I See What You Did....Now WHY?!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Mittens83, Aug 22, 2013.

  1. STAFFIES/ADMINS. -prolly Admins-

    Why are our negative ratings disabled? I just noticed something different on the little side thing were your name and how many posts you've made. So I went to my profile and all the little sign things are gone! As well as the red bar! Also, they were replaced with cute little briefcases and if you hover over them with your mouse, they have amusing thingies pop up.

    My question is, why? Is it to make Iwaku more positive? Or what? I don't overly care, I just noticed it and thought to ask. Alsotobotherthewonderfuladminsandstaffies.

    OR. Was this just a clever rouse to try and get Diana-sama's name to be red again? >:3 Also, why did she have so many negative votes? ._.
  2. So no one is owning up to this, and Jared tried to blame Diana, thus I think Jared updated the forum for gods only knows what reason. Ashame realy.
  3. I think it may have actually been Vay's fault.
  4. I blame Rory.
  5. It should be fixed now. Diana is back to a solid red ratings bar.
  6. D: -is bad person and has punished the Diana-Master and she doesn't even know it yet-