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  1. Heya there, the enormous community I shall collectively refer to as "Iwaku"! It's wonderful to be here. For what feels like ages, I've been on-off searching for a place to creatively express myself through story-telling. My username, obviously, is Cloudburst. Should you find yourself so inclined, you may call me that. OR, you can call me Cobalt, my favorite element on the periodic table--if only someone else didn't snag it before me! Anyways, either is fine! C:

    I was hinted that I perhaps ought to mention a few specifics about myself in the interest of dispelling all that nasty stuff I'll tentatively refer as ambiguity. I am a male, eighteen years of age; yeah, I'm a youngin'. Oh well. I am indeed new to Iwaku(I'd hope, at least), but however am by no stretch of the imagination new to roleplay nor the vast world of literature. I love reading and writing, and have a bunch of other hobbies that, if mentioned, would make this even more contrived than need be. If you happen to be interested, just ask!

    As far as roleplays are concerned, my preferences don't lie anywhere too strongly. One-on-one is fine. So are groups! I'm not concerned so much about the party size as I am how much fun that's being had. It is roleplay after all, right? :P

    The rain is a wonderful thing, and I'm as likely to go outside and enjoy myself in it as I am to stay indoors and cuddle up within a warm blanket. I also am a pretty big fan of snow, too. Except for maybe when it piles up to 3+ feet.

    Hum, song on my mind... I dun'no. I listen to so much different music in a day that nothing really every sticks with me for very long. If I had to name something it would be Shinedown's "Call Me" for this particular moment in time. Is my music taste rubbish? Who knows? It's certainly not within my jurisdiction to make that decision.

    Regardless, I definitely look forward to becoming an active member of the community, and would love to make some friends. Don't be afraid to talk to me, because I positively love conversation! I also won't bite, promise. Unless you're into that sort'a thing.

    Until then: au revoir!
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  2. *Throws a pokeball at you*

    Hello, Cloudburst, and welcome to the site :D! I hope you enjoy your stay. Is Haunter your favorite Pokemon?
  3. Thanks, I appreciate it!

    Haunter's pretty up there, it's always been a really cool Pokemon in my opinion. When it comes down to things, I'd have to say it's tied for first with Ampharos and Typhlosion. I just didn't have any art for either of those that looked quite as neat as this!

    I have to say I'm pretty big fan of the art you're using, too. Cheshire Cat is the bomb! C:

    Hopefully I'll see you around sometime, along with others.
  4. Typholosion! Haha, it looks like we have the same favorite xD. Thanks, and I hope to see you around as well ^^
  5. Always good to hear that I have a few common interests with someone. Take care until then. Nice meeting you and the like!
  6. Hey there, I'm new here too, hope you have a great time. Also, you think 18 is young, I'm 14!
  7. Same to you, Headastator! At least I'm not alone in all of my newbishness, so that's a relief. Hopefully you enjoy yourself, too.

    Goodness, fourteen! Then again, there are people even younger than you who use the internet nowadays, so it shouldn't surprise me that much. Haha! I hope to see you around sometime, take care!
  8. Cobalt! ^o^ I like that as a nickname. Welcome to the community :D
  9. I'm glad you do! I'm more than happy to be here, and appreciate the warm welcome like you wouldn't imagine. Hopefully I'll see you as well as everyone else around sometime, whether it be idle chit-chat or roleplay. It's nice t'meet you, Diana. :)
  10. Welcome to Iwaku, Cobalt!
    And don't worry we're not all ancient, there are plenty of younger people than 18 on the site too!
    I hope you enjoy it here!

  11. Thank you for your reassurance, Velvet. I appreciate it!

    As things stand, I'm enjoying being here already. There's such a friendly and receptive atmosphere to this place that makes me all giddy.

    See you around the forums sometime, maybe!
  12. Salutations, Cloudburst! You've found a beautiful little section of the internet here at Iwaku. Hopefully you'll find it as pleasant for your roleplay endeavors as I have. People around here are generally very friendly, so if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask!
  13. Goodness, I never would have expected so many people to respond to my arrival thread! Hello to you too, Alainn! I'm more than certain that this is just the place I was looking for, and am already trying to become immersed in various stories and roleplays. It's a slow start; though, I sort of expected that--I am new afterall! Maybe we'll cross paths in the future, be it in roleplay or the chatroom. Thank you for the warm welcome, and take care! :)
  14. You are quite welcome! I think your warm welcome has a little to do with your thread title, honestly. Haha. I don't usually stop to welcome newcomers [-guilty-] but your thread caught my eye and I just had to see what kind of person you were. At any rate, I am glad that you are settling in nicely here and have already found a story or two to be a part of. It was a slow start for me as well, so don't worry about that. As you get used to the site and how things work, RP partners will come crawling out of the woodwork in droves.

    I stay clear of the chatrooms, so unless you are interested in an RP, we'll probably drift apart and never speak again. :P
  15. Welcome Ghost Pokemon. Please don't try to eat any of the posting members; however, the banned people are fair game.
  16. Oh my. Flattery will get you everywhere, Alainn. :P

    I'm sure I'll adjust to things soon enough, once I'm adequately settled and making stories on Iwaku with whomsoever I happen to befriend. And maybe even a few people I haven't!

    "... so unless you are interested in an RP, we'll probably drift apart and never speak again." Your post begs the question, though: was that an invitation?

    And to Hemingway: greetings! It's wonderful to make your acquaintance. I do believe I'm rather under control with my nigh insatiable appetite for forum-goer's flesh. It's good to know this needn't be the case for the banned, though. (:<

    I hope to see you around, psychedelic astronaut; om nom nom!