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  1. A Tattooed Girl & Question Mark Collaboration || Introduction Post

    P.S. Roleplayers who are a part of this role play, we are starting at the arrival to the airport (JFK Airport in New York, New York) and our posts should end somewhere around the time that your character finds their seat. We shall continue on from there once everyone who has applied for the roleplay has replied with their character's intro post. I would expect your character's first post to be a good two paragraphs minimum, maximum 'brick wall of death'. Got it? Cool :D
    Also... BOLD is spoken word, ITALICS are thoughts and underlined(and different colors) are other character's words.

    With my carry-on strapped across my chest and my duffle bag in one of my hands, I stepped out into the crisp summer air of New York, New York. The night before had been spent at a dumpy little hotel room where my boyfriend Jackson and I had stayed to avoid taking two planes in one day. Boston to New York, and New York to Africa. The flight to Africa being just short of a 13 hour flight, we didn’t want any part of it. Cramped up like a can of sardines for close to 15 hours in a single day, “No thanks,” I mumbled, as if answering my own thoughts. I shook my head and looked back over my shoulder to where I could see Jack getting out on the other side. I shut the Taxi door and walked around slowly, taking in everything that was New York City -- before I realized it, I was standing beside Jack’s ajar door.

    The taxi pulled up to the JFK airport with Jack and his girlfriend in the back seat. He had his backpack sitting in his lap and his suitcase in the trunk of the car. Jack paid the cab driver for the ride and stepped out of the cab and shut the door. He looked at Davina and smiled before making his way to the trunk of the cab. The cab driver popped it open and Jack reached inside getting his bag out. Jack closed the trunk and the taxi drove off. Jack looked up at the airport and then to his girlfriend. “Well Davina, let’s get this long ass plane ride over with.” He slipped his arms through the straps of his backpack and grabbed his suit case. He put his free arm around Davina and sighed a little bit. “I can’t believe you talked me into going. I bet it’s going to be so god damn hot there!” He said with a bit of a chuckle and started to walk with her to the entrance of the airport.

    I walked beside Jack, practically matching his every step and move with my own. There was a permanent smile stuck on my face, I couldn’t seem to get rid of it.. not that I wanted to, anyway. I smiled, hearing Jack. As he slung his arm over my shoulder, I couldn’t help but blush a deep red. “I didn’t convince you of anything! You know you’d miss me if I was gone for a whole week! Who’d make dinner?!” I laughed and nudged him with my shoulder, leaning my head against his side as we walked into the doors of the JFK airport together. “Besides, I think this trip will be good for both of us. We need a break from school, work, and the city. A good vacation will be good for us, love.” I leaned up and pressed my lips to his slightly scruffy jaw in a soft kiss, reaching up with my free hand to interlock our fingers together.

    Jack raised his eyebrows hearing Davina and the comment about who will make dinner. “Hey I could of made myself dinner, and besides who needs to make dinner when you can just order in.” He joked as he let out another chuckle. Feeling her kiss him he smiled and looked down at her. “You are right though. This will be nice to spend time with each other without work and school getting in our way.” Once they were inside the airport, Jack looked around for a moment seeing all the people. The JFK airport, it was filled with people coming and going. “So uhh what time does our flight start again? I forgot.”

    I rolled my eyes at his forgetfulness. “We take off at 7 o’clock on the dot. It’s an overnight flight.. we can sleep on the way there. It’ll be over before you know it.” Pulling my eyes away from his, I noticed what he was staring at - people of all different figures coming and going, to and fro. Slightly overwhelming. Checking in our luggage was simple, but as my eyes met many others who starred bored-ly from the line of the Security Check. I took a deep breath and let it out heavily. “Yippee, the best part.” I slowly stepped away from Jack, taking my metallic lip and finger rings off, setting both bags and both shoes up on the conveyor belt as I moved through the metal detector. I went through the whole pat down process and got all my belongings back, slinging my backpack back across my chest as I waited for Jack to join me.

