the fragrance in her next breath. Stale, stifling eeriness transformed into crisp and refreshing coolness. Lashes curtained her eyes and an expression of serenity smoothed her features. That scent was familiar.

    She felt all semblance of earth fade away as she was hurled skyward and her eyes snapped open once more, staring at the clouds which came impossibly close and then passed her by. The speed at which she travelled pulled all breath from her lungs, inhibiting her ability to gasp in wonder as stars streaked past her in the pitch blackness of space. Alatariel was like a shooting star, reversing its trajectory back to whence it came.

    Fear and awe mixed on her face as she came within view of sights beyond her imagination. Colours she'd never imagined revealed themselves to her eyes. When the brilliant light of the silver-white star stung her eyes, those indigo-coloured orbs filled with tears that streamed unabashedly down her cheeks. Even as it burned, she could not turn her gaze from the beautiful and inspiring vision.

    As the star spoke, explaining the situation and the danger facing the Elven people, Alatariel's heart filled with urgency and indignation. How dare they seek to keep a goddess imprisoned? What right did they have to keep the Goddess of Stars grounded? Anger rooted in faith, compassion and sorrow swelled within her and her hands extended forwards, reaching towards the star in a gesture of acknowledgement, acceptance and comfort.

    "Goddess, your faithful assemble in effort to save our people. Please...Tell me how we can save you!" She implored.
  3. The Druids prayer, softly spoken, rose into the air, cut the prevailing silence like a knife, lingered for a time, and vanished. Like the steaming of their breath in the cold forest air, the words seemed to evaporate completely. Nothing stirred in the ancient wood, not even some hidden assassin moving to stop them. For what need was there when the shrines ruin was so complete? Raithe'Velen looked on and his heart sank as the silence went from seconds to minutes, until it seemed any hope of the shrines activation was lost. He nearly turned away from the sight of the violated shrine when a tiny speck of glowing silver light appeared before them. It grew, expanding in length and width until it was roughy the size and shape of a full body mirror. The three elves would not see themselves reflected in the rippling surface, however, but instead various locations with the elven capital. The images swirled together, as warped and broken as the shrine.

    "The gateway has been damaged, and to use it now would be a dangerous proposition." The former First Ranger spoke." Not only will be likely end up somewhere other than the library, but we could become separated as well.

    Yet there is no time, and no other choice... So this is what I propose. We stick to the plan. Head for the Golden Palace and we will meet up there. Act as if you belong. The average citizen will not know your faces. Undumenna's agents may have been warned and we cannot know who to trust.

    If anything happens, if one of us is killed captured or simply delayed too long, continue the mission. The ancient holy sanctum beneath the golden palace, where the roots of the Great Tree reside... That place of power must be where she's being held, and at least one of us must find a way there and set her free. If not for your dream, Alatariel, I would think this task impossible. With the blessing of night immortal... I believe we have a chance."
  4. Raithe'Velen emerged from the spiral of light into the candle lit halls of their true destination, the Great library, though 'emerged' was perhaps too soft a word for the violence with which the portal threw him, landing against one of the aged bookshelves with a cacophony of ringing steel and falling tomes. He who had once been First Ranger stood with pained effort, hands pressed against a floor caked with a layer of fine dust. As he pushed himself up to his knees, he realized the terrible truth. His companions, the twins, had been ripped away during transport and he had no earthly way of knowing where they'd end up or even if the brother and sister duo were together or separated. It was their worst case scenario, and now all that remained was a seemingly hopeless attempt at finding a captive Avatar in a city where any elf could be an enemy.

    Yet even then there remained a tiny spark of hope, a bit of luck that meant Raithe'Velen, at least, wasn't immediately captured.

    The Great Library was silent. The monks who tended the ancient tomes and worshiped the Lord of Knowledge and Time no longer walked the halls, speaking their soft prayer chants. The dust ruled here now, covering everything. No doubt the entire wing had been closed for some time. For Velen, that meant good fortune, as any other time his dramatic entrance might have attracted attention. For High elven society, however, it was only another sign of degradation, another step away from the old gods and the lessons of history, and right into the arms of a false prophet.

    Velen stood, checked his gear, and used his knowledge of the place to make haste towards the palace, pulling up his hood to avoid recondition. For all he knew, he was on his own.

