I swear I am not a vampire!

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  1. Hello! I am Elena, I am 45 and I am addicted to historical RPGs... (at least this is my husband's opinion!)

    I'd say instead that I discovered RPGs in August 2009 and I like them a lot... but I've been writing since primary school (not in English, of course, in my mother tongue!).

    I am sailing to you from Bucharest, Romania, but I swear I am not a vampire. Neither Vlad the Impaler, aka Dracula, was...

    I am an economist, I work in international relations, so I work in English every day, this is why I had the courage to RP in English. I like writing, reading (mostly historical fiction, this is what I am writing too), listening to music, making new friends... and the RPGs brought me a few friends all over the globe. (Actually this is the reason why I keep doing it, even if sometimes when various people/ aspects frustrate me, quitting and keeping writing alone, in my mother tongue, do cross my mind.)

    I am the administrator of "Before the Mast", because Age of Sail has been always my favourite time. Actually when I joined RPGs, my first two characters have been characters I have extensively written before in my stories.
  2. My wonderful fellow historian. Welcome to Iwaku! We must have a chat about history sometime; I am personally in a couple roleplays about history myself (not accurate ones, doctored ones. kind of like 'if it happened this way instead kind).

    We certainly hope you enjoy your stay, and that you find our roleplays intriguing.

    Need help? We have a community help center. Don't ask me however, I'm madder than the hatter.
  3. Woo! I love it when grownups join :)

    I'm Minibit (22) and it's very nice to meet you! I also love doing historical roleplays, but have a hard time because it's difficult to find people who write them accurately (I had someone wearing blue jeans in 1766 once...) so if you're ever down for a one on one, hit me up!!
  4. I'm accurate with dress attire, mood of the times and everything else. i just put a kick to it when I pull it another way, kind of like a view into a different outcome.
  5. What a captivating intro. That in itself is already creative writing :) Welcome to Iwaku Elena! I hope you find out community to your liking :)