'I Survived ... Till Now' (African Savanna Survival RP) [Small Group RP {Ask to Join}]

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    **Special Clues in this whole 1st post.. look for them and then when you post your CS, send me the secret code in a PM :)**

    Storyline & Plot

    ** Forgive me for this poor excuse of a plot.. I wrote it when I was beginning to write my own plots for RPs back in '09 and don't really feel like editing it >.< except for a few little details, but not much lol **

    You're young, and living life to the fullest. You and your senior year class are taking a trip to South Africa. What more could you as for? Your grades are up, you’re involved with school activities, your life at home is normal. Till the day of the flight that is…
    “May all the flight passengers please fasten their seat belts. The captain is about to take off shortly, so all electronic devices must please be turned off. Thank You.” You smile, excited for where the plane you are aboard is going to be taking you; South Africa. The senior class of 2014 at (--write down somewhere in your CS what college your character is attending!--), is taking a two week trip to study the life of the African Savanna bush, for an extra credit biology project due, when you get back to the states. You’ve been packing months ahead of time, and now that it is finally here you don’t know how to act, mainly because of the excitement and anticipation.
    About another 8 hours go by and the flight attendant has announced that you are now in Africa, and you’re wide awake from the nap you took along the ride. As you lean over to look out the window, you see amazing landscape and tiny dots of moving animals on the ground. You take a deep breath and lay back in your seat closing your eyes, amazed that you are actually in another country. “We are going to be experiencing a little turbulence, so the captain has asked us all to remain in your seats till the conclusion of this flight. Thank You.” says one of the flight attendant. ((Post your username **first** in a PM that you will send to me if you want to join this :)) You glance around at all the familiar classmates you have been going to school with for 4 years. As you tighten your seat belt and get comfortable, you glance out the window and see nothing but dark clouds. You frown. Just a second ago the skies were clear and blue, but now rain slammed against the window. You sigh, and sit tight, closing your eyes, wanting to wake up once the flight has ended. You couldn’t be more wrong.

    The last thing you see as your eyes dart open, is the person next to you screaming loudly. The last thing you hear is an emergency warning echoing through the plane saying, “Warning, warning, warning, this is not a drill. This plane is going to crash! Warning, warning!” The last thing you feel, is a sudden pain in the back of your neck, as you yourself let out a gut wrenching scream for help. Then…nothing. Blackness, silence…nothing. Your mind is alert and thoughts of death run through your mind, as you just lay there. Eventually you gather your strength and open your eyes slowly; blinking a few times. Flashes of black and blue cross your vision, like when you wake up in the morning. ((Write down “is” after the first thing i told you.)) You groan and lift your head up slightly, getting a clear view of your surroundings. Wha….What Happened? you think, taking it all in. The plane had crashed, landing on it’s belly, and broken glass from the windows was all over the place. You look out the broken window and see leaves making their way inside. As you glance around you see your classmates, either unconscious or worse…A gasp escapes you, and your hand lifts to your mouth as your eyes land on your guide, Mr. Donaven. Lets just say his body was twisted in ways that a body should never be twisted in.

    As you hurry to undo your seat belt, all that has happened crashes down on you at once. Most of your classmates are dead. Your teachers are all dead. The plane has crashed in the middle of no where, somewhere in South Africa. School field trip, gone horribly wrong. ((Write down “lost in..” after what i have already told you.))

    ( .. This is just an example of what could have happened, you do not have to use this as a guideline for your first post.. Like I said, just an example. You write up your own, but start out from when you arrive at the airport, please! )




    All RPers, new and old, have room to improve our story-telling and interaction abilities so here are some tips to keep in mind to help everyone improve..

