I slept til 2:30 pm today

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  1. I was so tired last night, and I turned my phone off because I was afraid work would call me in.

    I went to bed around two am, which is not that later than usual for me

    What's the latest you've slept in lately?
  2. I slept in until 4 PM today while getting to bed around 3 AM? Had a stressful week though and sleeping around 12 hours isn't that rare for me!
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  3. Midnight? 8PM? 2AM?

    Name an hour and I've probably woken up during it this past year.
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  4. I'm pretty sure I've already hit the 12 hour mark.
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  5. Once slept until 5:30 pm or so after going to sleep around 2 or 3 am. Good times.
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  6. I stayed up past six in the morning with an Australian last night, actually, and then woke up around the same time he did. Past three in the afternoon for me. Then he had the audacity to say I needed to fix my sleeping schedule and I think it is just fine, thank you very much! D:<
    To that Australian in whom I know is reading this because I told him to, it's all your fault I stayed up that late. Completely and utterly. 100%. Your fault. XD

    But yeah, no, I stay up pretty late usually. I like the evenings more than the day, in all honesty.
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  7. I stayed up chatting with a buddy in Brisbane once. I said I should go to bed because the sun was coming up, and she started laughing cause her sunset had just ended
  8. Yeah; it's weird to think it's in the afternoon and then the friend is just waking up or something like that- and from my years of role-playing I've met many people all over the world and the time difference can be a curse at times especially if you're in a role-play with them and you're asleep by the time they wake up or something of the sort.
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  9. I think I'm in a hibernative state. I usually go to bed around ten or eleven, but lately it's been more like eight or nine. No matter what, though, I always get up around 5am. I just don't get out of bed until I'm hungry for breakfast.
  10. I just woke up at around 1:00am. My sleeping schedule is beyond fucked.
  11. HA SLEEP! I wish.
  12. I've slept 24 hours straight, but that was after surgery. =/ Came home from the hospital at 3:30 pm and didn't wake up till nearly 4 the next day.
  13. Usually sleep around six or seven hours a day. Just depends on when I'm tired enough to fall asleep. Fall asleep about ten o'clock in the pm, gonna be up around five in the am. Sometimes visa versa. Though for the past week I've been up to six or seven am and waking up around two-ish pm. Freedom of the bachelor lifestyle, not to many responsibilities to tend to on a daily basis.
  14. I slept until 4 after going to bed at ten once.
  15. I slept for 20 hours the other day, but to be fair I was pretty ill and ended up going to hospital again once I woke up. I also slept for about 18 hours last night, although that was because I'd just done an all-nighter and wanted to reset my sleeping pattern.
  16. Awhile back I slept for seven hours. I was groggy and uncoordinated the entire day.

    I usually run on about 3-5 hours of sleep a night. I have a kid who still needs to be seen to at night and I get up the fastest, so it's usually me. I also poop on a rather consistent schedule, one of those times happens to be in the morning around 8. So whether I want to or not, I'm up regardless of when I slept.
  17. <Go to sleep Tuesday.
    <Wake up Thursday.

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  18. I'm pretty sure I've hit up to and past twelve hours. xD I slept late in the night (or was it early morning?) and when I woke up, it was dark out. I thought I was still awake in the same night but it was actually evening xD
  19. I usually don't sleep much - I can function just fine on four - six hours of sleep and if I get more, I'm ridiculously tired for some reason - but I went to a convention that lasted three days once and I didn't get to sleep at all back then because I was too busy having fun with my friends. When I finally got home (around 5 pm), I practically collapsed and woke up the next day at 3 pm. Eh, it was still worth it!
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