    Jack smirked a little bit and looked at Davina. “Oh you better believe I’ll be sleeping on the way there. Thirteen hours of just sitting on our asses...what else would there be to do?” He said laughing a little as the two made their way the Security Check line. He let Davina go on through first and did the same as everyone else. Cell phone, wallet, earrings, and shoes in one bin with his backpack in another. He stepped through the metal detector and then got the pat down. He walked up to Davina and smiled at her. “Well let’s get one this giant metal tin can and get this ride over with!”

    I nodded in agreement, not saying another word as we made our way passed many small shops where I happened to buy a couple of packaged sandwiches and a few trail mix bags for the trip. I also bought a Starbucks coffee for the wait till the plane was to be boarded. We sat outside of our gate in the small waiting area where some of our own classmates and a few other school’s students sat to wait for the plane to depart. As we sat there, I just silently people-watched. It was interesting to see all the different faces from different states and colleges, some of them familiar - for example, my good friend Jaeda from my Photography class and my Photography teacher, Mr. O’Connor. “Gate 13 now boarding.” I stood up quickly at the announcement, wondering if I was just a bit too excited for this vacation ‘/slash/’ field trip. Smirking, I turned and grabbed Jack’s hand, tugging on it like a desperate child. “C’mon babe! People have already started lining up. I wanna get a good seat in the middle.. OH! I call window!!” I began to laugh a little, letting his hand go and turning halfway towards the line, waiting for Jack.

    Sitting there in the waiting area Jack pulled out one of his comics and started reading to pass the time. Once he heard the announcement he put his comic book away and soon felt Davina pulling at his hand. Jack laughed and got up out of his seat and grabbed his backpack. “Alright alright I’m going.” He said still laughing a little bit. He put his arm around Davina’s shoulder and the two of them got in line. “You get the window seat huh? Well I suppose I’ll allow it.” He teased her as they waited in the line. The line seemed to moved so slowly, he just wanted to get on the plane and take his seat. After about fifteen minutes had passed they were finally walking through the tunnel that led into the plane. Jack got himself and Davina in the middle of the plane letting her take a window seat. “Here you go hun.” He said taking his seat beside her.

    I slipped into the seat next to the window and smiled, leaning over against his shoulder as he took the seat next to me. Closing my eyes for a minute or two, I yawned softly and reopened them, pulling away gently from Jack to reach into my carry-on and grab out my Gameboy Advance. I smirk and set my bag between my feet, lying back in the reclining seat and turning the device on to play Pokemon: Emerald Version. “I brought something way better than Comic Books, puddin’.” I laugh and tilt my head to look over at Jack with a playful smile.

    Feeling Davina rest her head on his shoulder he smiled and leaned back in his seat watching all the people pile themselves into the plane. Then she pulled her head off his shoulder and pulled out her Gameboy Advance. He couldn’t help to grin a little bit hearing her. “Whatever you say Davina. You enjoy your game and I’ll enjoy my comics. Man I know I get car sick when I read...I hope I don’t get plane sick from reading.” He said with a small sigh and reached into his backpack to pull out the comic he was reading in the waiting area.
  2. She had nearly missed her flight. Even though she had gotten up at the crack of the damn dawn, she had still gotten stuck in traffic. It had been bumper to bumper all the way into Maryland, and then from there some idiot on a motorcycle had decided to do a damn wheelie down the freeway, lose control of his bike and slam into a car. Aliyah had prided herself in not flinching at the site of his spilled guts and blood. When she became a Criminal Investigator, she would have to see a lot of gore and she couldn't faint over every little thing. But that didn't mean she didn't feel anything for the biker. She felt a small pang in her heart when she saw him skid, and she just wished he'd been a little more responsible and sensible.

    Driving through Pennsylvania had been a real bitch. The way she had to go through, included lots of farmland, and that day at the very moment that she needed to travel, a stupid cow decided to sit in the road. Now it wasn't blocking the entire road, just the incoming traffic lane. But the damn outgoing traffic was being held up because the first person in the lane was rubber necking. So Aliyah had no choice but to sit there and wait, because there was no space for her to maneuver around the glorified milk bucket. Finally after about half an hour, an old man had come running down the hill and ushered the cow to the side.

