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    The year is 3036, and the world is different. The United States no longer exists, replaced by a country and tyrancy that calls itself the Industrial Nation, ruled by a man who calls himself President Metallum. The Indstrial Officers patrol the streets day and night, making sure people don't get in trouble. But the citizens, whose lives aren't really all that bad -- in fact, they live in the way we do now -- don't see the evil behind their beloved President.

    All they do know is that the government is capturing the inexplicable superhumans that have been cropping up all over the place. They have been taght to fear these beings with all their hearts, and indeed do.

    Winnie Thorton has lived her life in general peace and serenity, under the roof of her grandmother, her parents having died in a car accident when she was young. She hangs out with her friends, gets in fights, dates jst like any other typical girl. But something's not right. Lately she's been undergoing some... changes that don't seem natural. Afraid of what will happen to her if the government finds out, she runs away in the night.

    She doesn't get too far before she is apprehended by a young man not much older than herself. He tells her that she needs to come with him. Frightened, Winnie flees, but he manages to get the better of her and take her into his custody. Little does she know, her captor is Blackjack, an agent of the Concordia Party, a group of rebels plotting to overthrow President Metallum and his Officers.

    Blackjack takes Winnie back to the underground base in what used to be the New York City subway system, where the leader informs Winnie that her parents had been part of the Concordia Party themselves. He assigns Blackjack to help Winnie harness and control her powers, as well as to teach her to use weaponry, telling him that she is the Missing Link, the legendary being who can end Metallum's reign for good.

    In a wave of jealousy, Blackjack begins to train Winnie.
    The last thing he expected was to fall head over heels for the girl who is prophesized to die...

    Name: Blackjack (Basil Mercier)
    Age: Twenty-One
    Gender: Male
    Role: Agent
    Appearance: here!
    Power: Intangibility -- capable of turning himself (and anyone or anything he touches) incorporeal for brief amounts of time. (usually enough to suffice in most situations, such as going through walls or allowing bullets to pass through him)
    Traits: hard-boiled, obstinate, indifferent, stoic, loyal

    Name: Binary (Vienne Hyacinthe Raine)
    Age: Nineteen
    Gender: Female
    Role: Hacker
    Power: Technopathy -- the best way she can describe her power to others is, well, talking to machines.
    Traits: strong-willed, hardworking, protective, optimistic, polite

    Winnifred Adelaide "Winnie" Thorton
    Eighteen || Female || The Missing Link

    Cunning || Intolerant || Impatient || Tempermental || Sharp

  2. Winnie runs one hand through her black hair, positioning and repositioning her hair dryer with the other. She keeps her head down as she does this, sifting throgh her semi-wet hair meticlously. Once satisfied, she glances up at her reflection, brush in hand. But as soon as her eyes focus, she gives a little start, brush falling from her opened hand to the floor as she meets her reflection's wide, fearful eyes. Glowing purple eyes.

    "No, no, no, no!" she mutters, frantically splashing her face with water and scrubbing at it harshly with the towel. First the lightening hair, then the sudden appearce of freckles, then the height shifts... But this is getting ridiculous!

    Groaning with frustration, she checks her reflection once more, almost fearfully. To her dismay, her irises remain a vivid purple. Hesitating only slightly, she grabs a hand towel, holding it over her eyes as she heads from the bathroom. Everything will be fine, she assures herself, desperately willing herself to believe it. I know this place like the back of my hand. I can make it to my room without a single --

    "OOF!" Winnie stumbles backward slightly from the force of the impact.

    "Winnifred!" her grandmother's voice sounds reproachfully. "Whatever are you doing?"

    Careful to position the rag over her eyes, Winnie pushes her grandmother aside gently. "Got shampoo in my eyes," she mutters, feeling slightly guilty for lying to her guardian. "Stings like Hell."

    A hand touches her sholder, and she winces. "Let me see, Sweetheart."

    Panicking, Winnie pulls away from her grandmother's grasp, hurrying down the hall. "No, no. I'll be perfectly fine. In fact, I'm feeling better already." She slams her bedroom door shut and locks it behind her, leaving Grandmother looking stunned.

    Frightened, Winnie considers what's been happening to her. Her grandmother isn't a Exterus, an altered being, so how could she herself be one? It doesn't make any sense... Grandmother would have told her! So what had happened then? Had someone experimented on her when she was a child, without her knowledge? The possibility is a frightening one, but is just that -- a possibility.