    Roleplaying Tips

    ((Put "nowhere" after the last piece of info I gave you))

    Character Creation Form

    ** Yes, you have to use this CS form.. this is the minimum you have to fill out, but if you'd like to add your own little improvements to it be my guest! **​

    ** Please remember to be thorough in making your characters.. here is an example of how thoroughly it should be filled out. :3 It's my old character that I created and used on The RoleplayerGuild.com RP site....back when it was functioning....better >> **​

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  3. Full Birth-Given Name :: “Davina Marie Devereaux is my whole name.”
    Preferred Name :: “I prefer to be called by 'Missy', but people have given me nicknames over the years. I’ve gone by ‘Mo’, ‘Dev’, ‘Aria', ‘Rogue’, and ‘Raven’. My lacrosse coach calls me 'HotShot'.” Davina laughs and shakes her head, smiling wide.
    Established In :: “I was born May 20th, 1992. Recently within the last month turned 22-years-old.”
    Gender Identification :: “Is that really even a question? I am, and was born a female. Would you like to check it out for yourself?”
    Sexual Orientation :: “I am heterosexual, although I will say I support gays and lesbians in every way. No hate.” Davina smiles genuinely and then adds, “If I lose friend’s for that, it’s their loss.. ya know?”
    Religious Belief :: “I have none. I am neither a believer in the ‘science of evolution’ nor do I believe that the so-called ‘God’ created everyone and everything. I am standing in middle ground, when it comes to religion.”
    Race // Ethnicity :: “Mainly Caucasian but I also have a bit of Irish and German in me. Irish from my dad’s side and German from my mom’s.”
    My Jam // Theme Song :: “My theme song is Fucking Perfect by P!nk.”

    Favorite Quote // Saying :: Never say goodbye.. because saying goodbye means going away.. and going away means forgetting.” -Peter Pan
    Recent Family Photo :: "It's of my father and my older sister, Trinity." [picture]
    On My Person ::
    • Android SmartPhone
    • Ipod Touch 5th Gen
    • Wallet w/ $200
    Contents of Carry-On Bag :: "I've got a simple sling military-inspired backpack. Not much can fit inside it."
    • Journal notebook with two black pens and one red pen
    • 2 Aquafina water bottles
    • 3 snack-size bags of trail mix
    • 1 packaged turkey sandwich
    • Nikon Coolpix Camera
    • Concealed Carry Weapon - Baretta 9mm w/ tac light. Loaded clip, clip is in a separate pocket from the pistol.
    • A collapsible camelbak. It fits 100 oz of liquid.
    Contents of Suitcase :: "Decided to go with the whole military look and brought this duffle bag along with me as a suitcase."
    • 3 pairs of t-shirts, 4 tank tops and 5 bras
    • 4 pairs of shorts, 3 pairs of jeans and 8 pairs of underwear
    • 2 sets of sandals and 6 pairs of socks
    • hair brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, a bar of soap, conditioner and shampoo
    • 2 small towels and 1 washcloth
    • medium sized canteen pouch
    • phone & ipod charger
    • my book Revealed from the House of Night series
    • my BC Lacrosse letterman jacket
    • Jungle Master' knife, used as a tac knife with my pistol
    Someone In My Sights :: “Of course! My B.A.E.!”
    My B(efore).A(ll).E(lse) // Boyfriend :: Jackson….My Jack-Jack.” Davina laughs and adds, “I call him my hubby. We’ve been together since Junior year of High School, and we’ve just always felt a close, tight-knit bond.. so, it’s as if we’re actually married. I just call him ‘hubby’ cause it gets him all blushy and I love it when he blushes!”
    State/Country of Origin :: “I was born and raised up in New Orleans, Louisiana near the 700th block of Toulouse.”
    Historical Background :: "I had a pretty good life, in all honesty. Grew up without knowing my mother.. she died while giving birth to me. My father and older sister were always there for me though, and always told me stories of her. My sister and I grew up in a mansion-like house with a barn in back, with some additional land.. we did all kinds of chores you can think of. We had three horses and two dogs.. eventually three dogs. Red and Spirit always stuck together while Raven and Bandit kept to themselves, though I would say Red was the top dog of the herd. He always kept Bandit in line if he ever tried acting out to 'show off for Raven'. As kids, Trinity and I used to joke about Raven and Bandit being lovers." Davina smirks and continues, "The dogs we had had since they were puppies. Got them for my sister's 10th birthday party. I was only 4 at the time. I got to keep one as my own though. They were brothers. We named them Brady and Beau. A few years later, I got Anakin for my 10th birthday party, since Beau preferred to hang out with my dad more than me. Life was pretty normal, of course except for the fact I hadn't gotten the chance to know my mom. I was a total 'Daddy's Girl'. My father never dated after my mom passed, either. He kept his mind busy with work and 'the farm'. Tending to all the animals, including his kids. I graduated high school with honors, all four years I spent participating in Marine Corps JROTC.. BC came calling, so did Penn State, Harvard, Cal State and quite a few others but I chose BC because I wanted to pursue the Lacrosse team and S&R Training. After two years on the team, I became Team Captain and also scored the position of First Home. This position represents the most offensive play on the lacrosse field. The First Home's main responsibilities are to score goals and to deliver accurate passes to teammates who are in scoring position. It's just the kind of position that appeals to the inner 'beast' in me." Davina laughs and smirks. "You wouldn't expect me to be what one might call 'a beast on the field', but put that Lacrosse stick in my hand and stick me out on the field with the ball.. you'll see what I mean."
    "I started S&R Training in my Sophomore year, second semester and have continued it since. Since moving to Boston to attend college I had to leave my old boy Ani at home with my dad. Poor guy doesn't have much time anyway.. the trip would have been rough on him.." After losing her train of thought, Davina shakes her head and gets back on track. "Anyway, what I was saying was.. since moving to Boston, I had to leave Ani behind.. I adopted a dog from the shelter to train with me in S&R Training. Having a dog in the program was an option, and I took it. The dog was a year old when I got him, now he is 3-years-old. His name was originally Neptune but I renamed him Bruce. Bruce took to his new name quickly.. and yes, being a black dog.... you have to know I gave him his name after Bruce Wane..a.k.a. Batman." Davina smiles wide, "He goes just about everywhere with me, to get a good feel for different situations we might come upon. Bruce'll even come with me to classes, and out to eat at restaurants. He wears his black S&R harness as well.. sometimes though I replace the Velcro patch with a "Service Dog" one."
    "As I previously stated before, I was originally from New Orleans but once Boston College came calling I moved out with my high school sweetheart Jack, to Boston where we rented a one bedroom apartment together. We've been there ever since, attending college and handling our jobs. Life's great. I couldn't ask for more."