    She had always wanted to see New York. That was why she had gotten up at four freaking AM. But now it was really late and she had no time to sight see and instead she needed to high tail it to the AAA garage that would hold her car until her dad could pick it up. Then she needed to hail a taxi and get the hell over to the airport. All of this needed to happen in less than two hours. Shit.

    01:25:00 of 02:00:00

    "No. No! Listen to me! I'm telling you that I called five days ago! I made arrangements with this garage to hold my car until my father, Sam Kimberly, came to get it."

    "Well ma'am, I'm sorry but I can't find you in the system." The mousy haired secretary explained.

    Aliyah was pretty sure that she was going to bust a damn vein. She had only been there for 30 minutes and the damn secretary couldn't find her request. She had tried to make a new request but apparently that would take 24 hours to process. She couldn't afford to tarnish her flawless record but she was really thinking of bashing the stupid woman's face in.

    "Oh!" The woman exclaimed after awhile, and hastily typed a few things into the computer. "I found the request. We had you under Alice Kimberly. I do apologize ma'am. Triple AAA would like to give you a free bumper sti--

    "Just take my car!" Aliyah snapped, thrusting the keys into the woman's hand and running out of the garage. That exchange had taken way more time than it needed to.

    01:40:00 of 2:00:00

    She'd made it! Surprisingly, getting taxi was a breeze and airport security was a cinch. And now she was sitting in her seat, across from some sickeningly sweet couple that called each other names like 'puddin' '.

    Eh. Well it could be worse.

    Settling into her chair, she pulled out her tablet and continued reading the ebook that she had bough the other day.
  3. PJ was staying at a hotel near JFK as the phone rang to give him his 7 am wake-up call. PJ put on a sweatsuit he bought in the hotel lobby and went down to what they called "The Health Club". It wasn't much to look at and the equipment looked like it was about 15 years past it's prime, but PJ didn't care he just needed enough of a workout to break a sweat. PJ knew that hiking around on the field trip would give him a modified cardio and help with his stamina, but in terms of weight training this was his last chance for the next couple of weeks. PJ put on his I-Pod and got to it. For the forty five minutes PJ grunted and growled as he moved one stack of iron to another. Again the equipment wasn't much, but overall it served it's purpose. As he began his cool down PJ looked out the window as the city was slowly coming to life, and he smiled. PJ began wondering what that first sunrise, and the people in Africa would be like as well. Not to mention he began to wonder what the people on this trip were gonna be like. They were all coming from different parts of the country, so PJ was interested in learning about that his colleagues on this trip.

    PJ got back to his room threw out the sweatsuit he bought yesterday, and got cleaned up. As he got dressed PJ cut on ESPN and of course the NFL Draft was a month away so that was one of the stories. PJ tried not to focus too much on the TV as he was getting ready, but there was a part of him wondering if his name would get mentioned. Sure enough Mel Kiper mentioned that PJ would be an ideal fit at #12 for the Steelers or #16 to the Jets. PJ nodded and smiled as the thought of him playing for his hometown team. It would be a dream come true for him, and his family wouldn't know what to do.

    PJ checked out of the hotel and as he did a few people actually recognized him from ESPN. A couple asked for autographs and a picture which PJ was happy to do. He was used to doing this back home in Pittsburgh, but in New York City this was a very different experience for him.

    He caught a cab to JFK and enjoyed some small talk with the cab driver. This was way different than what PJ was expecting of New Yorkers, because he had the typical stereotype in his head and PJ was being proven wrong. They were actually pretty nice people and in a way reminded him of the people back in Pittsburgh.

    PJ arrived at the airport and went through the song and dance that was airport security. Once he made it through that he stopped off at the lounge and enjoyed a bottle of water, and saw himself on TV during a rebroadcast of the earlier report.

