I Should be ASHAMED of myself. Absolutely. Ashamed.

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Lunatic AI

And I am. Oh, so very ashamed. No pride left. I come crawling back and what do I do? I pimp my baby RP forum...


It's not in competition with Iwaku, I promise, I swear. It's just a biggol Doctor Who RP forum... *sob* I've been working so hard on it for so long since I got my internet back-DON'TYOUDARETHROWTHATTOMATO!

But I'm back again right? That must count for something? That I can't stay away?






*walks in room looking lost*
is this where they keep the cupcakes?
Oh hi names hallafax
Don't worry one can always return to the light side (or is this the dark side?)
*scratches head and walks out*