    Description of Persona :: "Committed, Devoted, Honest and True. I strive to be better everyday. When I am in 'game mode' or 'training' mode I don't mess around. My goals are mostly, if not always met when I set my mind to something that needs to be done. I stay loyal to those who are loyal to me, loving and caring to those who might not even feel the same. I take care of my friends and loved ones the way I'd want to be taken care of and treated. Others needs are put before my own. I'm a survivor. I do what needs to be done and I am the kind of person who will make the tough decisions for the better when no one else will. I'm competitive but I am also a team player. I can get aggressive on the field but when it's game over, it's all about leaving what happened on the field behind and enjoying the game for what it was. A game. For those who get to see my softer side, they're lucky. I am a completely different person One-on-One than I am with a room full of people, too. I'm less confident and outgoing. I get more shy and reclusive, just wanting to get out of that 'backed into a corner' feeling. Really, I'm like Superman. I'm strong and just....out there.. but my alter ego is quiet and nerdy." Davina rolls her eyes and smiles. "When I'm around a guy......well, my guy, I'm real sweet and soft-spoken. I get kinda' doe-eyed.." Davina blushes a bit and rubs the back of her neck nervously. "I am a completely different person with Jackson." Taking a moment, Davina closes off with one last comment, "One thing I could definitely say though, is that there's not another person on this earth quite like me. I am Davina Marie Devereaux. Individualist."
    Descriptive Appearance :: “I am about 5’8” in height and weigh around 138 lbs. Most of me is built with muscle and very little fat. My hair length reaches almost down to my butt.. I’ve been meaning to cut it when the opportunity strikes me, or whenever the hell I can remember, but I keep forgetting to do so. My hair is a light brown with natural highlights in the bangs. My eyes are a dark, but very bright blue. If you are so privileged to see my straight, white teeth, I’m sure you’d agree with me that it is an award-winning smile.. ya know, if I do say so myself….. and I do! ..My skin is tan and has no blemishes, though I do have some pretty gnarly scars all over my body from things I’ve been through in the past.”
    Body Art :: "I have quite a few tattoos. I've lost count over the years, so I'll just show them to you, then we can count them up afterwards." Davina smiles wide and adds, "Most of my tattoos are book and movie inspired. I'm a big time reader and movie buff."
    1. On the top of my left hand, I have "I must not tell lies" tatted just like it's carved into Harry Potter's hand. [HP series]
    2. On my left inner-forearm, I have "The bird, the pin, the song, the berries, the watch, the cracker, the dress that burst into flames. I am the mockingjay. The one who survived despite the Capitol's plans. The symbol of the rebellion." [Hunger Games trilogy]
    3. To go with another Hunger Games inspired tattoo, I have on my right wrist "Real or Not Real?" tatted, and on the left wrist, "...Real." [HG trilogy]
    4. On the bottom of my right foot I have "Andy" tatted. [Toy Story]
    5. The inside-side of my left foot reads "Part of your world" [Little Mermaid]
    6. On both sides of my back/shoulder I have 12 inch long black wings tatted.
    7. On my side, I have a tattoo I let my artist go wild on. It's just, incredible.
    8. On the back of my right calf, "Remember what it was that made you sad." is tatted. [Corduroy]
    9. On my right bicep, I have "After all this time? -- Always." tatted. [HP series]
    Current Outfit Upon Airport Arrival ::
    Photographed Appearance ::
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  4. I remember this one! Oh yeah I would love to join up with this one!
  5. MST3K!!!! <3 HECK YEAH!! :) Welcome back :D
  6. It's nice to see you again! I'll inbox you my CS within the next 24 hours. I'm gonna be somewhat lazy and copy everything from my previous CS. You liked & accepted the previous CS...Why mess with success? (If that's okay with you.)
  7. That's totally fine! Nothing's changed..so, why not?! :)
  8. Full Birth-Given Name :: Peter Jason McCabe

