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  1. "No, Mother, I will not marry her!" Sae yelled, the shadows of the room writhing with each sharp word he yelled. Right then, Sae wasn't even trying to control his shadows, and they were clouding his eyes, making him appear truly demonic. His mother was more composed, by far. Her shadows, which tended to have streaks of dark purple in them, were under complete control, and nothing marred her eyes. Her lips were pressed together in a firm line, her pale lilac eyes hard.

    "Yes, you will, Sae. It was decided weeks ago. This is to preserve the peace we've just now achieved. With this marriage, we will have peace between our races for hundreds of years to come. Now, wear your best clothes. She and her family will arrive soon." Shireen left, her skirts swishing as she walked through the doorway, shutting it behind her.

    Once she was gone, Sae made a noise akin to a growl, angrily tearing off the fancy doublet he had been wearing, moving to his chest of drawers to get his nicest black and deep red tunic. It was then that his butler arrived, knocking on the door to announce his presence. Sae stood in front of his best, wearing just his underclothes, and sighed as he was helped into his clothes, attempting to get his shadows under control.

    I don't even know who this girl is, and I'm supposed to marry her?!? he thought to himself, frowning heavily as the buttons in his tunic were attended to by the butler. As his butler was tying his bootlaces, his father stepped into the room, dressed in his best as well.

    "Look," the King of Wraiths said, folding his arms across his chest, "I know that you don't want to marry, especially so young, but..." he sighed. "It's for the best." With a wave, Leain dismissed the butler, leaving Sae to sit down on the edge of his bed. "You know, my marriage was a political one, too. But your mother and I learned to love each other. I assure you, this girl you will marry will be exceptionally beautiful, vibrant, and happy. Don't worry." With that, Leain left, expecting Sae to be downstairs in the grand throne room in ten minutes.
  2. Aiko sighed softly, she was sitting in her room, listening to her mother, " Dear, something has happened, you will be marrying one of the Wraith's Princes. " Aiko gasped, she turned, not letting the maid tie her corset, but the maid followed to tie it. " We are dressing you for you to meet him, and go to their place.. we are going to pack your clothes also.. so you can be dropped off. "

    Aiko gasped, " I can not. " She said softly, crossing her arms. She can control all the elements, water bursted out of her bathroom's faucet. She jumped and looked down. " I don't want to, we've been fighting over this land and they don't care..." She shook her head. She was put into a pretty gown. She blinked softly. Her mother said, " Your sister is going too. He has a brother.. and he is for her." Well cause Aiko has a twin. " You will put Ai there too? Who knows what they'll do!!!"

    Her mother watched her pace. " You'll be fine, now let's go.." After they put on her shoes and her mother put on her tiara. "Let's go.." Her father came in and smiled widely. Before walking over to the door, and grabbing the suitcases, and heading out.
  3. Sae arrived in the throne room on time. Of course, his brother Jae was already there, sitting on the left of the two thrones to the left of the largest one in the room, which was his father's. Their parents were in their thrones already, both looking regal. His mother beckoned for him to take his seat, and he did so, slouching over to his. Sae and his brother were twins, and though Sae was older, and heir to the throne, Jae definitely acted more like a noble than his brother.

    Jae had all the charisma, charm, and...regality that Sae didn't have. Besides all that, he also appeared handsomer. Sae didn't know what it was; after all, they had looked exactly the same since birth, but it was always Jae who had been the fancy of young girls, not Sae. As Sae took his seat next to his younger brother, an obvious difference between their demeanors was made obvious. Jae looked almost hopeful to be married, whereas Sae was less than happy about it. The two were, he noticed, wearing the exact same tunics and pants, but Jae liked his hair short, while the elder of the two kept his hair at shoulder-lengths, sometimes tying it back with a ribbon.

    Catching his father glancing at him, Sae furrowed his eyeybrows in confusion, until Leain straightened slightly, indicating that Sae should do the same.

