I surprisingly have some ideas for once. 1x1

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  1. I'd like to take on some more RPs to put under my belt since I've had more free time lately.

    I'd like to do SciFi if you're into that. What I'd really like to do is something like... if you've read Ender's Game, they're taken to a space academy and are trained to fight against the Buggers. They fight in arenas to train and there's all sorts of parts to it, so if you're wondering let me know and I'll explain some more. It'd be interesting to do a space academy style RP 1 x 1.

    It's a little cliche, but we could also do vampires if you wanted. I'm fine with any romance you might want to pull off, and if you want it to be a bit mature, we can do that. Smut is pretty fun to do. :P

    Umm... some other ideas,

    • A class goes on a trip and ends up stranded in the wilderness. Two get split off from the group and are forced to try and survive by living off of the enviorment. We can figure out what kinda place they're stuck in, it could be a forest or somethin, I just would like to discuss I guess hahah.

    • Something involving military, like... two soldiers from different sides end up falling in love but have to hide their feelings. Or maybe it's a civillian from the opposing country and a soldier falls in love. I dunno. I like playing a character that feels conflicted with his feelings and his duty.

    • I also find genderbending to be interesting.

    So. Just let me know, any of these can be mature or not mature. It's up to you. We can figure out more, I like to discuss with my partner rather than just be the only one to decide on plot and stuff. XD; Feel free to PM me or post on this.
  2. I'm surprised that no one has responded to this yet. Ender's Game was a good book :3, and I'd do one of these roleplays with you but we already have 2 going (Which I still need to reply to > /// >) and I'm not sure if you'd like to do more with me ^^"
  3. I'd always be willing to RP with you. XD I just thought you were overloaded. :0
  4. -rolls- If anyone has any idea of their own, that's cool. Also, "skill" level isn't a big deal to me. I write a few paragraphs, so if that intimidates you, I'm sorry XD

    oh god I'm sorry, I'm just really bored right now.
  5. I'm completely overloaded...But I'll be taking on more as some of my other roleplays die/end.

    Maybe we can do another one once that happens.
  6. Unfortunately I'm not a big fan of sci fi however I'd be willing to try out the wilderness survival roleplay with you. The military idea sounds interesting too. Either or sounds good to me if you're willing to have a go at it.
  7. Hi there! I'm sorry for the delay, I had a bit of a busy game and I could barely post here. I'd love to do either with you, whichever sounds more fun to you. I prefer to play guys if that's okay.
  8. That's perfect because I don't normally play guys. XD

    Wilderness survival sounds good to me. Shall we work out the kinks for the roleplay via PMs?
  9. Sure thing! Just throw me a PM. Gonna head to bed soon.