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  1. To let you know me as a role-player
    I am not advanced.. but i have been role-play for 5 years the most and some days i post 5 paragraph message but others i only post 2 paragraphs.. maybe even a line depending how i feel heh but I am pretty chill with anything, (so don't read my role-play resume.. most of the stuff i disliked or didn't mention i probably am okay with it now..)
    The ones i mostly like are very romantic, (Not cheesy romantic), a depression-ish kind of thing, like a friend died but came back as a ghost maybe..? Something i have wanted to try before >/)(\< and i am also okay with sexual scenes.
    Okay! Now plot time ;3
    (Your name) was a suicidal teenager, just looking for someone to love and to feel something, the only way he could feel something is by harming himself but he has not came close to killing him self quit right but that's only because of Marie, a guardian angel watching over (Your name) so he doesn't try anything stupid but what happens when he starts to see her?
    If you are interested then PM me or Comment on this thread! ^-^
  2. Are you still looking? Please PM me if you like =)
  3. This sounds interesting. PM me please :)
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Not open for further replies.