I sense fresh blood.

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  1. G'day ladies, gents and.... well whatever the f*ck that guy is....

    I'm a long time predominant GM, me and a few of my old guard (And others) are on the move from an old forum we once frequented that proved about as reliable as a rickety rope bridge over a 10'000 foot chasm with crocodiles chomping on the ropes and you're stuck between two 500 pound heavyweights who are too scared to move.

    The types of RPs I typically GM are nation-based roleplays. Whether they be fantasy, scifi, modern, post-apoc or any other myriad of possibilities.
  2. What, no space-laser threats?
  3. Not at the moment, the space-laser is in for maintenance. Apparently over-use burns out it's lenses.
  4. Well hi there Kadaeux! Welcome to the site!
  5. Mate... it's almost as if you are losing your touch :p
  6. .... Is our fearless overlord shy around new people? Say it ain't so!
  7. Hello Kadaeux. I know you're part of the Great Migration.
  8. Thanks Diana.

    I think it's time for a re-run of Overlords and Guardians :devil:
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  9. You lack the Brown and Red minions.
  10. Never played my Overlords and Guardians eh Alpha?

    All four colour minions are present in the rules :p
  11. I usually stay away from NRP and its variations. :p
  12. Weeaboo! You fear I'll crush your prissy nation, don't you! All for the best. You wouldn't stand a chance. Let the big kids play war. Mwahahaha.
  13. Alright kids calm down. xD
  14. ...but moooooom!
  15. Eh, if I do it right, doubt you'll even run into mine. Nomadic ftw!

    She started it! *points*
  16. Would that not, by definition, exclude you from being involved in the nation part of a nation RP?
  17. Most of them, but Kad used the trait based NRP, and I'm pretty sure that one of those trait is Nomadic.
  18. I don't think he included Nomadic in his RPs.
  19. I did for Fantasy Nations and Stellar Empires. But not with Overlords and Guardians. (Since Overlords and Guardians go out to do their business and aren't really nations anyway.) Their Lair or Sanctuary is just where they kick their feet up and escape to :p
  20. Kadaeux threw 99-faced die for: No reason at all. Total: 63 $dice $dice