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  1. It all started out as a plan to meet up in real life and spend some time together. Where it went from there... Well, no one could have foreseen that we'd end up in this kind of situation...

    i see you.jpg

    Panicked, shallow breathing in the dark.

    Trapped in a musty old room, back to the furthest corner, a few sets of frightened eyes bore down upon the rotting wood and tarnished brass handle standing blockade between their owners and what lurked just on the other side.

    Floorboards that ran the length of the room and straight under the door into the hallway creaked in protest as someone, or rather, something moved across the far end, slowly, meticulously, as if to send a message to the prey:

    I know where you are. I can hear you. I can smell you.

    I see you.

    Would the lock hold? No. Not against something like that. Not something so strong.

    Suddenly a fresh memory resurfaces in the minds of the cowering group. A memory of a blood-curdling scream cut short as the skin stretches tight across her neck, drawn under the stress of the beast's bony hands clamped one upon the crown of her head like a grim helm, long, black talons digging into the soft skin of her forehead, the other hand latched tightly to her shoulder. The hand upon her head was tugging, tugging, straining her neck until the skin split and tore. Those demonic hands tore her open like a Pez dispenser and even as her vocal chords snapped and popped free, a gurgling roiled in her throat before the hands dragged her into the shadows and out of existence.

    Cold sweat tickled each and every brow at the memory and the telltale heat in the back of their throats alerted them to the urge to vomit where they sat huddled in fear that they would be the next one to die.




    "It's found us..."

    Welcome to Europe~

    I'm really glad you could make it! I know we've all be talking about meeting up for the better part of three years now but with jobs and school, it's always just been talk until now. We've already seen the popular countries but now we're driving through the tiny, barely-heard-of countries that are all clustered together. You know, the ones most tourists never visit. But we're not like most tourists are we?

    The countryside here is beautiful. It's nothing but tiny villages with miles of farmland and forest in between. It's a nice switch from the city, where some of us have lived our whole lives. We're just about to arrive at the cozy little inn we'll be staying at for the next two days, and I know some of you are wondering why we're staying that long in the middle of nowhere, but I promise you that I'll explain everything once we're settled into our rooms.

    This is a private roleplay. Sorry to anyone who was hoping to join! ):

    I See You is about a group of friends who met over the internet, maybe even on a forum like Iwaku! They've been friends for a while, Skyping, chatting, etc. and now they've finally managed to meet up in Europe for a roadtrip. They've come from all corners of the world and walks of life but they are most definitely good friends. The leader of this roadtrip, my character, has assembled an agenda. This agenda includes many popular places to visit, but it also includes a few rare gems. The little village they're about to enter and rent rooms at the inn is one of them. The leader has something planned.

    He just doesn't realize that some warnings should be taken seriously...


    [b]Name:[/b] Obviously, yes?
    [b]Age:[/b] I would prefer 18+ considering they're on a roadtrip in Europe.
    [b]Country:[/b] You can be from anywhere but Europe's countries.
    [b]Appearance:[/b] Images are fine. Write a blurb as well if you like.
    [b]Personality:[/b] Likes, dislikes, quirks, inner and outer behavior, etc.
    [b]History:[/b] Tell as much as you'd like.
    [b]Extra Info:[/b] For anything else that doesn't fit in the above sections.
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  2. Name: Peter Hicks
    Age: 20

    Appearance: Attached
    Personality: Peter has always been a hard worker, with a light sense of humour and a way with people that made him easy to relate to and likeable. He's easygoing, friendly, but has a temper that rivals the heat of the outback sun. He's a hard worker, with a passion for animals and agriculture, growing up on a farm in rural new south wales, and plans to take over the farm when his father passes away. He has a fairly high tolerance to heat, working in the sun for the better part of fifteen hours daily. He listens to Slim Dusty, Garth Brooks and Kieth Urban (when he was more country) but also has a penchant for more modern stuff too. In his free time he likes to draft cattle, ride around on his quad bike and train his cattle dogs.
    History: Bando station, the property Peter grew up on, has been in the Hicks family for generations, long before Peter's grandfather was even a twinkle in his father's eye. Peter was raised to be a worker of the soil, to love everything that had come from the ground and from nature, to tend and care for the animals and land around him. Now that may seem hippy-ish to some, but it was the way his family was brought up. You respected the land, and in return, you reaped from it. Old traditions died hard around there. He finished his schooling and applied for an agricultural collge, and was accepted. It was a one year course, and he finished with high marks, earning his degree. It was in those late years of schooling that he went to the online communities to unwind. somewhere along the line he met his friends and after a long time they decided to arrange a road trip. He'd finished his course, applied for his passport and began saving everything he earned. his parents helped out, and soon he was on his way to Europe to meet up with his friends.
    Extra Info: Peter is bisexual, and suffered a lot of bullying due to this when he was in high school, because he didn't hide away like it was some horrible secret. Instead, he proudly displayed his sexuality by sitting openly with his first boyfriend, unashamed. He learnt to defend himself fairly quickly at the merciless hands of brutal teenagers.