    As he began to pay his bill the bartender said, "I think you'd like great playing outside linebacker for us."

    PJ smiled and said, "Hey wherever I end up it's all in God's hands, but I gotta admit playing for Coach Ryan won't be boring."

    The bartender laughed and said, "You got that right!" The two men shook hands and the bartender said, "Have a nice trip."

    PJ nodded and said, "Thanks have a great day."

    PJ made his way to Gate 13 and boarded the plane. He stretched out pulled out his copy of Richard Castle's "Wild Storm" and began to read the latest adventures of super spy Derrick Storm.
  4. Jack
    Once the plane took off Jack relaxed back in his seat getting as comfortable as he could for the long plane ride. He looked over at Davina playing her game. He watched her play for a few moments before looking away and pulling out one of his comics books. He looked at the book for a few moments and wondered if he brought enough for the plane there and back, he then flipped it open and began to read. Jack got finished with one comic and moved on to another, and about halfway through the comic, he yawned. “Man, I’m getting tired and I know we still have a ways to go.” He chuckled and closed the comic leaning his head back in the seat. “I think I’m going to get some shut eye. At least for an hour or two.” He said looking over at Davina before leaning over and kissing her cheek before resting his head back where it was. Jack closed his eyes and started to drift off.

    I continued to play the game for what seemed like only a few minutes, but realized that Jack had already made it through a comic book and a half. Jack being somewhat of a slow reader, I knew quite a bit of time had passed. 'I really need to put the game down,' I thought to myself. I turned to look at Jack when I heard him yawn and shut his comic, packing it away safely back in his carry-on. I couldn’t help but smile when he said he’d take a nap for a bit. “I’d love to join you, but I kinda have trouble falling asleep on plane rides. Watched too many movies where shit’s gone bad.” I smirked and then smiled as he leaned over to kiss my cheek. Watching him recline back in his seat and slowly begin to fade out, I turned my attention down to my small tray that I’d pulled out from the seat in front of me. 'Now, what the hell am I going to do..?' Looking around at my surroundings, I noticed quite a few people who were sound asleep themselves.. one, not so ‘sound’ asleep… snoring away near the back of the plane. It made me smile though, reminding me of my dad who also was a heavy sleeper and had a major snoring problem. I then sat back in my chair just staring up at the ceiling letting my thoughts take me away to an old time. Times when life was simple and I hadn’t a care in the world. Childhood was such a peaceful yet dark time to revisit for me. There was nothing I could do to stop it, though. As my thoughts began to overwhelm me, I found myself a bit more tired than I had realized. Soon, I unwillingly passed out, my mind still wandering as my thoughts turned into a mix of dreams and nightmares all in one.
  5. Once the plane was airborne PJ relaxed into his seat. He had pretty much the row to himself because of his size. Although he hated that fact, because he really just wanted to thought of as just another student on this trip. He didn't want to draw attention to himself because of what he did on the field or because of his size. However as big as he was trying not to make an issue out of his size was pretty much a lost cause.

    PJ looked around the plane and realized that there hadn't been any real formal introductions to one another, and if it wasn't for the fact that the stewardess had announced the destination and all that PJ would've started to wonder if he was even on the right flight.

    The plane was starting to level out which meant that soon there would be the drink cart coming about, and maybe then a chance for everyone to get to know one another. Until there wasn't a whole lot to do, and the last thing that PJ wanted to do was think about football. He was ready for his mind to just turn off and just exist. Not worry about the draft, classes, or any of that this was his time.

