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  1. Hello

    As you see, I'm new at this place and am terrible at introduction texts like these.
    So bare with me for now. ^^'
    I am a person (yes a person, not alien) who came to visit this place for a long while.
    I am also a college student so the hours can be quite... chaotic.
    This means that I don't know when I'll be able to post and when not.
    There is a small addiction that I have which is watching anime.
    No, I haven't seen all of them since that is just impossible.
    I'm not a newcomer to role-playing but I still try to improve every day, little by little.
    Also, food is life !
    I hope we get along in the near future.

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  2. Welcome to Iwaku Stiches~! *whisper* who doesn't love anime~! XD

    PS: indeed, food is life~!
  3. Thank you !
    And yes, anime is quite... addicting. <-<
  4. Yes it's a poison that doesn't have an antidote just like games o__o~!
  5. I completely understand you !
    Haaah, video games are so much fun as well.
    Which ones do you play?
  6. Dota 2, <--it's my life LOL XD~!

    while console and handheld, I've haven't been play that much ever since DS discontinued so... lol!
  7. Hahaha, I play LoL and Smite. I think they are similar in a way (unless I'm confusing stuff).

    I prefer pc games since it's easier for me. ^^'
  8. Yup they all MOBAs, and have one thing in common, toxic community if you know what I mean~!

    Well yeah I do as well prefer PC games after awhile since they're more easy to access nowadays I guess? I mean the price are way more cheaper than console games ++ I think the games in PC are in par with console games <quality wise~>
  9. Ah, yes. Indeed. o-o

    I agree with you. Like new games for the PS4 cost a lot. Haaah... That's why I like the computer games. Also I have this problem that I get frustrated easily with console games. I don't know why but they manage to tick me off...
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  10. *nod* well some does tick me off...~ there's only a portion that kept me interested in it.
  11. I think Assassins Creed is interesting. And some others but I forgot the name of them. *facepalms*
  12. Well technically AC can be played in PC right?

    well I only love classic JRPG games XD~!
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