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    Damien Waters - 2/27/2016

    "Another boring day at work."

    A sigh left the detective's lips. His hands moved to his tie and dived under the folds, untying the piece of cloth upon his neck until it lost all shape. He then took the undone tie and put it on his desk before spinning his chair in the direction of the computer. Fingers danced upon the keys of the keyboard as he searched the FBI database for his next target - Mill Nichels.

    "This man is a suspect in his wife's case huh. Brutal murder... chopped the old girl's head off and all... but I don't see anything else here besides minor parking tickets. I'll stop by the man's place tomorrow when I have more time."

    The detective stood up from his desk, grabbing his tie off his desk before walking out of the office. A wink to Nancy before he completely left the building though, for he could not forget about that. When he was outside of the building, he pulled his blue smartphone out of his pocket. A few taps to the screen brought him to his contact list. "The Wife" was the third most contacted person on his list, being upped only by a two other friends. He tapped her number before putting the device up to his ear.
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    Emma Olivia Waters
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    Glanced at the clock anxiously, as though she was waiting for someone. Her dear husband, to be exact. "I hope he comes home soon." She murmured and turns back to the cut vegetables on her cutting board. Carrots, celery, red pepper, all of his favorite vegetables, cut neatly by her faithful knife, a gift to her from her mother. "Remember Emma. The way to a man's heart. Is through his stomach." She smiled softly, she always looked up to her mother whenever it came to intimate things like relationships, and love. She sighed and plops the vegetables into the boiling pot, seasoned with love. Love...Love...it danced on her tongue like sandpaper on wood. She jumped a little as her phone rang. She quickly grabs the iphone that was a gift from him on their anniversary. She checked the caller ID before answering. "Hello?"
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    Damien Waters

    The detective smiled at the sound of his dear wife's voice.

    "Just wait a moment."

    It only took him a few steps to arrive at the employee parking lot. As soon as he entered the area, he pulled out his car keys from his pocket. One keychain upon his keys stuck out to him - the small bear that he received from his wife. His thumb rubbed the bear before he gritted his teeth. 'Oh, the call...' His black dress shoes pounded against the ground as he ran to his Cadillac. He then opened the door, got into the drivers seat, and shut the door behind himself.

    "Is there anything that you would like to pick me up before I arrive home, dear?"
  4. "Just bring yourself home." She replied softly, putting the phone between her shoulder and her ear. She took off her apron and puts it away, "I made you your favorites." She smiled, and took the phone into her hands. I hope he likes it. She brushed off the flour on her jeans and walked out to the living room. Fabulously furnished by her husband. She sits down on the couch and takes off her hair tie. Her long black locks fell down over her back and shoulders. "When are you coming home?"
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    Damien Waters

    He pulled out of the employee parking lot and to the entrance to the road. He cautiously looked left and right, before making a right turn. 'Hmm, the road is pretty clear today. Odd.' The detective came to the first light before making a right turn, and headed to the supermarket not far from their home. If he recalled correctly, there would be a young female florist standing right outside the entrance. He suspected correctly. 'Oh, the call again...'

    "I'll be home soon honey. Just stopping by a place not too far from home to pick something up."

    His moved the phone away from his ear before tapping the hold button. He then put his Cadillac in stand mode by the curb in front of the florist. Once he exited his vehicle he ran to the florist. 'Breaking the law and I am a detective... not very smart, is it?'

    "Can I have a bouquet of roses?"

    "Sure, it'll only be $7... for your woman I presume."


    "Lucky lady. You're very handsome."

    His eyebrow twitched, and he stuttered with his words slightly as he handed the woman the money she needed.

    "T-Thank you." He said as he took the roses. "I'll be on my way now."

    The woman gave a wink to him before he got back into his car, and he only gave an awkward smile back. 'The road to recovery...'

    Once in his car, he got out of standing mode, removed the hold function on the call with his wife, and headed down the street rather quickly.

    "Pretty close to home now. You better have some food made for me, or I'll eat you up instead." 'Clever Damien... Clever.'
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    Emma noticed him not replying when she asked him. Did he get hit by a car? She was getting nervous and anxiously waited for him to respond. When he finally did, she immediately blushed. "I-I made you some." She stuttered a bit and looked outside the window. "Drive safely okay?" She puts her legs up on the couch and hugs her knees.

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    He chuckled slightly before pulling driving for another five minutes. He than drove into the parking lot in there apartment complex, and parked.

    "I'm home dear, so I'm going to hang up now."

