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  1. Hey so i have a couple or rps going but i would like to start up some more. I ussually do the simple smutty master and slave stuff. I wouldnt mind trying something different. Ill put up some plots but im not gonna lie. Some of my older ones i have done a lot and wouldnt mind having some flare to them to spice them up a bit.

    Post size doesnt matter to me as much as what it is. ussually to get through what your thinking feeling and doing makes it easy to get a paragraph anyways. And on rare occasions i can post on going for a couple of hours but its ussually only a post or two a day.

    I was bored so i made the post all pretty hahha. Sorry if it annoys you :broomstick:

    forest elf (open)

    im a forest elf that has lived in the forest fir centeries. You can be ehat ever creature you want and you want a slave elf. Once you start your hunt, you find me. After hunting me for some time, you finally capture me and make me yours. This one i really want to play out he hunt a bit i would love to try out some of her powers. None of this quick snatch and grab shit that people love to do.

    gym teacher (open)

    this one is a little bit different. We could still play along the lines of bdsm but it would lean more towards a romance. I also wont lie. I havent done romance in ages! Like years! But i wouldnt mind trying it out. You are a younger gym teacher and im a 17 year old student. I have crushed on you for a while and you have me but you couldnt break the rules. This is my last year in high school anf i also turn 18 so you decide to make yout move. Maybe you have been planning this all aling maybe its a spur of the mpment thing. Who knows. But you cant do anything but flirt and light touhing until my character turns 18.

    masters bar (open)
    right now i have a group with this setting but im also always up for a 1x1. Its a basic smutty torture scene. Im a slave owned by a master who rents out his slaves nightly. You are a master who is intrested in buying some timd with me. There are multiple levels of rooms and your favorite is the harshest room while i hate that room.

    slumber party (open)

    this one i play 2 to 3 females and we are having a sleep over. Its none of the age play stuff. Its more like a couple of 23 year olds drinkin and having a good time. Your character could be any type that stumbles apon the sleep over and decides to take the females for thier liking. You could even be a group of guys. Or it could go the other way. A group of guys take my one character.

    biker bar (open)

    this one is a muliple character role too. You get to play all the bikers in the bar. Or maybe its an all males club. Whatever. Im a group of a couple of girls that stumble apon the bar and once inside they use them as they please. The main focus could be more on the leader of the bar and one of the girls and he takes her into the back room. Whatever.

    pretty women (open)
    So everyone knows the story of pretty women right? If not thats fine too. Im only taking tge outline of the story. The basics is that mc us a postitute that hopes to one day be done wirmth this life. Yc is a rich billionair that ends up helping her unexpectedly. The twist is that its almist a cross of pretty women and 50 shades kf grey. Yc is a master and after some time talks mc into being his slave. Idk. If ya know the 2 movies you know where im getting at.

    I think thats it. I am.. of course.. always open to your ideas and as you can tell i have a little bit of everything so dont be shy to post your ideas.
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  2. Sleepover one has me thinking maybe. Never done anything like that before. So you'd be 2-3 girls and I'd be...what? A bunch of guys who come in and gang-rape you? Did you want the coupling consensual or not?
  3. You could be whatever you want. It could be a robbery that walks in on a slumber party, maybe one of the girls boyfriends crashing the party.. maybe the friend knows too and gives a variety to my girls, 1 girl that some guys know is home alone and they crash her house to herself night. I leave it pretty open so you can develop your own character and input too too
  4. Well, I don't find the robbery thing all that interesting, so I think I'm throwing that out right here. But for the other suggestions I wonder about the plot/smut balance you're looking for. That might help better determine if I just have a bunch of guys knock on a girl's door, or if a boyfriend visits during a sleep over.
  5. Umm.. probably more smut then plot. Not sure how much plot we could milk out of it
  6. Well...if it was the boyfriend crashing the sleep over, he could engage in sex with all three girls in secret behind closed doors. If he gets caught by one of them, there can be some drama and a bit of a plot there.

    Or we could just have a slut in a nightie who got bored and called a bunch of guys over to have their way with her. A bit less realistic, but both scenarios sound fun.

    I think the first, though, has the potential for a longer thread, and better characters.
  7. Ya. I like the first one too. Adds a nice twist. I also think maybe one girl turns him down and that pisses him off. Have a mix of con and non con
  8. That sounds good, though I don't like the idea of them not enjoying it. How about it starts out nonconsensual with one of them, but at some point she starts to get into it. She'll be mad at him for taking advantage, but not so much that she'll want to start something over it.

    Oh! Maybe the other one he has sex with he's been cheating on the girlfriend with, so two of them are in a relationship with him, and he decides to for broke at the sleepover.

    Just need a name for this guy...
  9. Ya that sounds good. Ill make her more reluctant so that it turns into a challenge for him more then complete noncon.

    As far as a name.. idk. I like justin. Or damon. Or whatever. Im cool with anything.
  10. Justin is very, very close to my name. I think I'll take that. When did you want to start this? I don't think I'll be able to today.
  11. Meh. I can put up a starting post and when your ready you can respond.

    Im also thinking also that the girlfriend secretly invited him over since it was suppost to br a girls night out. Thats how he ended up being the only guy.
  12. Okay, that works. And take your time. I'll be busy this weekend anyway.
  13. Yeah, I saw. Too bad I'm stepping out to eat real quick. I'll reply later, okay?
  14. Would you be intrested in a reverse slave RP?I always plays the dominant char and
    I would like a challenge and taste of something new
  15. Im not very good with dom. I dunno why. I could try it out if you had a plot in mind. But no promises. Just sometimes if someone gives me an idea i can work with it.
  16. I kinda had a idea in mind, PM me and we can talk about it.
  17. Anyone else?
  18. Still looking
  19. Hoooo would like the forrest elf one if it still avalible ^_^