I rode here on a paper airplane

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  1. Needless to say I made that airplane MYSELF! >:D

    Anyway, hello Iwaku! For quite a long time now I have been trying to look for a new roleplay site in order to further build up my roleplaying skills, participate in more 'refreshing' roleplays, and most importantly...give some of my plots a nice home to grow and develop.

    A little few things about myself as per intro-thread tradition ^^;

    -Been roleplaying for almost 5 years now. I started off by chatplaying with a group of friends in another site.
    -I'm a decent World Builder; currently working on 5 planets as we speak. However, the only planet that's almost complete is the one which I already have an established language for.
    -I'm a sucker for sci-fi and magical worlds. Mostly the both melded together as that's my actual style.
    -18 and a college student/artist
    -The Beatles are my beloved band..hence my George Harrison avie.

    Anyway, I hope to make some good friends to great friends in this community sooner or later. Maybe even join a roleplay when my computer usage time improves (For now I'm using someone else's Computer) So after many things I hope to call Iwaku home. :)
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  2. Welcome, I'm sure you will find everyone on this site welcoming so it should make a nice change for you. I have to say I too am a fan of the beatles and had to comment on you avie.
    Hope to see you around and if you fancy thrashing some ideas around let me know.
    Have a great time here.
  3. Thanks for the welcome~

    I'm curious, and I hope it's not so weird or noobish to ask: Does this community have an official chat? I really enjoy communicating and socializing with other roleplayers too :)
  4. Welcome welcome! I already posted on your profile and had been meaning to post here as well, but couldn't get a chance to because I got tied up with work.

    Anyway, hopefully you'll find what you are looking for here, and more! Feel free to let anyone know if you have any questions.

    Regarding your chat question, yes there are a few. You can navigate to them using the "Chats" link on the toolbar at the top of the page. We usually use the general chatbox. Don't fret if there aren't many people inside at the time, a lot of folks come and go through the chatroom.
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  5. Wunderbar. Your fleet of paper airplanes will be added to the arsenal of death and pain....

    Uh...I mean hello and welcome. Don't try to fish for the carp in the river. Just trust me on that.
  6. I'll take your word for it...*hides* Also, thank you Fatalrendevous for informing me where the chats are. I dropped by today and met some very interesting (and random) members. Needless to say that I enjoyed my time there!