    This has been going on for months, as far as she knows of. And it's getting worse! Just the other day at her friend Rachel's house, her hair started inexplicably lightening, curls tightening. Luckily, she had managed to get out of the house before it became too noticeable. They'd take her away. She'd never see Grandmother ever again. Ever.

    There's only one thing I can do. In a sudden bout of desperation, Winnie yanks her backpack off her bed, dumping its contents onto the floor. Jaw set, she stuffs in her water bottle, a few changes of cloth, a picture of her with her parents and grandmother from when she was just a baby... Then she sits at her desk, for the hard part of this. What to tell Grandmother. Taking a deep breath, she begins to write.

    Granny; I regret to tell you that I can stay here no longer. Certain.. things have been happening to me, and I'm afraid. Afraid of myself, afraid of what others will think, afraid the Officers will find out... And if they take me, they'll take you, too. I can't risk that. By now I probably have you confused, and I'm not sure how to put this passively, so I'll just come out and tell you. I think I'm an Exterus. I can change my appearance, and I can't control it, either. I understand if you have to turn me in. I considered turning myself, but then they'd investigate you too. I'm sorry. I can't lie like this anymore. I love you, no matter what you decide. Stay safe.

    By now fighting back a round of tears, Winnie pulls on a sweatshirt and her battered sneakers. She tucks her hair into her hood and pushes a pair of dark sunglasses onto her nose. Slinging her backpack over her shoulders, she sits on the windowsill, looking over her room. "Good bye, life of ease," she whispers hoarsely. Then she jumps and tears off into the night, never once looking back.
  3. "Did you get all of that, Blackjack?"

    "It's basically an escort recovery mission. it shouldn't be too hard if this... Winnifred is compliant."

    Binary spun her wheelchair around to face away from her table and computer monitors to give Blackjack a look. "She's been living as a civilian for practically her entire life! Winnifred is not like us, you know." As if to prove her point, the monitors behind her pulled up various windows containing the information they currently had on "Winnifred Adelaide Thorton".

    "She's practically your age."

    "That's not my point, Blackjack!!" she huffed before her brown eyes noticed the handgun and kantana hanging off his belt. In a moment of confusion, Blackjack watched as Binary rolled her wheelchair over to him before quickly snatching his gun out of his holster and pulling the string to the sheathe tied onto him. Even though Blackjack was miffed by her, he made no attempt to recover his weapons, settling for crossing his arms and glaring at her. However, Binary paid him no mind as she rolled backwards towards her table. "It's an "escort recovery mission"; the last thing you need is to scare her away and complicate things!" Blackjack's gun was then placed on the table (because Binary's gun holster held her own gun). With some help from the rather reluctant Blackjack, the string on the sheathe was retied before the sword strung behind her chair. He understood where his teammate was coming from, and Binary could easily out-stubborn him if she so wanted to.

    "Where is her last known location?" he asked, changing the subject.

    "She should be home, let me just pull up the surveillan-- What?!"

    The window pulled up just in time for both agents to see Winnie jumping out of her windowsill and running off.

    "This may or may not simplify things.... Binary, I'm leaving." Blackjack quickly said, pulling a specific drawer in Binary's table to grab his bluetooth device to attach to his ear. "Update me on her location, will you?"

    "What else do you think I'm doing?!" she exclaimed, typing vigorously into her keyboard. "You go on ahead first. I'll see you later, Blackjack!"
    So without another word, Blackjack left the underground base, slipping through the city.

    Finding the runaway was the hard part, but Binary's directions made things a lot easier. Eventually Blackjack did find Winnie, but decided that he would tail her and wait until she was tired from her run and approach her then. When he deemed the time was right, he stepped out of the shadows towards her direction, stopping just a few feet in front of her. "Winnifred Adelaide Thorton? . . . Come with me."

    Back at base, Binary buried her face into her hand as she heard what Blackjack said. "Well, aren't you such a charmer?" she muttered under her breath.
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  4. Winnie has no clue where she's going. All she knows is that she wants away, away from all this. Away from her swiftly changing life, away from her home, away from those she loves. But where is away? Is it even in this town? In the Industrial Nation, even? Perhaps it is, perhaps it isn't, she decides. But right now she has to keep moving before someone calls the Officers on her. That would be counterproductive.

