I shall try my best, this is my oath to you!

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  1. Well met, Iwaku!

    I am Lady Knight, a lover of lore and vivid description that hope to find kindred spirits in this community. I'm happy to talk with anyone who come knocking between search setting, brainstorming and replies, so don't feel shy about seeking me out! While my fandom repertoire is lacking, I am always happy to talk about ideas and random tidbits of interesting information of all kinds!

    Should you think you may want to roleplay with me, my resume is at your disposal.
    Lady Knight
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  2. Welcome Lady Knight! I think this site was made for you, so I hope you enjoy it here!
  3. Thank you very much!
  4. Ooo. An oath. The only thing that would be better is that you are bound by blood. That can be arranged.

    Welcome to Iwaku. Were many people have wasted hours here. Have your first buckets of rainbows.
  5. Why, thank you!
    I shall set up a trap for these pesky leprechauns hiding in my yard. I shall make them rue their nightly ruckus, rue, I tell you!
  6. Sound like you'll fit right in. Welcome and may you find the perfect lore to partake in.
  7. Ahah!
    A Lady Knight!
    Handsome ladies are the best of ladies.
    Ignoring that creepy opinion of mine, I greet you with an image that I hope explains my glee!

    Nevertheless, I offer my services for whatever you need.
    A partner.
    Person to chat with.
    Person to randomly insult for no apparent reason.
    A fellow revolutionary in my quest to dominate the world.
    Whichever. owo
  8. Thank you both!

    I shall contact you shortly, Miki. >:D
  9. Hello there.
    I am Daisuke Yazamaki and it is a great pleasure.
    Welcome to Iwaku.
    Anytime you wanna RP or chat, let me know.
  10. A lover of lore and vividly told stories will no doubt find fires to partake, gather round and join our endless spinning of epics ^^
  11. Thank you for your kind and warm welcome, everyone!
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Not open for further replies.