I survived the sign-up process and all I got was this account

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  1. Greetings, all

    I look forward to RPing here! I like medieval-fantasy and modern RP, though I could be coerced into joining a good Sci-Fi or cyberpunk RP. I like making characters I think people will like and hopefully play them believably. Well, there's all there is about me... um... I guess...

    So... um... h-how was your day?
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  2. Hallo there Soulless. >:3 Welcome to the community!
  3. You have made me laugh with your title and as such deserve a cookie. I welcome you to Iwaku and I hope you have a pleasant time here with all of us.
  4. This man is made out of golden cookie dough and the finest whiskey this side of Ireland.

    Also, he's one of the dandiest roleplayers this side of the Andromeda Galaxy, where he's originally from.
  5. It's true, greetings all from planet Glorb-Glab.
  6. Que?
  7. Como Estas?
  8. Donde esta la bana?
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  9. C'est vous p'lait?
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  10. Bueno. E tu?

    (I have a limited arsenal of Espanol, lo siento)
  11. Down the hall, first door on the right. Watch out for the Shoggoths.
  12. Muy Bien, Gracias.
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  13. Ich spreche kein Französisch. Du bist ein Mädchen. Ich? Ich BIN EIN MANN, UND EIN GROßER MANN!

    German language courses are great. Fun language to yell in too.
  14. mfw Soul doesn't have the pic of Dawnguard Judge Dredd.
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  15. He's in my character portrait folder. Waiting, watching...
  16. OH then I should be fi-


    I think Ill just shit myself
  17. A man after my own heart XD
  18. Welcome to your digital immorality. Your consciousness now belongs to the collective.
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  19. I can feel it working already!