    Preferred Name :: P-J

    Established In :: May 8, 1993
    Gender Identification ::Male

    Sexual Orientation :: Heterosexual

    Theme Song: I am Bruce Springsteen fan all the way from my black hair all the way to my Size 12’s. If there is one song that summarizes me and I can call my theme it’s “Born to Run.” I go non-stop all the time on the field and that is what helps make things happen for me., and I know I’m gonna get to this place where I really wanna go and I’ll walk in the sun.

    Someone In Your Sights :: Not really right now

    Boyfriend(or)Girlfriend :: Got out of a relationship about 3 months ago. (Broke up over Christmas)

    Historical Background :: Pull up a seat and take a load off. Want something to drink? There’s some bottled water in the fridge go ahead and grab a bottle it’s okay.

    There’s not a lot to tell really I mean you can read all about me online. Oh you don’t follow College Football? Well then that’s different okay get comfy and I’ll give you my life story so far.

    Name’s Peter Jason McCabe, but you can all me P-J everyone else does it’s okay. Anyway I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. My dad works for the Pittsburgh Fire Department, he’s retiring next year after 30 years on the job, and mom was a school teacher she’s retiring next year too. I learned early on in life the value of physical strength and education from both of them. I have an older brother who’s a lawyer and an older sister in the FBI and a younger sister who’s graduating High-School this year. I’m so proud of her. Yeah I come from a pretty tight knit Irish-Catholic family.

    I wanted to go to college because I saw the value of a good education and ever since I was a kid I wanted to be a doctor, but my parents could only do but so much for us in terms of paying for our education. I was pretty good at football, but I realized if I was great I could get a full-ride anywhere I wanted to go. I worked hard on the field at being the best outside linebacker I could be to get the attention of any college recruiter that saw our games. Considering we were the State Champs three years in a row when I was playing there were plenty of recruiters looking at us.

    My senior year I had tons of offers to play anywhere I wanted basically. Pitt came calling of course, so did Penn State, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Miami, Texas, and LSU. I decided to stay home and go with Pitt, because it's my hometown. I'm a Pittsburgh kid born and raised. More importantly I was promised a chance to start as a Freshman, and starting at outside linebacker especially I couldn’t say no to that. The others said I might get a chance to start my junior year and I couldn’t wait that long so here I am with the family and my hometown crowd in the stadium every home game.

