I s'pose..

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  1. I suppose it's time for one of these things.
    I'm never really certain what one of these things should consist of.
    So, I'm gunna go with ..the flow? :P

    I've been rolepaying for about 7-8 years. (Yes, my memory is bad enough that I don't remember exactly how many years I've been roleplaying. In my defense, that's a long freaking time.)
    I have had some times where I've just decided not to roleplay for a few months or so, but I've always come back to the wonderful world of roleplaying.
    I'm not going to say that I'm an elite roleplayer, or even really advanced. (Well, that all depends on what your standards are for categorization.)
    My posts typically consist of 2+ decent sized paragraphs.
    It's been a long time since I roleplayed anywhere other than gaia, (cringe) so please excuse my skewed perceptions.
    I'm trying to find a site (or a few sites) where I can roleplay n such.
    That's me.
  2. Iwaku is definitely one of those sites you can roleplay at! If you haven't noticed ^.^
    Anywho! Welcome to Iwaku.
    If you need anything don't be afraid to ask. -nods-
  3. Why thank you good madam.
    I appreciate the welcome. (:
  4. YAY we always love new members. Gives our community a boost and fills it with wonderful personalities. So, here's to knowing that you will find something that you enjoy doing and find something worthwhile on this site. Welcome to Iwaku, the land of possibilities. ^_^
  5. Wow.
    I'm not used to such..
    Thanks muchly for the welcome. ^_^
  6. you is very welcome. ^_^
  7. (:
    I get the feeling I might actually be able to have fun in a place like this.
  8. I gotta feeling, woooo hoooo,
    That tonight gonna be a good night~!

    :D Welcome to Iwaky, Wytch! I am Iliana and it is a pleasure to have you hear on Iwaku! Yes, fun will be had whether you're rping, playing Board Games, chatting to members in the cbox, or doing Challenges and Exercises! It's always nice to have another member excited about playing and getting to know everyone in our community!

    Enjoy yourself, kay~?
  9. Yes ma'am.
    Thanks muchly. (:
  10. I myself have been on gaia, but in my opinion, Iwaku its a more roleplay based website! Other than that, Welcome to this Community! My name is Rina and if you need help pleasure do not be afraid to ask ^-^
  11. Thank you for the welcome.
    Yeah, gaia isn't exactly the most roleplay based site out there...
    I'm actually trying to figure out how the roleplays on this site work. o_O
    It seems a lot different than what I'm used to, which really isn't all tha surprising, but I'm trying not to get too confused all at once. :P
  12. It really is not that hard , you can start by browsing at first and if there is anything in specific you want to know just ask. ^-^
  13. It seems a lot more complicated than what I'm used to. (Which, at this point, is gaia.)
    I'm slowly looking around. Mostly trying to see if there's a roleplay that might interest me, 'cause that's honestly why I'm here. :P
  14. What kind of genre are you looking for?
  15. Well, I'm most comfortable with fantasy, though I typically like the modern stuff better than the medieval.
    I have a roleplay that I've been like..dying to do, but.../shrug... It's something that is going to have to wait until I can figure out the roleplay style of this place.
  16. Hi Wytch.

    I felt you should know...I love your name. :)
  17. @Raimy : (: I might get around to making my own eventually..once I get a bit more comfortable here.

    @Cosmos : Why thank you. :3 I like it too. Lol.
  18. Hello and welcome :)
    I am new here myself but so far everything goes great and I am 100% sure you will quickly get around.

    If you look for particular roleplay but can't find anything, and have something on mind, why don't you post it.

    I like fantasy myself and would love to see something new :)

  19. Welcome aboard to Iwaku ma'am.

    The name is Tenchi-Roku and I hope you enjoy it here. :)