    After what seems like hours, the girl finally allows herself to slow to a gentle walk. Well, more like she just can't take running like this anymore. Her heart feels like it's going to pound out of her chests, her lungs burn, her mouth dry, her legs sore. She knows she needs to find a place to rest for a while. But... Where? Is anywhere, anytime safe enough to leave her guard down enough to rest? Surely not, she decides with a slight shrug.

    "Winnifred Adelaide Thorton?" a voice calls out her name from behind her, and her glowing purple eyes widen in sheer and total panic. "Come with me."

    Turning on her heel, she looks over the young man who had addressed her from behind her sunglasses. "You're an Officer," she says hoarsely. "Leave me be, please. I'm no harm to anyone. I swear." She begins to back away steadily, knowing that if she'd run, they'd surely shoot. "I've never hurt anyone in my life; I'm not a danger. Please, just leave me alone!" Her voice is surprisingly sharp.

    ((Ugh, sorry it's so short; I have very limited time online right now.))
  5. Sighing, Blackjack crossed his arms, it didn't help that Binary was asking him on the other end if he ever looked in a mirror recently. His long hair was up in its usual ponytail, and he was wearing a black overcoat with gold trim, a white button up shirt and black pants. . . In his opinion it was still a far cry from the uniforms the Officers would wear. Either way, the girl was obviously frightened, and Blackjack was a bit of a loss at how to approach her. It felt like walking on eggshells; one wrong word or move and she'd zip away. A wild goose chase was the last thing he wished for. All Blackjack wanted to do was get this mission over with, take her back to base and call it a night.

    "Do I look like an Officer to you?" he asked somewhat crossly, although in the back of his mind Blackjack was wondering what got her so worked up. No harm to anyone? Never hurt anyone? Not a danger? The intel they managed to gather suggested that she was possibly an Exterus, but they -- or rather, Binary -- had long ago deduced that whatever power she had, it was not of a highly destructive type. Silver eyes watched like a hawk, knowing full well that she was backing away, but if Blackjack stepped forward, she would probably bolt, so he held his ground. If he wanted this to run smoothly, he'd have to tread delicately; which wasn't exactly his strongest suit.

    Scratching his head somewhat irritably, he finally spoke up again;
    "Let me try this again. I'm Blackjack. Just relax and follow me; and I'll take you to a safer location." In an effort to appear more amiable, he held out his hand, palm up, towards her. His other hand was at his hip and Blackjack looked straight at Winnifred's eyes. He wish he could say that he made eye contact, but it was hard to tell since the little lady was wearing sunglasses.

    "Just trust me."

    (( don't worry about the length! As long as it advances plot, I'm happy c': ))
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  6. ((Well that's good, because, admittedly, sometimes I have lazy days. xD))

    "Do I look like an Officer to you?" the young man sounds almost offended by the prospect of such an accusation before his features calm and he begins to speak once more. "Let me try this again. I'm Blackjack. Just relax and follow me; and I'll take you to a safer location." He holds out his hand, palm up, towards her. She eyes it warily as he speaks a simple phrase as though it will make all the difference in the world. "Just trust me."

    Eyes still locked on his outstretched hand, Winnie begins to move backward on shaky legs. “Don’t you see?” she tells him sorrowfully. “I’m not sure who I can trust, what I can believe anymore. I’m not even sure that I trust myself.” She adds in a hush. "And you... You convieniently appeared just when I'm trying to --" She breaks off abruptly/

    Winnie wants nothing more than to run for everything that has ever mattered to her, even vaguely so. She wants to run for her grandmother, who has cared for her for as long as she can remember. She wants to run for her parents, who she scarcely can recall. She wants to run for her best friend Rachel, who is always there for her in times of need. She wants to run for freedom, her house, her school. She wants to run for her very life.

    But something within her keeps her rooted in place as she watches the young man with an unsteady gaze. What if he’s telling the truth, and she’s passing up the chance of a lifetime? Companionship, safety… What could be better in her current situation?

    But then again… who knows what will happen to her if she goes with this “Blackjack?” (What kind of name is that, anyway?) Perhaps they'll study her, or question her about her family. Perhaps they'll brainwash her, and turn her into who-knows-what. Perhaps they'll merely kill her, and preserve her body for science. Winnie shudders inwardly at such horribly morbid thoughts. For whatever could be more frightening than not being able to trust your own government? That's just not something she's used to. Vaguely, she wonders if this is how all the Exterus feel when being pursued. Lost and alone... Not having anyone to turn to. But those who've always known that they're an Exterus are unfeeling and dangerous... Right? At least that's what President Metallum has always said. And if he isn't trustworthy, then who is?

