I Think I Love Him

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  1. As soon as Jasper got home from school, he flopped down onto the couch, dead tired. The night before, he had been up most of the night studying for a large test that he had just got through taking. And now that he had finished taking it, he wanted to do nothing more than sleep.

    Thankfully, Mom wasn't home to try to make him sleep in his own bed, so he slept peacefully knowing that she had work until five and his younger brother shouldn't be home until two-forty, when his bus dropped him off. So Jasper had at least an hour to himself. Turning over on the couch, he swiftly fell asleep, dead tired.
  2. At school, Matthew couldn't wait for the final bell to ring. He was tired of the people around him. There had been a fight at lunch and everyone's still waiting to see if the two would finish what they started after school. It was annoying that he'd been brought into it because the two were his acquaintances and he wanted nothing more than to just go home and read or something. He was so glad that today was a Friday, because he could not put up with this foolishness another day.
    He flipped his pen between his fingers and tried not to stare too hard at the clock on the wall, willing the clock to go faster.
  3. When he had woken up some from his nap, which had only lasted about thirty minutes, he rolled over, facing the rather nice television that sat in the living room. Yawning, still half-asleep, he turned it on, trying to find a channel he liked. When he found one, he was glad to find that it was playing a show he liked, where the male lead was incredibly hot. He hardly watched it for the story anymore; now, all he cared about was the eye candy.

    Watching through half-closed eyes, he smiled as his imagination ran wild with fantasies of the actor. His member stirring, he rubbed his legs together sleepily as he looked at the time. He didn't have enough of it--his brother would be home soon--so he put an end to the fantasies, not wanting his little brother to walk in on him jerking off.

    Changing the channel so he wouldn't get anymore ideas, he yawned and stretched, his dark grey eyes squeezed shut. 'Maybe I should go sleep in my room,' he thought, before it blew away as he started falling back asleep.
  4. When Matthew opened the door to his house, about 15 minutes later, he couldn't help but sigh in relief. He had three days away from the daily agony that was highschool. It wasn't that he was bullied or anything, he just got too much attention from his fellow students when all he wanted was to be left alone.

    He walked passed the living room on the way to the kitchen and stopped, finding his older brother on the couch, snoring happily. He rolled his eyes and nudged Jasper, leaning over the back of the couch to do so.

    "Hey, go sleep in your own room." He said, but without much force. Seeing his brother always made him feel a bit better about his life. Even if said brother was currently passed out on the couch.
  5. Jasper was woken back up by a nudge and a command to sleep in his own room. Cracking open one of his eyes, he saw Matthew as the culprit. Quick as a flash, he grabbed his brother's wrist, pulling him over the back of the couch. Once he landed on him, he wrestled Matthew so he was under him, using his weight to his advantage. Once he had pinned Matthew, he grinned triumphantly.

    "I win," he said, his grey eyes sparkling. He smiled. He rarely let himself get this close to his brother, and could feel his body reacting. Jasper had started liking his brother when he was a senior in high school, and Matthew was starting to stop looking awkward as he went through puberty. Everything about him was perfect, and Jasper had secretly lusted for him for two years now, even though his mind told him it was wrong.

    Feeling his body beginning to react from being so close to Matthew, Jasper pulled away, standing up. "Guess I should, huh?" he asked, before beginning to go up the stairs. "See ya," he called down, pretending to yawn.
  6. Matthew made a surprised sound as he was pulled over the side of the couch and then basically manhandled under his older, much stronger brother. He threw a glare Jasper's way, though it didn't have much heat to it.

    "That win doesn't count. You surprised me." He pursed his lips slightly, in a pout. But it was nice that Jasper wanted to be near him, even if it was a bit of roughhousing. He'd been distant for a while now.

    He shrugged as he was released. "Yeah, you should." He sat back on the couch and shook his head as his brother ascended the steps. He listened for the creak in the center of the top step and the heavy steps of his brother as he walked down the short hallway to his room, third on the left. Then he waited a while, making sure that Jasper would not come back downstairs.

    Matthew sighed quietly, thinking back to how it felt to be under Jasper, knowing that he shouldn't be thinking such things about his own brother. But really, he couldn't help it. He'd had feelings for his brother since the day he looked at the man and noticed how hot he was. Sometime around a year and a half. He shook his head to clear it and wandered into the kitchen, ignoring the heat settling in the pit of his stomach and moving lower.
  7. Once Jasper was in his own bedroom, he took off his pants so that he was only in his boxers and t-shirt. Lying down on his bed, he checked that his door was locked before reaching into the top drawer of his nightstand, pulling out a bottle of lube. Already, his head was filling with fantasies of his brother beneath him, his hole stretched wide by his member, ad begging to let him come. Pushing his boxers down some, he stroked it a bit before pouring some lube onto his fingers, spreading it around before putting some on his cock. He began to stroke himself to images of his little brother, head tilted back slightly.