    This will be a loveless, dutiful marriage, Sae thought to himself darkly, as the shadows near his throne danced beneath his feet.
  4. Aiko blinked as she seen Ai next to her, Ai had black hair. But the rest they were the same. Aiko bit her lower lip and sighed. Her mother and father was in front of them, as they carried their suit cases. When a butler answered they were all led to to a throne room. where two were sitting, well four. Aiko blinked, she was wearing a blackish and white dress while her sister white with black. Aiko blinked when they came, they both were brought in front. Ai sighed and looked at Aiko. " Why are we being brought into this." She muttered. Aiko shrugged and looked up her eyes shining. She smiled lightly. As she seen Sae She looked down and heard her father speak about who was who.

    Ai glanced over and seen Jae. She smiled and blushed but she looked down. She listened to her father. " Wait what.." She wasn't told she was marrying someone.
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  5. When the girls had come in to the throne room, the wraith royal family all stood as one, though Shireen was decidedly less regal than the other three. She was expecting another baby, and it was definitely showing. Leain and Shireen descended the dais, leaving their sons to stand there until summoned. Glancing over at Jae, Sae was not surprised to see him grinning at the girls, though he only slouched.

    "Hello!" Leain said, grinning widely. Approaching the girls' parents, he didn't bow--it would be decidedly unkingly to bow--but he tipped his head in their direction.

    Shireen smiled as well and said, "Are these the girls. They are both beautiful." As his wife continued to speak, Leain made a discreet gesture to the boys, who approached them. Standing in front of their respective future wives, Jae murmured, "Hello," before taking her hand and gently kissing it. Sae didn't look at his wife, instead finding great interest in his boots.
  6. Aiko sighed softly, she looked at her father who nodded back. she rolled her eyes and fixed her dress. Her father's wife, which was her mother, Aikimi " Yeah, this is them." She smiled lightly. Ai looked over at Aiko and nudged her so she can brighten up. Aiko jumped and just ave her future husband a smile. She was just trying even though she hated the idea. She was the one who was jumpy and easily scared. She bit her lower lip. She gulped lightly.

    Ai was smiling when Jae approached her, she curtseyed, but then she felt her hand grabbed and kissed. She smiled lightly. She shrugged lightly. She tilted her head lightly and said, " Hello. " She looked in front of her, he was... hot... cute. sexy. She smiled and looked at Aiko who was playing with her skirt.

    The father and her mother were talking with the other two after listening, Ai wasn't interested.
  7. "How did I get so lucky that I get to marry the most beautiful girl in the world?" Jae asked, laying the charm on thick. Sae couldn't help but roll his eyes. It was only when Leain placed a hand on his shoulder, squeezing it firmly, did Sae muttered, "It's nice to meet you, my lady..." But apparently that wasn't good enough, because Leain dug his nails in, subtley telling Sae what he wanted. Sighing softly, Sae followed Jae's example and gently took Aiko's hand, bringing it to his lips.

    When he straightened, he was slouching a bit again, letting his hair fall over his eyes. His father removed his hand from Sae's shoulder. It appeared that he had preformed well.

    After a few more moments of awkward silence, in which Sae became increasingly disgusted by Jae's actions towards his future wife, Leain said to Aiko and Ai's parents, "Would you care to share tea with us? I'm sure it would do good for us to leave our children to get to know one another, hm?"
  8. Ai smiled lightly and shrugged, " I am not sure..." She blushed softly. She blinked lightly, and bit her lower lip. She was just so happy that she got the handsome guy to marry, her sister's was not bad, but still. She smiled lightly, her eyes sparkling and her ears twitched. She smiled and looked over to her parents who were nodded. Her mother sighed, looking at her own husband.

    Aiko smiled and looked down fixing her skirt but then, she tensed when he gabbed her hands. She blushed lightly when it was kissed, " And nice to meet you too." She said softly, Only when her sister and herself is alone she will complain, or just give the guy a chance. Like her mother said, She looked at her shoes softly before she glanced at her parents when they were talking about leaving.. at least she has her sister. She blinked her eyes a few time and bit her lower lip hard. She didn't know what to do.

    Aikimi smiled and nodded, " I would love to." She held onto her lovers hand who also nodded and which went to have tea with the parents.