    PJ smiled at that prospect. He reached down into his bag and pulled out the latest Richard Castle novel. PJ opened it up and said, "Okay Detective Heat what do you got for me this time? Maybe you and Rook will go a full novel without breaking up at least once."
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  6. Davina
    Slowly opening my eyes, I immediately looked over at Jack to see if he was awake. 'Of course not,' I thought to myself. I couldn't help but smile though as I watched him sleep soundly for a few seconds before getting up out of my seat slowly. A flight attendant looked at me from the front of the plane and I motioned towards the back where the bathroom was located, to which she simply smiled and nodded. I turned and wandered unsteadily towards the back of the plane, being careful not to step on anyone's feet or carry-on bags that had somehow made their way into the middle of the isle. Just as I made it safely to the back of the plane, someone comes busting out of the bathroom, causing the door to smack against the wall. I glanced at the hand desperately grasping the door jam waiting for the person to emerge. "Might not wanna go in there fer a whah'l." A low chuckle sounded just before a man pulled himself through the doorway, a glazed look in his eyes. "Tha'ss a dank odorrr," He laughed again and shoved his way passed me, the heavy smell of alcohol on his breath nearly making me gag alone as he stumbled through the isle not bothering to watch out for people or their things. I shook my head and cautiously peeked my head inside of the bathroom while I held my breath to look for- aha! Scented spray. In the background I could hear a woman, more than likely the flight attendant, asking the man to get to his seat and stay quiet or they'd have to take certain measures to complete the task themselves if he was unable to do so. 'Just give him a parachute and be rid of him.'

    Stepping into the small, cramped bathroom I stand in front of the mirror and rub my eyes, frowning at the light rings under my eyes. 'No matter how many hours of sleep I get, it never fails. Why?!' I groan at the thought as I attempt to fix my hair, having enough of it after a minute and deciding to just put it up in a high ponytail with my bangs braided to the side and tied up in the pony. Running the sink, I cup my hands under the water and splash my face with some to wake me up a bit. I dry my face and hands off, exiting the bathroom and making my way back to my seat beside Jack.
    Reaching our seats, I slid back in beside my boyfriend and began to dig into my bag. Taking out my iPod and novel, I slipped my earphones in and flipped open my book. Thumbing through songs, I decided to go with
    Gravity by Sara Bareilles as I dove into my favorite Fantasy Fiction series 'House of Night's' Revealed.

    A good 20 pages later, I was disrupted from my reading and music by a hard tremble. I quickly yanked my earphones out from my ears and looked towards the spot where I had last seen the attendant. She was gone, but stepped out of the cabin of the plane to announce, "We are experiencing a bit of turbulence. Please remain seated, folks. We have everything under control, you have nothing to worry abou-" Just when you think it couldn't get any worse, it does. The whole plan began to viciously shake, the attendant was trying to calm everyone down but it seemed to do no good. People throughout the plane were panicking and some were trying to calm others down. Over all the screaming and frantic orders being shouted, I could just barely make out the attendant telling everyone they should fasten their seat belts and sit tight. I did so for myself and looked over at Jack who still had his strapped on. Even with all the chaos happening, I had a brief moment that I almost smiled at him.. he probably hadn't taken his seat belt off from after the take off. He was such a skeptic when it came to airplanes.. maybe he had left it on, thinking something like this was going to happen. Part of me wanted to leave him sleeping, but I knew I had to wake him. Grabbing his shoulder, I pulled my arm back to begin shaking him till I noticed he had his headphones in, his own music blasting in his ears. 'No wonder why you haven't woken up yet.' I thought to myself as I tugged out one of his earphones and yelled pretty close to his ear. "Hey!! Babe, wake up! Jack!!"
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  7. PJ was enjoying the 11th chapter of his Nikki Heat book. If it wasn't for the hum of the engines he could almost close his eyes and would've felt like he was in a library. Everything was quiet and he had been nursing a bottled water while trying to piece together who could the Senator in Detective Heat's latest case.

    PJ needed to sort out the facts in his mind so he closed his book for a moment and actually pulled out a pad of paper and a pencil. He began writing down the suspects thus far and how they were connected to the Senator and possible motives as of right now. It was a long flight and PJ was looking for anything to keep his mind occupied at the time, and he wasn't about to think about Football. He was done with that for now in a couple of months that would be all that he would hear about, and this trip was about academics and expanding his horizons. Not to mention he kinda liked the fact that no one was coming up to him and asking for an autograph or a picture.

