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  1. So, uh, pick a movie, any movie, and I'll download and stream it for y'all's viewing pleasure. I'll start in an hour once people pick something to watch.
  2. Is this really legull tho
  3. It's totally legit.
  4. Um...Back to the Future, Part III?
  5. Streaming movies without permission from the publishers, and questionably acquired ones to boot? This could get us and you into trouble.
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  6. This is not legal.

    Unless you are broadcasting the movie and adding your own commentary to it which will be present for a substantial portion of the movie. This is why things like Let's Play videos and streams are legal, and also why movie commentary videos like Cinema Sins are legal. Because they are adding to the content in a way unobtainable from other sources.

    Straight-up streaming the movie, unmodified is NOT legal and, like Vay said, could get everyone involved in quite a bit of trouble.
  7. Oh.
    That's rather silly/sad imo.
    Ah well, c'est la vie.
  8. It makes sense if you think about it.

    If it were legal, theoretically speaking only one person would EVER need to purchase a copy of a movie when it releases, then they could set up a stream (or multiple) to stream it to anyone who wanted to watch it. Film studios would make no money!

    Technically, the broadcast of media like that without permission is considered stealing. O__O
  9. The commentary provided on things like let's plays makes it a derived work, the people doing the let's are putting their own creativity into their content and the publishers let it slide because it becomes free advertising. People go there to experience the commentary as much as the original media but with something like simply streaming a movie then why would a person go out and purchase a movie or watch it on a subscription service like netflix when they can watch it for free and the publishers and the people making the movies lose out on revenue.

    It's a fine line that the lawmakers haven't fully caught up with yet...
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  10. True.
    Silly lawmakers.
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