I think I want to get married...seriously, Logic has finally found love.

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  1. Tortillas with cheese, grilled in a waffle maker and soaked in mango extra hot sauce. I think I might actually be in love with this food...have I had it before? Yes but I haven't had the mango hot sauce with it. So, I now announce that I am engaged to cheese as a whole but the mango hot sauce.

    Any foods that you find absolutely amazing but are kind of tacky?
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  2. That sounds delicious, Logic. I don't usually like hot sauce but I'd be willing to try that one. o__o And I fuckin' LOVE quesadillas.

    I eat weird things sometimes because pot head. Rice krispy treat + chocolate sauce + sprinkles + bacon bits = awesome. I also like to put broken up Kit-Kats in my popcorn, and I like to put mozzarella sticks on my cheeseburgers every once in a while. Oh gad. *starts breathing heavy*
  3. Is that a challenge for the right to love that food?! *takes out white glove* I challenge thee to a duel!

    Anyways, those sound amazing except for the bacon, I'm allergic to pork.
  4. Chocolate caramel eggs and popcorn. Reeses peanutbutter cups in a sammich of Ritz crackers. Fries and milkshakes. Those are my favorite weird-ish combinations.
  5. Sharp Cheddar Cheese.

    Are you surprised with this answer? You shouldn't be.
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  6. I used medium you hack.

    And that isn't weird, you just are.
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  8. [​IMG]
  9. Poutine.

    That's it.
    Make any kind of proper Poutine and it is the food of the heavens.
  10. I'm against Food and Human relationships past eating myself. I mean, the eating is great. But it all turns to shit after that...
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  11. Congratulations! When is the wedding? Instead of rice, I am assuming we will be throwing shredded cheese? Cheddar Confetti.
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  12. I'm pretty simple almost anything with the sweet and salty flavor combination and Grilled cheese... Seriously a nicely done grilled cheese and I will love you forever. I am easy to please.
  13. #notoediblemarriagerights.
  14. Sharp Cheddar Confetti, yes.
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  15. No, Swiss of course

    Don't listen to @Gonzo.
  16. No no. Sharp Cheddar.
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  17. I'm a capable wedding planner and I say Swiss.
  18. That sounds wonderful. Too bad I don't allow ethnic foods in my house.
  19. No no. You must not be that capable if there is no Sharp Cheddar anywhere.
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  20. It's somewhere; in the garbage. It had it's chances to woo me and lost.
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