I think something's medically wrong with me.

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I haven't been hungry.

About Monday I started getting sick... not bad sick, just exhausted all the time, and my appetite was skewed. Not surprising, considering my sleep schedule was seriously whacked out due to two essays I had to finish. About Wednesday, I started feeling better.

Then Friday night, I realized something weird. I hadn't eaten at all since the previous night, when I had had dinner. But I didn't feel hungry, at all. I went ahead and went to the cafeteria anyway, thinking that maybe the hunger would hit me when I was actually around some food- but strangely, I never got hungry, even when I had my food in front of me. I made myself eat, but for several hours after that when I was trying to sleep, I couldn't find a single comfortable position to lie on because my stomach hurt- and I'd actually eaten less than I normally eat in a sitting.

It was the same way Saturday night, and now Sunday night. I go the whole day, and don't feel hungry. Then when I make myself eat at night, my stomach hurts. It's starting to kinda freak me out. My appetite's always been... temperamental at best; when I get upset, I don't want to eat. But I can't figure out why the past three days I haven't had any appetite to speak of, and I can't make myself eat without my stomach hurting. I'm already borderline underweight; I'm five feet tall and weigh a bare ninety-seven pounds. This kind of development can't be good for me.

Anyone have any idea what's wrong?
I am no doctor but it sounds like depression, especially since you said that it occurs when you are feeling upset. If this doesn't get better within a day or two, do yourself a favor and visit a doctor. It's not your fault, just remember that.
Um yeah, check on webmd, for clues and well if you arent feeling right, please get help. Free clinic or something. A remember your not alone. PM if you like. I know all to well about dealing with heavy shit... all to well.
I had meant the description of getting upset to be an example of what normally makes my appetite disappear; when that happens, it usually only lasts an hour or two, but this has been chronic- I honestly haven't gotten hungry at all since the start of the weekend. I guess it could be depression... Earlier in the week, before I noticed that I wasn't getting hungry anymore, I had been quite upset due to problems I was having with school and my job. But I'm over it now. I mean, the problems are still there, but I'd stopped feeling horribly upset over it long before I'd noticed this thing with my stomach. So shouldn't I have gotten better already, if that was the case?

I'm not trying to shoot you guys down, I just... don't understand what's happening.
Depressions can be sneaky like that. Some depressions are actually rather subconscious. I only know about this because I've had one myself. Not every depressive person FEELS depressed.

Having said that, it could be entirely something else. If you think there is something wrong with you, your best bet is a doctor, not a roleplay forum. Also, it might be good idea not to research your own illnesses without medical training, as you might easily convince yourself you have one thing, while many symptoms are shared between illnesses. It could also skew your story (and hence the doctors opinion) when you DO go to see a doctor.

I'm not saying this to be mean, really, and I hope it turns out to be something innocent, but ask these things to a doctor.
Yeah, I know, that's what I figured. :/ But it's harder since I'm in a town I'm completely unfamiliar with, you know? Back home, if I needed to see a doctor, I'd tell mom and she'd take me to the same doctor we'd been seeing for years. Here, I actually have to research someone, and then find a ride there. <.<

In any case, I'm going to see one probably, if it continues to not get any better... I'm just waiting for some advice from various teachers on who's a good doctor to see.
This happens to me every few months actually. Now I don't know if the cause is the same, and anyway, I don't know the cause, you should definitely see a doctor, but in the meantime, I would recommend eating little things at least three times a day, an egg, a slice of apple, a bite of dinner, just a mouthful when you would normally eat. Set an alarm if you're like me and can't remember. It hurts less than trying to eat a full meal, and gives your body something to work with even if it's telling you it doesn't want it. Oh, and try to drink an extra glass of water (just one if you must) than you normally do, to make up for the water you aren't getting by eating.

It's a hassle, but I've found it helps till the whatever it is passes.
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