    Winnie watches Blackjack steadily. “Let’s say for a moment that I do decide to go with you,” she says steadily. “What’s in it for you? And where would you be taking me?”
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  7. (( We all have our days!! So trust me when I say it's fine x'D ))

    “Don’t you see? I’m not sure who I can trust, what I can believe anymore. I’m not even sure that I trust myself.”

    She also said something more, but Blackjack couldn't make out what it is she said since she had said it so quietly. It didn't seem to matter because she then stopped talking altogether, leaving him to wonder what exactly she was thinking. He then wondered if he should speak up now, or wait to see if she had anything else to add. He kept her eyes on her warily, and Binary had (thankfully) stopped talking; guess she was also curious as to how things would turn out. Before Blackjack could say anything though, Winnifred spoke up first.

    “Let’s say for a moment that I do decide to go with you, What’s in it for you? And where would you be taking me?”

    "There's nothing in it for me," Blackjack honestly replied, "But I will be taking you somewhere safe; the Officers won't catch you and there'll be others like you there. I can promise you that." Bah, all this sweet talking. He wasn't lying, he just never liked the taste it left on his mouth. Nevertheless, he had to continue, "It's alright if you don't know who to trust, but right now I need for you to trust at least me. The longer we stay out here, the more dangerous it gets." The officers could find them, for one, and he was explicitly commanded to keep things as low key as possible. It was the primary reason why the boss sent him; his ability would make moving about much easier. At either rate, he'd have to trust that Binary would let him know if a scout patrol gets too close.

    "I know you might have a lot of questions, but we can't talk here, we need to move."
  8. ((I'm sorry, Aegylic! D: My time online is being cut short now; school starts next week and the soccer season has now officially started.))

    "There's nothing in it for me. But I will be taking you somewhere safe; the Officers won't catch you and there'll be others like you there. I can promise you that. It's alright if you don't know who to trust, but right now I need for you to trust at least me. The longer we stay out here, the more dangerous it gets. I know you might have a lot of questions, but we can't talk here, we need to move."

    Winnie hesitates, looking over Blackjack uncertainly. On one hand, she is definitely risking her life if she chooses to go with him. On the other hand, she’s risking her life by staying out here in the streets. At least if she goes with him, it’s something to do, and she’d out of the open. If something happens to her, she’d just be reunited with her parents, she supposes, though she will do anything to prevent her own death; Mama would’ve hated to think that her daughter went on a suicide mission with a stranger.

    With a sigh, Winnie crosses her arms, glaring at Blackjack from behind her sunglasses. “Fine,” she snarls harshly, hoping to instill at least a little bit of fear into his heart. “I’ll come with you, just for the sake of it. But let's get one thing straight, right here, right now,” she lowers her voice to an aggressive whisper. “I don’t trust you in the slightest. Don’t think for a moment that I do.”
  9. (( It's alright, Hermione! C': School starts next Monday for me as well Dx
    our freedom..... D'8
    on another note I hope you don't mind me pushing things along -- I didn't wish to drag it on too much. But if you wish for me to edit, do let me know! > < ))

    Blackjack could not help but smirk; so the quivering cat finally decided to show off her fangs. If she was going to be working with them, then that boldness will definitely help in the long run. A short, amused laugh escaped his throat, "Given the circumstances, I would've been surprised if you said otherwise."

    "She's going to be a feisty one, ain't she?"

    "Binary, stay quiet and help me keep a look out. I rather not have hounds snapping at my heels today." he muttered as he turned around to survey the surroundings outside of their current hiding spot.

    "Roger!!" came the almost... happy chirrup which caused Blackjack to sigh. He turned his head back towards Winnifred before saying one, short word. "Follow." He had long overfilled his talking quota for the day.