    "Fuck..." he breathed, creating a sort of rhythm.

    When he had taken care of himself, and had cleaned up the subsequent mess, he pulled his blankets around him, now feeling like he could go back to sleep, at least until their parents came home.
  8. Their parents arrived some time later, their father first from the hospital, then their mother, from the courtroom. Matthew had spent this time downstairs, in the den, focusing on video games and trying (and failing) to keep his mind incest free. After a while, he gave up and let himself imagine it, but he didn't touch himself no matter how much he wanted to. Thinking about it was one thing, but jerking to those thoughts was crossing a line, he really wasn't ready to cross.

    He went upstairs to wake up Jasper as the door opened and their mother came in. He said hi, gave her a hug and went silently upstairs, avoiding the creaky one at the top. He crept down the hallway, stopping for a moment every time he stepped on a squeaky spot, and slowly pushed the door to Jasper's room open. Thankfully, it didn't make any noise.

    He was really just about to wake Jasper up, put a hand on his shoulder and shake him awake. It would take like three and a half seconds. But, that's not what Matthew did. Instead he just kinda stood at the side of the bed, staring at his brother's sleeping face and just appreciating how attractive his big brother really was. Only when he heard his mother's footsteps on the stairs, did he jump into action and shake Jasper awake exactly as he intended to a few minutes ago.
  9. Jasper awoke to his brother shaking him, and cracked his eyes opened. "Mom and Dad back?" he mumbled, pretending to still be half-asleep and groggy. Then he pounced off his bed, tackling his brother to the floor of his bedroom, making a thumping noise.

    Their mother poked her head in, checking to see what the noise was. "Don't hurt your brother, Jasper," she said, as she usually would when he would get rough with his brother, the baby of the family. "He's smaller than you..."

    Jasper sighed heavily before getting off of his brother, holding out a hand to help him stand. Once they were both up, he flashed a smile towards their mother as she left. Immediately after she was out of sight, though, he grabbed his brother, putting him in a chokehold easily. Squeezing firmly, but not so hard as to choke Matthew, he let out a laugh, his grey eyes happy. These were the moments he liked, when he could fool around with his brother like when they were kids and he didn't feel like he wanted to just fuck him right there, no matter who was nearby.

    "Who's the best?" he asked, tightening the hold a little bit.
  10. "Yeah, they just got back." Matthew answered, smiling a little at his sleepy brother. He didn't even see it coming when Jasper jumped him, wrestling ghim to the floor. God, he'd forgotten how fast the older boy was. And he fought back, really he did, he did not just wriggle around to feel his bother's hands on him. But, ah anyways, as usual, Jasper beat him down, being the bigger, stronger one of the two of him.

    He was grateful when their mother came in to intervene. But she wasn't on his side. Not really. She just told them stop, and he was helped off the floor. But, the minute she was gone he was pulled into a chokehold. For a while he refused to answer the question, just shaking his head. But evetually he had to give in.

    "You are. You're the best." His pout was audible in the words. And he pushed out of his brother's arms. The pursing his lips in a pout.
    "Thats not fair, and you know it." He said, giving the older boy a frown he didn't really mean. "I need your help with something. Come downstairs." Matthew moved to the door.
  11. Jasper let go of Matthew as he said that he was the best. Still grinning, the smile only widening at Matthew's false anger, he said, "Is too," in a high voice, mimicking a child's. Nodding as his younger brother needed help downstairs, he followed him.

    As they made their way down the stairs, he asked, "So, what d'you need help with? Homework? You've got Mr Fredericks for World History, right? I had him my junior year, you know..."

    He trailed off, the hints of a smile on his face, still feeling happy from horsing around with his brother.
  12. "Yeah." Matthew nodded, heading for the den, where he'd left all his books. "I have a huge test on Monday and I need a little help studying. There are like a hundred freaking names in this chapter." He complained with a small groan. He sat on the couch and pulled out his text book. He flipped through the book and stopped at the chapter, then handed it to Jasper. "I just need you to quiz me a few times so I can remember all this stuff, okay?"
  13. "Alrighty," Jasper said, hefting the book. Seeing a highlighted name, he asked, "What is Churchill famous for?" He smiled a bit over the top of the book, remembering when his class had studied World War II, and he had aced the test. Out of all his classes, history was always his favorite, since it required nothing more than remembering names and dates. He didn't need to ever be creative or plot a quadratic formula on a graph and list its zeroes. Even in college he enjoyed his history classes the most. "C'mon, Matt. You gotta know this one!"