    You see I love playing, but it’s not all that I am. Football is a means to an end for me. I want to be a doctor, and I figure if I get drafted into the NFL I can play 6 or 7 years and walk away with enough money to get into med-school free and clear. It looks like it’s working out too because according to ESPN and all the draft web-sites they got me going anywhere from top 10 to top 20 either way I’m going in the first round. Now before you go thinking I’m just doing all this football for me well you’re wrong. Truth be known my agent and I have already set something up with real-estate agent in Florida that a half of my signing bonus, and contributions from my older sibs, is going to build a house for my mom and dad in Pensacola, FL. They’ve worked so hard for us kids and to do the best they can now it’s our turn to take care of them. My younger sister I’m covering her college education with another part of my signing bonus.

    State/Country of Origin :: Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA.

    Contents of Suitcase ::
    4 tank tops & 4 T-Shirts
    4 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of Jeans, 2 Pairs of Sweatpants
    6 Pairs of Socks & 8 pairs of underwear
    1 Jacket
    1 Pairs of Tennis Shoes
    1 Pair of Hiking boots
    1 Pair of Sandals
    Basic Toiletries (Which includes sun-block)
    A notebook with pens
    A Swiss Army Knife

    Contents of Carry-On Bag ::
    Kindle Fire & Charger
    3 Bottles of water
    Trail Mix
    The latest Richard Castle novel “Deadly Heat”
    I Pod & Charger
    Baseball cap

    Description of Persona :: Look I’ll be the first to admit my size and what I do isn’t exactly warm and fuzzy to say the least, but I do everything I can to put people at ease. I crack a joke, smile, strike up a conversation I don’t want people to look at me and think I’m a dumb jock, or that I’ll rip their head off if they look at me. My parents raised me to be a gentleman first and foremost and to put the needs of others before my own, so I don’t use my size and skills on the field to bully others. When I’m on the field I play hard and play to win, but when the game is over I’ll be the first to shake hands with you for a good game. I like being with my friends and not just other players. I like being part of the science club, and I even enjoy singing in the choir at St. Matthew’s on Sunday mornings. Hey just because I live in another city doesn’t mean I stopped practicing my faith. I don’t think I’m perfect though I like to have a few brews now and again, the day we beat Bama I had a hangover for 2 days, and I have indulged in certain pleasures that my Priest and my parents wouldn’t be thrilled with. All that being said I try to do more things right than wrong.

    Descriptive Appearance :: I got my straight black hair from my father and my blue eyes from my mother. Of course to play outside linebacker you gotta have size and speed so being 6’4” and weighing in at 220 makes me an ideal person for that role. I got a sizable scar on my left hand from when we were playing Hanover my junior year. Some D-Lineman took a cheap shot at our QB dove right at his knees twice and the refs never called it, so one thing led to another and there was full blown riot on the field by midway through the second quarter. I went after that clown and got him on the ground. I didn’t even wait to get his helmet off I tried punching him through his face mask. Got him good and tore up my left hand, but the bright side I only missed three plays.

    Accessories :: I wear my high-school ring because it reminds me of where I came from, and it was a gift from my grandmother. She bought it for me just before she died. I also wear a diamond stud in my left ear. My father got it for me grudgingly. He told me if we won our third in row I could get a earring with the rest of our linebacking corps. My father big tough firefighter paid for his son to get his ear pierced. He’d never admit but I swear I thought I saw him smile in the mirror because of what the earring meant.

    Photographed Appearance :: [​IMG]
  9. Full Name: Jackson Wilson

    Preferred Name: Jack

    Birth Date: I was born on May 5th 1990. I am 24 years of age.

    Gender: Male

    Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

    Someone In Your Sights: "At the moment no. Mainly person I already caught the person in my sights. Davina.

