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  1. Name: Richard Neverist

    Appearance:[​IMG] (Imagine this guy to be 13 or 14, and not wearing Griffindor colors.)

    Richard is a very outgoing person who keeps to himself. Most of his time is spent studying or reading. He isn't really pompous or mean, but shy and understanding. Richard is obviously really smart due to all of his reading. Richard, when it comes to people only has a handful of friends.

    History: TO BE MADE

    Name: Veronica (Ronnie) Reinier
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    Personality: She's hot-headed and mischievous, most of her time is invested in quidditch. She uses her smarts and wits to get her out of trouble and she's really quite brave and always rises up to a challenge.

    History: To come later
  2. The small 11-year-old stared at the wall where Platform 9 3/4 was supposed to be located. She stared at it doubtfully and looked around. Her mother stood at her side and looked on in amazement as she saw a group of kids her daughter's age run right through what should have been a solid wall and disappear completely. It filled her with a sense of pride that her daughter had ended up being a part of this special group of people. "Go on, Ronnie," she encouraged her daughter. "You'll do great at the new school."

    Ronnie hugged her mom tight and she smiled up at her. "Love you, mom," she said before waving and grabbing her trunk full of clothes and rolling it over so she was facing the wall directly. She cast a look about her to make sure no one was watching and then began running as fast as she could. Her eyes closed and she tensed up, expecting the wall to come meet her and for her to go crashing into it. The crash never came though and Ronnie opened one eye only to see that she truly was in a new place with people like her walking around. Her owl, Lyra, was curled up in her cage, her beak digging into her feathers and her eyes closed. After all, it was just the morning and she was naturally a night bird.

    The Hogwarts Express stood before her, and she looked back expecting to find her mother there but she was not. She probably didn't dare to cross the barrier which was okay with Ronnie, but she was overcome with sadness at not being able to see her mom until at least the holidays. Ronnie shook the feeling off however, and looked back at the train whose whistled was now blowing, signaling that it was getting ready to leave. She smiled in excitement and went right onto the train and into one of the rooms that was not yet occupied.
  3. Richard walked around with his mom and dad until they reached Platform 9 3/4. It was rather early and Richard didn't think anyone was there. He put all of this things he needed on the little car that he was going to push around. Both his brother and sister had already gone through Hogwarts and Richard had only heard stories about it. Hogwarts sounded like something out of a story book that Richard would read, and he was excited.

    His mother and father checked over his bags and gave him a kiss on his head. "It'll be fine, even though you are a tad bit shy" said his mother. Richard pretended to act sick for a moment but his parents didn't fall for it. His dad patted him on the back and scooted him forward. This 12 year old had no idea what to expect when he looked at the wall that was before him. He didn't know what to expect but he remembered his brother telling him to run and don't stop when you go to the platform.

    "Now son, just go straight through there, don't stop just go." His dad put his hand on his shoulder and pushed him. Richard ran toward the column and closed his eyes not knowing what to expect. When he was close enough he thought he would hear a thud but instead he went through and saw a large train. The Hogwarts express was large and many were shuffling into the train. Richard had read about this train and how many awesome things went on in it. He moved around and set his bags with the man who was loading them into another cart, and he walked onto the train. It was rather odd that everyone had already found a seat and Richard had not. The only seats left were either reserved or had bags in them. He continued moving till he saw a redheaded girl sitting alone in one of the rooms. Richard moved in and sat down pulling out a small book to read. "I'm Richard, what's your name?"
  4. Ronnie was looking outside of the window from the spot where she sat. Her knees were pulled up to her chest and Lyra was in her cage next to her, a small comfort as she tried to calm her nerves and excitement. After a while it seemed like most if not all of the passengers were on board and Ronnie began to think she would have the room on the train to herself. She was soon proven wrong though as a boy of about her age sat down with a book across from her.

    Ronnie was glad for the company and she smiled at the boy. "I'm Veronica, but you can just call me Ronnie. Everyone does," she introduced, now excited for the company. She felt the train start moving and the whistle of the train blowing. Kids leaned out the windows to wave goodbye to their families and Ronnie sort of wished her mom had gone onto the platform to say goodbye to her as well. Ronnie turned to her neighbor and tilted her head in question. "Are you a first year too?" she asked.