    Eventually the pair arrived at an old, abandoned subway system, pulling open the entrance, he waited for Winnie to walk in first as he gave another quick glance around the area before going in after her. Almost immediately Binary rolled up to them, before her hands quickly braked the wheels before turning her chair around. Once the two had gotten close enough to base, Binary had left her post to meet them as quick as she could. With her eagerness, it wasn't hard to imagine that if she had the capability to use her legs, she would've pounced on her old friend. "Took you long enough, Blackjack!! Boss wants to see you," she then turned her attention to Winnie as she added, "both of you, for that matter!"

    Blackjack said nothing as he took the handles on Binary's chair to push her down the hall. However, Binary's eyes still remained on the newcomer, "Winnifred, right? My name is Binary! And you already met cranky ol' Blackjack here~"
  10. ((No, it’s fine. c; Actually, I’m glad you did, hehe!))

    Winnie grits her teeth as something like a laugh escapes Blackjack’s lips. "Given the circumstances, I would've been surprised if you said otherwise." What part of this is funny? Is the kid stupid? Ugh, going along with something with mental incompetence would be worse than being left to her own devices, surely. Maybe she should just go now, escape while she still can. "Follow.”

    And before Winnie can evenentertain one more idea of running off and leaving this weirdo behind forever, ideas of escaping the madness before it consumes she herself, she finds herself running after Blackjack almost against her own will, cursing herself the entire time. What if he is an Officer? How could she leave her guard down? Should she leave? WHY THE HELL IS SHE STILL FOLLOWING HIM?!

    But she follows him even after this particularly pressing thought, follows him all the way to a small trap door in a secluded part of town. She eyes him suspiciously from behind her dark sunglasses. What the Hell? Why would she go down there? What’s down there, anyway? Even in the midst of all of her questions, Winnie knows one thing is certain: if she follows him down that trapdoor, there’s no going back. But what other choice does she have? Flee for the rest of her life? No; she wouldn’t do it. With a deep breath, Winnie starts downwards carefully, her full attention on the young man behind her, even if she can’t keep an eye on him right now. But soon enough, he’s in front of her once more, leading her down a long cooridor and opening the door to reveal… a girl in a wheelchair?

    The girl grins at Blackjack broadly, and Winnie’s mouth opens to form a small ‘o’ as she addresses him in a cheery, upbeat voice, tied-up brown hair bouncing. "Took you long enough, Blackjack!! Boss wants to see you," Winnie just stares as the girl looks at her with a grin "both of you, for that matter!"

    As Blackjack takes control of the girl’s chair, Winnie finds herself following the pair down the hallway, doubts no longer plaguing her mind as the girl watches her. "Winnifred, right? My name is Binary! And you already met cranky ol' Blackjack here~"

    “It’s Winnie,” Winnifred mutters, averting her gaze behind her glasses, lowering her hood to reveal curly blond hair. Wait… Blond hair? Curls? Winnie pushes her hair away from her face angrily. “Goddamnit.”
  11. [(( BWHAHAHAA, I LIVEEE!! ....OTL
    I'm sorry for this late post T____T ))

    "Winnie, then? Ahh, that's way cuter than mine, I'm almost jealous!" Binary replied as the trio continued their way down the hall. The two then noticed as Winnifred lowered her hood to reveal.... curly blonde hair? Wasn't it black? But while Blackjack just blinked at her in what seemed to be curiosity, Binary merely offered a small, comforting smile before she asked, "Shape shifting?"

    Several moments after Binary's question, they had arrived at a specific door and Blackjack moved to open it. Binary rolled on in first as Blackjack continued to hold it open for Winnie. The room they went into was large, and there were quite a number of people in it. At the center stood two men, an older silver-haired was talking with a younger blonde.

    "I'll be counting on you, Track."

    "Just leave it to me!"

    Track then walked away, not before waving at the trio standing at the doorway, which made the silver haired man turn around to see. The left side of his face was scarred, from what seemed to be a burn. But while his right eye was this pale-gold color, the other eye was this… vacant, unfocusing milky blue that seemed to stare straight through you. Eventually the entire room seemed to have noticed the newcomer, because it grew rather silent and Blackjack and Binary walked -- or rolled -- up to the center of the room. Binary took the liberty of introducing as she piped up, "Boss, this is Winnie!"

    "I completed the mission, Spade" Blackjack tiredly mumbled,
    "Am I allowed to take my leave now?"

    "Hold on a minute, would you, Blackjack?" Spade easily replied with a hushed tone before turning his attention to Winnie. "Winnie Thorton then? They call me Spade. Welcome to the Concordia Party."
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