I See Red

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  1. I have an idea that I'd love to try out with someone. It's inspired by a short story I read recently, and hopefully will play out quite nicely.

    A nameless woman is born out of nowhere, appearing at random at the scenes of crimes in the process of being committed, or about to be begun, she is incredibly violent. After ensuring the safety of the victim, she quite literally disappears. This continues for several months, and over time this automaton begins to develop some level of consciousness and self awareness.

    The idea is that someone notices this pattern, either a policeman or some other person of your choice. This could take place in pretty much any universe or time period, so it's all pretty flexible.

    If anyone is interested, please PM me or post here. And just to hedge my bets, even if you don't like this idea, but you think you might like to roleplay; the same applies.
  2. I'd be interested!! This with a high fantasy setting would really keep me going for a log time ^^