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  3. BQXpR8lCQAAikr0.jpg
    Samuel "Sam" Bergeron
    Sports player and a fan of the professional leagues. He likes hockey, among other winter themed activities but enjoys summer weather just as much.
    A flexible personality makes him the kind of person who easily makes friends and gets along with mostly everyone he meets. He's a leader, often described as charismatic, but always mindful of how much attention he receives so it's never too much. If there's anything he hates, it's people who steal the spotlight and hog it and he has no wish to be that kind of person, so he's always trying to turn the attention toward his friends who are shy or just not very charismatic, thinking that they deserve just as much, if not more attention than he does. He's got a big, easily forgiving heart and rarely frowns.
    He wears his emotions on his sleeve.
    Unfortunately he's also a little bit mischievous. He likes pranks, harmless but hilarious. He likes magic tricks and reading about the bizarre, the occult, and the supernatural.
    But of all his hobbies, his favorite, and most time-consuming is his love for LARPing.
    He also has a strange ability to see buildings and structures as blueprints in his mind and he's usually right on the mark about how their innards look, despite only seeing the outside. From an architect's point of view, he is bordering on genius, and aside from LARPing, he really likes building and designing things. As a result, he'll often be seen doodling on a napkin or stacking straws or cards. He loves visiting places full of history and unique architecture.
    On the topic of sexual orientation, Sam has always been very accepting of the LGBT community and he doesn't like it when they're bashed. Some of his best friends are LGBT, so he won't put up with that kind of hurtful behavior. And although he openly supports this way of life, he's never once confided in anyone, not even his sister, that he's unsure of his own orientation.

    When Sam was around five years old (which would make Jen about three) his mother and father divorced. They'd married young and eventually grew in different directions. His father being a far more responsibly person took custody of him and his sister.
    Two years later, Jen's night terrors manifested and after a few months of struggling, their father moved them from their comfy suburban Kitchener home to the thriving city of Toronto so that they could be closer to Jen's doctor and therapist. Sam didn't mind. He was only just turning eight years old but he understood enough that change was sometimes a good thing.
    From the beginning, he'd been the epitome of the perfect brother, always taking care of his sister and doing his best to help his father out where he could. He grew up to understand the importance of responsibility and it weighed heavily on his shoulders. His escape was sports, magic tricks, pranks, the usual teenage boy stuff really. Despite having to grow up quickly, he never lost that boyish side of himself.
    And then after joining a roleplaying website out of curiosity, he discovered the world of make-believe wasn't as scary as his sister claimed it to be. He quickly found himself immersed in the world of LARP. Meanwhile, roleplaying and LARPing sparked his creativity and he began to notice his tendancy to focus more on the settings rather than the actual happenings. By then he was in high school and after taking a wood working course as a filler, he discovered his natural talent towards architecture.
    When he graduated, he had no choice but to move to Montreal because McGill was Canada's most esteemed university for Architecture hopefuls. It meant leaving his sister behind and he worried about her often, about her bullies and her tendancy to shut out the world. But this was something he had to do and he kept in contact with her via email and Skype calls.
    Sam isn't sure who suggested a roadtrip first, but he was definitely the one who jumped at the idea and convinced the others that it needed to become a reality.

    Extra Info
    Grew up in Toronto, Ontario but studies at McGill University's School of Architecture in Montreal, Quebec. Has a sister two years younger than him. (Maggie's character.)
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  4. http://darkjade68.files.wordpress.com/2011/12/brown-hair-anime-girl-21.jpg

    Name: Jennifer Bergeron

    Age: 18

    Personality and History: Jennifer has a bad history with nightmares, sleepwalking, and several terrible incidents of waking up outside of the house. She feels like the weirdo of the family, because she's the only person who has to live close to her Dr./Therapists. Aside from this, she is an ordinary girl with a love of computers. Though studying in a college in Canada, she e-mails and calls her brother regularly. He was usually the one who found her as she slep walked miles away from home, and the one who made her feel less of a freak as they grew up. They'd always been close, bullies didn't stand a chance getting near the somewhat introverted girl. She excelled in school as one of those brainy-types, but had taken a long time to discover what her goal was. Now that she knew, she hung on with tenacity that impressed a few of her teachers, and classmates. You could say, she was terrified of drifting off one night, and never waking up from one of her nightmares. Or worse yet... no one would notice when she did finally go down that void.~
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  5. Name: Erik Lee

    Age: 18


    Personality: More on the quiet side, but he can ramble if the subject is one he's passionate in. He can seem distant, or like a loner at times, but he really values the company of others. He can often be found with his nose in a book, be it reading for fun or studying, something he takes fairly seriously.

    History: Though both his parents were from the US, Erik was born abroad in South America. For reasons still unknown to him, his mother returned to the US to raise him by herself. At the age of seven, his mother passed away due to illness. With no one able to locate his father, Erik was placed in the foster system until a family friend was able to to claim custody a couple years later. But during that time, the number of people going in and out of his life made it difficult for him to form lasting relationships. So, needless to say, he didn't have many friends going up. It wasn't until later that he braved conversation with people online, and to his surprise, he ended up meeting the people he'd later consider some of his best friends.
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  6. Just to be clear, our characters all know each other. Like, first-name basis, Skype calls, etc. They're all friends from the same website, remember? o 3o
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