I started writing a kind of anime today.

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  1. well it sounds more like a group roleplay or a story at the moment. It's called Dreamer's Song, it's about this high school / college student who is split between too different careers, being a musician (something she always wanted to do and her family supports her) and becoming a writer (which her parents don't approve of, afraid that she won't make enough money to support herself). It's set in a world where once your dream is chosen,it's set in stone and if you try and change it, they'll destroy it and lock it away and you'll become a mindless person.

    there are five characters in the main cast/

    the heroine: a short tempered but fun loving girl with a sensitive side that over powers the other two. she is used to putting her guard up and not letting anyone about the type of ideas she has or what she wants to do. She has hobbies that outside her main comfort zone such as dancing, acting and for some odd reason roleplaying. But she has a strong belief that people can't decide dreams.

    then there's her childhood friend: He's already had his mind wiped by the main government but he still tries to do his dream as someone who works in the animation industry. he's quiet, lazy and has an aspect of saying something positive but then automatically saying something negative right afterwords, I think his name is Shiki or Hishi or something along those lines. He and the main heroine are close friends and he kind of has a crush on her, but doesn't like the fact that's he limited.

    then there's the rebel of the group: Kohoko or hoko for short. she's a brash, rude, tempered girl who always wants to pick fights with everyone else, she hates that the goverment has decided to confiscate people's dreams and want to help fight to get her dreams back. Her dream is to become a cartoon character / entertainer and wants to entertain children. she's the youngest of six children and lives in a small village

    another one is: Sumia, she's the daughter of the leader of the goverment and her dream is to become a singer like the main character. She is strong willed and hates people who think that dreams can just be taken back. She is the only one who knows on how to reverse the dream like state and seems the most.....conflicted of the main group.

    finally there is...Rina, a well headed and well minded girl. she's one of the older ones of the group and has the persona of a happy go lucky idol who smiles and dances but she has a bad backstory. I'm not sure about what it is going to be yet, maybe something with Sumia.

    there are other characters in the setting and I think it's around the genre, of a slice of life / fantasy / action sort of story with some music elements.

    let me know what you think, or if this is the wrong place to put this?
  2. right, guess I should have posted it over here.
  3. Yo what's up

    I just moved your thread in the Showcasing section under the Content Forum not only because you are showcasing your writing but also because General Chat is more for off-topic discussion that is unrelated to rping, writing, etc.

    And by the way, great and original concept :D

    It's actually quite an original idea :P
  4. thank you. I didn't think it was that original. I'm still trying to decide on the characters still. especially the lead.
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  5. That is okay :D

    After all, you're just starting right? You're bound to make changes and get more ideas along the way.

    Just take your time :3
  6. yea.
  7. quick question, if I have other work I want to post, do i post it here or on another thread?
  8. You can still post it in the same thread, but you can make a new thread if you want to.

    So you can pretty much do either since you can have more than one showcasing thread :3
  9. ok. one for the anime, the other for the fanfictions.
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