I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

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  1. Apparently, February is statistically the coldest month of the year, at least here in Sweden, and the freezing weather combined with snow got me thinking... About ice cream!

    While the coldest month of the year might not seem like the most ideal time to enjoy some of the delicious, frosty treat that is ice cream, what could be better than watching some TV with a bowl of ice cream in the comfort of your warm home with the wind howling outside?

    (Don't answer that)

    Anyway, I want to know about your favourite flavour of ice cream! Are there any commercial brands you like? Can you stand anything but the real, homemade stuff? Do you prefer chunky ice cream with lots of extras and toppings, or simple, clean flavours?

    I think the best ice cream I've ever tasted came from a marzipan store in L├╝beck, Germany. It was, unsurprisingly, marzipan flavoured! Apart from the delicious almond taste, it was divinely rich and milky, and it also had a bit of a coarse texture due to it containing ground almonds, which somehow added to the experience. But, I also fancy a pint of Ben & Jerry's, any flavour, really. Those types of ice cream are incredibly satisfying when you feel like being extra indulgent.
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  2. Superman! A childhood favorite of mine. I can never be unhappy about it. Pretty much any ice cream is fine by me though. Also I'd really like a slushee right now.
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  3. You know I would have.

    Butter Pecan anyone?
    It's the taste. I love something about it.
    I don't know what though, I'm no connoisseur.
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  4. Ben & Jerry's Half Baked.

    First B&J ice cream I ever tasted, and a year later nothing quite beats those chunks of cookie dough.

    But really, any ice cream is good enough for me. And I eat it all year round. Though, somehow I eat it more often during winter. Probably because it melts slower than during the summer.
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  5. Oh! Cookie dough! how could I forget cookie dough! It's either that or butter pecan for me. I also tend to eat ice cream more during the winter too, but, i'm more active during fall when it comes to that.
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  6. I really love soft serve ice cream, and those Smartie filled McFlurries and the cookie dough Blizzards from McDonald's and DQ respectively are usually my go-to when I have a craving.
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    But straight vanilla with Ovaltine is the shit.

    I love adding marshmallows to it too, they get all cold and kinda chewy. It's a texture thing. Make two waffles, throw one on the bottom, ice cream, next one up, ice cream. Amazing.
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  8. Nyehehe, beat you to it! >:3

    And that waffle thing reminded me of ice cream sandwiches. Those are to DIE for!
  9. I forgot about Dough-ble Impact from the Core line. It's so damn good, I could stuff my face with two of those buckets in a day.

    Shit, now I need to go buy ice cream.
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  10. Ben & Jerry's Cinnamon Bun.

    They don't sell it anywhere I live, so sad face.
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  11. It hasn't even been released where I live O__O
  12. I'm a big fan of sherbert, any and all flavors. Normal ice cream I get sick of real easy, but sherbert I could eat all fucking day.
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  13. Damn. It's pretty good icecream actually. It might be because I really like cinnamon (Except for that one time I tried the cinnamon challenge. Never again).
  14. I really like cinnamon as well, so I'm looking forward to it. My friend's been hyping the crap out of it lately, though, so I'm sort of starting to get annoyed by the thought of it, ha ha.

    And that challenge was pulled straight from the depths of hell where it belongs.
  15. I loved nougat flavored ice cream as a kid and I rarely ate any other flavors. though, nowadays, lemon licorice might be considered my favorite. I'm not so sure about these types of things as I was as a kid.
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  16. Man, bubblegum was the shit when I was little. I always demanded it when I was taken to the local ice-cream joint. Now I usually just go for something exotic.
  17. Despite being severely lactose intolerant, I would kill a man for a bowl of Tin Roof. Also Saskatoon Berry ice cream. Mmmmmm
  18. My all time favorite is Cookies and Cream. Dairy doesn't agree with me, but oh well. :D
  19. I think the preference for ice cream in the winter is near universal. It's a texture thing.
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  20. Anything with chocolate and marshmallow! Ben & Jerry's Phish Food is to die for. <3 Caramel, and marshmallow. It's like I died and went to ice cream heaven. Mint chocolate chip was my favorite as a kid, but it had to be green and have little tiny fleck of chocolate that easily melted in your mouth and didn't require chewing up.
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