I tend to write better when it comes to fanfiction then when it comes to roleplaying

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  1. long title is obviously long!

    well that's the truth. I write fanfiction on my tumblr for the mass effect , dragon age, and recently fandoms from fallout 4 and I seem to write better and longer stuff, even have plots and topics for those that most people can't think of, but when I come here. I basically stump up.

  2. So what is it you want help with :/
  3. I'm not sure, I mean do I move the same plots over to my roleplaying or just do the fandoms, I write fanfiction for.
  4. I feel like you're coming at this wrong

    • A long post isn't necessarily a good post. A good post is one that reacts to the posts before it, and moves the scene forward.

    • Fanfiction (or even original fiction) and roleplay, function completely differently. In fanfiction, you get to plan the story from beginning to end, and whatever you want to happen can happen. In roleplay, it's not that predictable. You have to account for what your partner or the other players will add in; they're going to have ideas you never would have thought of, and they're going to want to write things that aren't necessarily your favourite. Roleplay needs to be flexible and relatively short-sighted.
    Can you identify specifically what it is that makes it hard to come up with stuff for a roleplay?
    • Maybe you lose interest?
    • Maybe you get frustrated or bored when the story changes from what you planned or expected?
    • Maybe you struggle with controlling only one character instead of a whole cast? (in which case there's no law against playing more than one character! Some partners will even let you solo whole scenes if they further the plot)
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  5. I'm not quite sure, I love planning out plots and having open conversations with my partners and sometimes have more fun adding characters, but people tend to loose more interest. and I've noticed that people with fandom roleplays tend to follow the story completely, so would the same incomplete plots that I use for the fandoms, work for rps but with different elements.