    Around the same time, elsewhere in the Golden City, there was another violent eruption of energy as the damaged portal threw Halathar like a long dart. Thankfully, his appearance was hidden by the tall grasses, trees and shrubbery of a public park, preserved against the endless winter by powerful magics, a shelter of vegetation full and lush and painted with the amber shades of autumn.

    In the distance, a melodic bell rang crisp and through an early dawn sky. He would likely recall that bell, for it rang whenever some great function was to occur within the city square, before the steps of the Golden Palace itself where the king often made speeches to his subjects.

    Were he to step out of concealment, the younger ranger would find himself within the great city itself, it's beautiful spires of white and gold and silver stretched towards the heavens. The perfect city, as the High ones called it, unblemished by the filth and vileness of human cities, clean and orderly, built in perfect harmony with the surrounding forest. Caras Palatheon was a crown upon the head of the world, and the Golden Palace it's most radiant jewel, built against the trunk of the world tree itself, a tree that dwarfed even the immense structure itself and seemed immune to the ravages of the eternal winter.

    Yet this was not the city that Halathar knew. The very air was heavy and oppressive, thick with fear. Soldiers stood guard on every corner, soldiers clad all in fiery red, and led by druids who wore cloaks of living flame and who's eyes were as black as ash. Everywhere, crimson banners flew and hung from the windows of houses, as if no one dared go against this new aesthetic. Elves who walked the street were stopped and questioned, rather aggressively in many cases. Most were making their way towards the square, and every interaction with the red soldiers seemed to enforce that this was what every high elf was expected to do. A few scraps of conversation mention the grand unveiling.

    Yet it was the sibling connection Halathar shared with his sister that would no doubt direct his eyes towards the greatest horror of all. From a distance, it wasn't imediantly apparent... but there was something massive attached to the bark of the world tree, directly behind, and perhaps partly engulfing, the golden palace. It had the look of a tumor, pulsating and grey, and from it emerged an endless mass of bloodvines that streaked down the side of the world tree, encircled the city itself and spread outward from the forest from there. Then, something seemed to stir from the cancerous growth, and more bloodvines spontaneously grew, beginning the long trek down the side of the tree towards the roots at it's base.

    ****************** ​

    Alatariel, perhaps because of the close personal connection she had forged with the Star Goddess, emerged from the tunnel of light closer than anyone other. She alone had been flung through space and time to the foot of their ultimate destination.

    When the High Elves were still a young race and the world was new, they erected the first temple at the foot of the world tree. There, in the shadow of roots that rose up around it like marble columns, lay a three storied structure of smooth, pale stone. Once it shone silver and blue when light fell upon it, now time and disuse had seen it's walls almost entirely covered by a thick green moss. Worse, the bloodvines were thick here, as if strangling off this last bastion of the old Gods. They did not cover the entrance, however, a black rectangle illuminated by the light of a single dying torch. From within, faint, barely perceptible but there still, the presence of the captive Goddess could be felt.
  5. Depressions can be sneaky like that. Some depressions are actually rather subconscious. I only know about this because I've had one myself. Not every depressive person FEELS depressed.

    Having said that, it could be entirely something else. If you think there is something wrong with you, your best bet is a doctor, not a roleplay forum. Also, it might be good idea not to research your own illnesses without medical training, as you might easily convince yourself you have one thing, while many symptoms are shared between illnesses. It could also skew your story (and hence the doctors opinion) when you DO go to see a doctor.

    I'm not saying this to be mean, really, and I hope it turns out to be something innocent, but ask these things to a doctor.
  6. Yeah, I know, that's what I figured. :/ But it's harder since I'm in a town I'm completely unfamiliar with, you know? Back home, if I needed to see a doctor, I'd tell mom and she'd take me to the same doctor we'd been seeing for years. Here, I actually have to research someone, and then find a ride there. <.<

    In any case, I'm going to see one probably, if it continues to not get any better... I'm just waiting for some advice from various teachers on who's a good doctor to see.
  7. This happens to me every few months actually. Now I don't know if the cause is the same, and anyway, I don't know the cause, you should definitely see a doctor, but in the meantime, I would recommend eating little things at least three times a day, an egg, a slice of apple, a bite of dinner, just a mouthful when you would normally eat. Set an alarm if you're like me and can't remember. It hurts less than trying to eat a full meal, and gives your body something to work with even if it's telling you it doesn't want it. Oh, and try to drink an extra glass of water (just one if you must) than you normally do, to make up for the water you aren't getting by eating.

    It's a hassle, but I've found it helps till the whatever it is passes.
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