    With that, he ended the call. He grabbed the bouquet of roses from the passenger seat in his car and exited the vehicle. He hopped out of the drivers seat before pressing the lock button and shutting the door. He coughed into his hand and smelled it, making sure that his breath did not smell bad. He then began to smell the armpit part of his suit, not noticing that his neighbors were giving him an awkward look from the window of their apartment. 'Well, I don't smell like death or sweat, so I guess I'm good...' Their apartment was on the second floor. He walked up the wooden stairs and arrived at the door. He put the key in the lock before opening the door. The smell of his instantly filled his nostrils, and his mouth began to water. He held the bouquet of flowers behind his back, for he did not want his queen to take notice until he revealed it to her.

    "Ahh, so you did make food huh! Come over here honey, I have something to give you."

    A sly smile was upon his face.
  8. Emma heard the sound of a key unlocking the door. She looked up and watched the doorknob jiggle before being opened by her handsome husband. "Welcome home." She smiled softly before running up to him and hugging him. "What did you get me?" She looked up at him with her soft brown eyes, curious to what he had gotten her.
  9. Damien gave his beautiful wife a sly smile before moving his hand from his back, revealing the bouquet of flowers that he bought for her. He took her hand and opened it up before placing the bouquet in her hand and forcibly wrapping her fingers around it. He then moved face closer to hers, close enough to the point where they could feel their breath upon each other. He then placed both hands upon her hips before pressing his lips upon hers, giving her a passionate kiss. His eyes were filled with glee as he pulled back.

    "I'll go ahead and set up the table - and by the way, how as your day honey?"

    His eyes danced around their cozy kitchen before spotting the plates, forks, knives, and spoons. He grabbed the cutlery and took it to their table before setting it up.​
  10. She sniffed the roses and smiled "It's beautiful Damien." She whispered happily. Them she noticed him come closer to her and putting his hands on her hips. She Blushed prominently before kissing him back just as passionately. Her breath was taken every time by the man she loves. "M-My day was fine." She spoke softly and quickly takes the flowers out of it's plastic sheet and places the roses in a glass vase, which became the center of the dining table. "How was work?" She arranges the roses till they became presentable and went to put the dinner on the table.
  11. Damien leaned back in his chair before resting both of his hands behind his head. A slight frown came upon his lips as his mind went back to the murder scene. He put the chair back on the ground and twiddled his thumbs before letting out a deep sigh.

    "The scene was pretty gruesome today. This man's wife was bludgeoned with a hammer like object around the outskirts of the town. I'm going to drop by the man's house tomorrow and question him, maybe check through some nooks and crannies in his apartment. I can't believe someone would do something like that... disgusting. Some good news is that were accumulating and have saved almost enough money to buy a decent sized home."
  12. Emma gasped "That sounds terrible. How is the man reacting to the murder of his wife?" She picked up some chopped carrots and puts it in her mouth. She ran a hand through her black hair and pushed it back. She always wondered how he could sleep at night, always looking at gruesome murder scenes. Her tender heart couldn't take much if she were to have been a detective. "And please be careful when speaking with the man." She was worried.
  13. "...You're right! Why did I not think about that before... the expression on his face! He didn't even cry or stutter or anything when we asked him questions about the murder... I must have been drunk or something. We'll totally get him tomorrow, I swear it..."

    Damien had been so naive as to not take into account the mans facial expressions or the way that he talked about his wife. Now he remembered that the suspect described his wife as some sort of burden, as if he didn't want her around anymore. He pulled his notepad and pen from his left hand pocket before writing down a few notes. One of his notes that he wrote down was' 'Wife is a genius. Listen to her more.' He then put the end of the pen in his mouth and bit down on it, thinking of some elaborate questions to ask the suspect tomorrow before he checked his house fully. A few minutes passed by before he stopped and took a look at his wife. He slipped the notepad and pen back into his pocket before looking at his plate of food. It was mostly vegetables, but it was one of his favorite meals. He took a fork to the plate and began to eat more like a hog rather than a gentleman. 'I didn't even realize that I was this hungry....'
  14. Emma blushed and felt proud of herself. "I-I know you'll do an excellent job." She smiled and watched him eat. Working in the office must have made him hungry. Admiration and loved shined in her eyes as she watched him. She poked at her food and thought about the murder case her Damien was taking on. She was worried about her beloved meeting a mad man, but she knew he is superb at his job, and that he can take care of himself.
  15. "So, I have some break time coming up soon because of my stupendous work in the office. One week to be exact. Is there any certain place that you would like to visit? Wherever you wanna go, I shall take you there!"

    Damien gave Emma a wink before drinking the cup of water at the side of his plate. Finished, he waited for his wife so that he could take her plate as well.
  16. Emma finished the last bite of her supper and thought about it. "I'm fine with anywhere. A-As long as it's with you." She smiled softly and took the plates out of his hands and went to go wash them. She didn't seem to show it but she was feeling super joyous. Damien has been at work a lot recently, and the only times she saw him were in the mornings at breakfast, and at night, where they had supper together and laid down in their bedroom. Emma turned on the faucet and started to scrub the dishes with a clean sponge, and some soap.
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