    ((sorry it's short))
  5. Richard looked at Lyra and he realized he didn't have a pet with him. "Great I guess I'll have to go buy some things. Glad to meet you Ronnie." Richard settled in his seat as the train began to move. "Yes, it's my first year, but my brother and sister have already gone through Hogwarts. My parents expected me to know everything by now." Richard looked through his bag and found a pouch with "Money for your things" on it.

    "Hey if you know anything about Diagon Alley that would help me enough to get me started." Richard kept looking through his bag and didn't find any key things that he needs. "My books and things are at school, but my pet and wand I need to buy. So, could you help me out a little, I know it's rather sudden but I'm not so sure where to turn."
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  7. Ronnie flushed and rubbed the back of her head. "I only know bits," she confessed. She hesitated a little bit before continuing. "I've only been there once, you see. My parents are um, what people here call muggles. So I only know what I've witnessed up until now." Ronnie was a bit nervous when it came to admitting she wasn't born magical. Most people didn't care one way or another, or they didn't seem to mind that there were certain magical things that she just didn't know about, but during her visit in Diagon Alley, she learned that not everybody was as accepting of muggle-born witches and wizards. No one was obvious about it though, but it was easy to tell when your kind wasn't welcomed or when you were looked down upon for not understanding the schematics of what was an entirely new world to her. If she were in her muggle world, she would have gladly scoffed and continued on her merry way, but Ronnie was in a whole new different world and she was but a nervous child.

    Still, she figured she would learn soon enough how the wizarding world works so she shook off those negative feelings and smiled at Richard. "But I can do my best," she assured. "I know some of the places, like Ollivander's Wand Shop. The man there gave me my wand, see?" Excited, she pulled her wand out of her robes. "It's made from Hazel and dragonheartstring and it picked me!" She was so excited as she said this. It was a whole new experience for her, and probably her best yet.
  8. Richard looked at her wand never really seeing one like it before. "I've only seen my brother or sister's wand maybe once or twice." He looked over the wand examining it. Richard wished he had a wand badly, it wasn't easy to see her having one when he didn't. "I think I have a book about wands." Pulling out a book he flipped through the pages until he found the section that talked about wands.

    Wand is a quasi-sentient magical instrument through which a witch or wizard channels his or her magical powers, and thereby centralizing the effects for more complex results. Most spells are done with the aid of wands, but it is possible to do spells without the use of wands. Wandless magic is, however, very difficult and requires much concentration and incredible skill; only truly advanced wizards are known to perform such magic."

    Richard looked through the book until he finished the chapter, which wasn't that long. "Hm, it does mention dragonheartstring." He closed the book and looked up at Ronnie. "How long do you think the trip is?"
  9. Ronnie leaned over and looked at the book Richard had on wands. It sounded like the wands were just as alive as they had felt like when she held her own in her hands. "You're going to love having a wand," she insisted with an excited smile. "It's like meeting a long lost buddy," she tried to explain the feeling of holding the wand that chose her.

    At his next question, she couldn't help but furrow her brows and bite her bottom lip in puzzlement. "I heard it's pretty a long like a day or so because we're going up North," she spoke. She didn't know exactly where the school was, but she did remember when Headmaster McGonagall came to talk to her mom the first time about what exactly Hogwarts was. She mentioned that it was located somewhere in Scotland. "But we'll have a day to go around Diagon Alley when we get there, I'm sure! I'm missing some books too. We can pick out an animal for you too," she said, practically jumping at the idea of going back there. "What kind of animal are you looking for? I almost went for a ferret myself." Ronnie didn't realize she was talking so much, but now that her initial nerves were gone, she couldn't contain her excitement for the new adventure presented to her.
  10. Richard looked at her as she rambled on about helping him. He was impressed that she took some sort of interest in him. "Thanks for all the help." Richard looked out the window as they were moving already missing his parents. It seemed as if it had been hours when it had only been minutes. He fixed himself in his chair so he would be more comfortable and fixed his gaze on Ronnie. "I'm not sure what type of animal I want to get. To be honest I'm not exactly the animal person." Richard looked at her awkwardly because he felt weird discussing this with her. "Maybe I'll get a frog, or a cat" Richard said to himself loud enough for Ronnie to hear. "So, tell me about your parents or your family in general."