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  1. Yes, you.

    And what is it that the LogicfromLogic wants? I want a roleplay partner for a couple good ideas that I have. And maybe some ice to reduce swelling to my large ego.


    Maze Runner (really want this one)

    Two brothers are sent down in the Box. This was after Alby and Newt, before Thomas (way before Thomas). The Greenie before them was Gally, and apparently he'd given them a reason to start hating Greenies. But when they are given two Greenies, two brothers, nobody could make anything of it. However, nothing bad happens to the Glade. But a serious rift between the boys, who remembered each other and their names, but nothing else, began to fall out when one became a Runner and the other a builder. But soon, the Glade realizes, the potential for the builder has become clear; he was meant to be a runner with his brother. And soon, more discoveries are being made.



    The samurai are known for being only males. The princess who has been sick of being pampered and treated as if she had to be protected all the time, runs away. The palace guards are sent to try and find her, but not even the most skilled tracker could find her.

    Years later, the new wave of samurai warriors are hired on in the palace to guard the six year old princess, who the father fears will disappear like the other. They'd given up hope of ever finding the lost princess.

    The son of the leader of the samurais is one of the guards for the six year old along with his best friend, who is the first female samurai, and the missing princess. The Huns (I really don't mean this to sound Mulanish...) are threatening their borders, war is likely. They have to whisk the princess to safety, but the princess is split off from the group with only the two samurais, and a lot is discovered on route...

    Willing to do most every request, just message me! Or post here, whatever you like.
  2. The SamuraixPrincess roleplay idea sounds great, and I'm interested in roleplaying it with you. PM me if you're up for dicussing it.
  3. MazeRunner <3 Movie was awesome.. have yet to read the book. Too bad there aren't more girls who were brought up into the Glade, cause I'd love to try a 'MazeRunner' RP out, but I don't RP boys very well (x good luck finding a partner, though!!
  4. I will message you as soon as I get my other rps answered.

    I am willing to compromise. Message me?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.