    Girlfriend: "Yes like I just said her name is Davina, and we've been together for about two years now. Since our Junior year of High School, I love her and she's loves me
    that's all that matters. Sure she tries to make me blush a lot but I try and get her back. *Chuckles.* Like whenever she does one of her small hiccups.

    Religious Belief: "Honestly? I don't know, and I don't really care at the moment."

    Race: Caucasian

    Favorite Quote: "I love mankind,...It's people I can't stand."

    History/ Background: "I mean I don't really know what to say about my history. I've lived a pretty now life. All throughout school I suppose I spent more times hanging out with my friends. I was never in any school sports, because I dislike most of those cocky jocks. However I did start karate back when I was in third grade and I'm still doing it to this day. I know how to defend myself and luckily I've never had to used what I learned. People
    say "Wow then what's the point in learning karate if you don't want to use it to kick someone's ass." I respond with "Shut the fuck up, you're an idiot." Yeah I really hate explaining things to most people. If I know that you're going to listen to me and that'll you get what I'm explaining to you then I don't really mind but if I know you're stupid well...kindly blow it out your ass and leave me alone. Going through school I never needed
    a big group of friends. I wasn't there to make the whole school like me. The small group of people I called my friends was all I needed. lucky for me Davina was in that group of friends.

    Description of Persona: "Well if you know me I get annoyed easily by stupid people. Some say I'm too up tight, but I say that's not true. I me who knows me better then ME!?!? Yeah no one. I love having a good laugh. I'm good at Davina laugh, I mean I hope I am. Who knows she could be faking her laughing. Pssssh yeah right I doubt that. I only really get mad when you start messing with people I like and care about. When it comes to you having a problem with me well I could care less. I can stay calm through pretty much anything, and think things through clearly but I suppose I have Karate to help with that."

    Descriptive Appearance: "I'd say I'm some where between 5'11 and 6'0. I weigh about 175 lbs. Again I do work out and I'm in Karate so most of that weight is muscle...Not to brag or anything. My hair is a dirty blonde color and my eyes are blue. I don't really have much of a tan because well I don't really care for the sun. I like my rainy cold days. Why am I going to Africa if I at the sun and heat? Well I mean Divina is going and she
    made me go....shut up."

    Contents of Carry-On Bag: "Ehhh it's just your normal backpack. Nothing too special about it."

    - Ipod
    - Comics "For the long plane ride. I guess I can find other uses for them now."
    - 1 Ham, Turkey and Cheese wrap.
    - Two plastic bottles. One filled with water, and the other filled with Raspberry Ice Tea.
    - A concealed butterfly knife.
    - Bug Spray
    - Flash Light
    - Cell Phone
    - Sunscreen

    Contents of Suitcase: "Again it's just a normal suitcase, nothing too special."

    - 8 pairs of T-Shirts.
    - 5 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of jeans, and 7 pairs of boxers.
    - Sandals, and 7 pairs of socks.
    - Toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, and shampoo
    - 2 big towels, and 2 washcloths
    - Extra pair of batteries for the flash light.

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  10. Does the character form need to be in the first person?
  11. No, no it doesnt. I myself prefer 1st. :P
  12. Okedoke. I'll see about working on one.
  13. In progress.

    Full Birth-Given Name ::
    Aliyah I. Kimberly
    Preferred Name :: Ali
    Established In :: "My heinous mother gave birth to me at home, so the doctor's assumed that I was born sometime between May 9th and May 12th 1991. Despite this being my official birth date, I only celebrate the day I was adopted by Sam and Dave. Oh and I'm 23."
    Gender Identification :: "Female. A prime human specimen. No flaws, no blips, no blemishes. I am perfect."
    Sexual Orientation :: "A-sexual. Love is a fictional thing. Overrated and bedazzled."
    Someone In Your Sights :: "Me. Yeah, you heard me. I am the only person that I have in my sights, I am my own crush because I am remarkable."
    Boyfriend(or)Girlfriend :: "Nobody, I don't need any 'us' time, I'm completely satisfied with 'me' time."
    State/Country of Origin :: "I was born in New York but I moved to Portland, Oregon when I was three."