    He was writing down the name of the Senator's Press Secretary when there seemed to be a bit of turbulence. It was not anything to be concerned with until the seat belt sign came back on, there was steady vibe of panic amongst the passengers, and PJ was cool about it. That was until he noticed that the flight crew even looked concerned. PJ had been taught on the field how to pick if a player was all bravado but terrified underneath. The flight crew was doing everything they could to be calm and reassuring without being pushy, but the looks in their eyes told PJ that this was more serious than they were letting on. Not to mention there was no calm reassuring announcement from the Captain. This sent a lot of red flags up to PJ.

    PJ put away his pad and pencil, straightened up in his seat. but his head back, closed his eyes, and then quietly started to say, "Our Father Who Art In Heaven....."
  8. Jack was in a deep sleep, with his headphones still in and music blasting into his ears. Even the turbulence didn't wake him up. It wasn't until Davina grabbed his shoulder and started to shake him a little as his headphones fell out of his ears. He heard her and his eyes slowly started to open. He was so out of it he didn't notice the turbulence at first. With tired eyes he just looked around a spoke a little. "Are we there...." That's when he finally noticed the plane shaking, he sat up a little bit and looked around quickly. "What was going on?" He thought to himself before looking over at his girlfriend. "Davina what the hell is happening!?!?" He asked as he started to look around some more. He never liked planes, he always letting the worst of his mind get to him. Waking up a little more and thinking a bit he realized that it was most likely just turbulence...really bad turbulence. Still he was still worried. He just looked back over at Davina and grabbed her head. "This stupid turbulence better end soon. I hate this shit...I know I know I'm such a pansy but....like I said I hate this shit."
  9. Davina
    Jack soon woke up and I breathed out a small sigh of relief. Just as I had figured, he began to flip out when he came to realize the plane's turbulence. "Jack, Jack, listen to me!" He grabbed my face and looked at me, speaking over me.. I had to wonder if he even heard me at all over the other panicking people. I shook my head and grabbed his hands from my face, pushing them down to his seatbelt, yelling as loud as I can over everyone else. "Just make sure this is secured! I've got a bad feeling about this, babe. I don't think we-" A hard tremble rocked through the plane, and suddenly there was a bright orange-ish glow outside of the window. I swallowed hard and pulled the little string for the window curtain, slowly letting it roll up and reveal the blazing fire coming from the right engine. I just simply close my eyes and take in a deep breath, sitting back in my seat. Just as I turn to say something to Jack, the plane takes a sharp dive and the only thing holding me in my seat was my seat belt. Reaching over I quickly latched my hand onto Jack's, closed my eyes and turned my head into his shoulder thinking to myself, "This is it.. this is IT." I clutched onto Jack and screamed through a broken sob, "I love you."

    Before I could say or do anything more, I heard loud rip and an explosion before everything faded into black. [the crash, getting knocked unconscious]
  10. After he finished his prayer PJ crossed himself. Just as the vibrations seemed to be getting worse PJ had a sick feeling that he knew what was coming. There was time in his Junior year in high school PJ hurt his knee severely. To the point that he couldn't walk on it as he tried to get off the field. As he laid on the ground he had no clue what was gonna happen next. He thought for sure that his playing career and everything that Football was supposed to give him was over. PJ could only ponder as to what was next for him. Would he end up in a Steel-Mill? Managing a grocery store? Wal-Mart Greeter? It was one of the times that PJ felt most lost, but luckily for him it was only a badly bruised knee cap. He would miss the rest of the game, but otherwise be ready for practice on Monday morning.

    As bad as that was this was a thousand times more terrifying. There was a chance that not only would he not be getting up, but that the next time he opened his eyes PJ could be seeing a bright light and some dead family members. All the things PJ never got to do outside of football began to haunt him in ways that made PJ scared and angry all at the same time. Finally PJ decided to turn to his faith as he began reciting to himself very quietly the Psalms.

    Before he could say, "I shall not be in want..." There was an explosion and the next thing Peter knew he felt...nothing as he lost consciousness.
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