    Historical Background :: "From the day I was born to the day I turned seventeen, I have always been a foster kid. They say my mother couldn't handle the responsibility that was me, so she left me on a subway in New York. I was found by some kids, and they took me to the authorities. From there I was taken to the hospital where I had to stay for two years because it turns out I had some serious physical issues. That was the only time that I was imperfect. When I was released from the hospital at three years old, I was supposed to be taken to an orphanage in the city, but they didn't have any space and somehow I ended up in Oregon."
    "I grew up in the orphanage in Portland and officially became a foster kid at six years old. My first family gave me back to the orphanage because I had too much attitude for them, and I had the makings of a sociopath. That was bullshit for 'she didn't want to be our little black moral trophy to flaunt in our neighbor's faces.' After that I was passed from family to family to family, until one day I met Sam and Dave. Two lovely guys who wanted to get married and have a kid, but not one that was too young or too old. At the age of ten, I was 'just right' apparently. Things worked out pretty well, surprisingly, Sam and Dave liked my personality, and supported me in my pursuits."
    "Sam was a professor at the local community college and Dave was a Police Chief, so instead of sending me to middle school, they home schooled me. They didn't just teach me the basic academic skills, they taught me how to rise to the occasion, etiquette, deal with adversary and independence. They are the main reason that I am what I am today. "
    "When I turned fifteen, my parents decided that I was ready for the high school 'scene' and transferred me into the local high school. High school wasn't as interesting as most people made it seem. The classes were fine but the other kids were irritating, sex obsessed morons. It's fair to say that I avoided them. Of course I caught the eye of many but turned them all down. I was planning to become a successful business woman and I didn't need petty relationships to distract me and tie me down."
    "I graduated from high school with a full ride scholarship to George Washington University as long as I stayed within the Criminal Justice major program. That was no problem, my career goal was to become a Criminal Investigator."

    Contents of Suitcase ::
    - 4 tank tops, 3 pairs of t-shirts, and undergarments.
    - 4 pairs of capris, 2 pairs of shorts.
    - 3 pairs of sneakers, 2 pairs of sandals.
    - One large towel
    - A pair of hiking boots.
    - Toiletry box [sun block included]
    - Notebook and writing utensils.

    - Recording device- Sun glasses- Flash light and extra batteries.

    Contents of Carry-On Bag :: "I brought my blue abstract patterned backpack,
    - Anti bug cream
    - Pepper spray disguised as bug spray
    - Phone [Samsung Galaxy s4]
    - Three bottles of water, one with a slice of lemon.
    - Two chicken salad wraps.
    - Binoculars
    - Tablet and charger

    Description of Persona :: "Most people call me snotty and stuck up, but I am simply very confident of my abilities. Because most people aren't reliable, I often go solo and that does not bother me."
    Descriptive Appearance :: "I am a moderately tall woman, standing at 5'7", however I often where heels to increase that height. I am slender, although I am working on gaining a bit of muscle. I often keep my hair pulled back and I wear a navy blue scarf. My skin is light brown as are my eyes, something most people who see Sam and Dave and I together, have a hard time taking in, because they are stupid and don't understand adoption."
    Accessories :: "As I have no intention of jeopardizing my future in the Criminal Justice field, I have no tattoos, or abnormal piercings. I simply have the standard pierced ears."
    Photographed Appearance ::
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  14. Has this already begun? I've been horribly busy and haven't been able to post the CS yet but I can today if it's still going on
  15. We haven't started yet so I think you'd be okay if you posted a CS today.
  16. Kay.
  17. We have not, in fact, started yet.. my boyfriend and I were working on making a first post last night but ended up being too tired to finish our 'brick wall of death'. We will work on it again tonight and probably have it posted by tonight as well. We normally try to post in order, one after the other. After we post, whoever makes a post after that will be second to post.. and so on and so forth. Don't worry about starting late. We were originally supposed to start Monday, but of course.. Life catches up with all of us and some things must be taken care of before we can get to our luxuries. It's totally understandable, don't worry about it! Just please, make sure you get it up by tonight cause we will begin posting tonight.
  18. So, ima guess everyone got eaten by Lions and Hyenas...cause everyone frickin disappeared >>
  19. I'm still here
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