    Ai and Aiko watched their parents leave. Both girls sighed at the same time. Aiko smiled, " so what do you like to do..." She asked, trying to make talk.
  9. As their parents left, Jae and Sae seemed to relax slightly, though Sae was already slouching. Still, Jae didn't let up on his act, playing the part of loving future husband like a champ. Starting a little when his wife spoke to him, he muttered, "I read." Leaving it at that, he nodded simply as Jae suggested, "Why don't we all go to the small sitting room? I'm sure I can persuade the cooks to make us some lemon cakes, if you two ladies wish it."

    Just as he was turning to lead them, something seemed to come to the younger brother, and he returned his gaze to Ai and said, "Where are my manners? I've yet to introduce myself. I am Jaekon, the younger of the Oriske brothers. This sour man is my older brother, Saekon." Leaning closer to Ai, he grinned before asking, "And what might your names be, my lady?"
  10. Aiko and Ai, were standing straight, being proper, they were always proper, but they always love to cook and dance, normal for a girl.. Ai looked over at Jae smiling lightly. She was happy. She tilted her head and heard the suggestion. " oh I love Lemon cake, that would be great." She said softly. Aiko looked at Ai, " Why not." Aiko loved lemon cake too, but Aiko was interested in learning about her new husband, " Well maybe I can write for you sometime...I write books... " She said softly. She glanced down a little.

    Ai blinked when they stopped leading them to the small sitting room, what now? She smiled lightly, " oh.. but you guys don't mind us calling you Jae and Sae right?" She asked sweetly. She then said, " I'm Ai and this is my older sister Aiko. " She smiled and ran a hand through her curly black hair. She tilted her head and smiled lightly, She didn't know what else to do, she was beginning to get nervous from him being too close. Aiko smiled lightly, " yeah but only by three seconds. " Ai smiled lightly. " Yep." She said shyly.
  11. Once at the sitting room, Jae held open the door for them before stopping a maid and telling her to go to the kitchens and bring back lemon cakes and the fine tea that was just imported from India. In reality, the small sitting room was anything but small. Of course, compared to the grand sitting room, it was definitely small, but was definitely nice in its furnishings. Arranged around a lovely coffee table was several couches, all matching with their plush black cloths over goose down. On the walls were portraits of most of the Oriske children, going all the way back to Sae's great-great grandfather's brothers and sisters. All twenty of them.

    Immediately, Jae took a seat on the loveseat, smiling invitingly for Ai to sit next to him. Of course, if she didn't sit next to him, he would look like a royal loser, and Sae was silently hoping that Jae's wife would sit somewhere away from him.

    Taking a seat farthest away from Jae, the elder of the two noted, "I'm older than him by fifteen minutes. And I only answer to Sae." Frowning slightly, he knew he was being rather rude, but didn't really care at the moment. After all, if he was being forced into a marriage, she didn't have to like him one bit.
  12. Ai and Aiko was walking together to follow the guys. Ai looked over at Aiko. Aiko looked around the room, she smiled lightly. She tilted her head, this room was pretty. She then sat in a chair not sitting next to Sae. She was nervous. She was scared of Wraiths, but Ai on the other hand, she wasn't scared of them. Aiko blinked lightly. " Oh.. that's okay.. " She said softly. She had a sweet voice. " Everyone has their name they want to be called. "

    Ai smiled and sat next to him, and looked at her sister, like go sit next to him look. Ai smiled at Jae and tilted her head. She knew her sister hated the idea of being forced to be in hand of someone she doesn't know. She tilted her head and thought.
  13. "I apologize for my brother," Jae said, giving the girls a grin. "Although he's older, it's hard to tell with how he acts sometimes. Just ignore him." Ignoring the dirty look Sae sent him, Jae perked up when he heard a knock on the door. "Come in." It was a servant, bearing a tea set and the lemon cakes Jae had asked for. "Just set it on the table." Once the servant had followed his instructions, he had poured the tea, which was of a deep black color with a musky scent.

    As Sae slouched in his chair, ignoring the tea set out for them, he sighed heavily, wishing he could just lurk off to some corner to read. Letting his hair fall over his eyes again, he let Jae do most of the talking, barely stifling back a yawn.
  14. Aiko glanced over at Jae as he spoke, she shruged, " no he's simply upset with this wedding as am I I mean honestly, we don't know each other and our parents are forcing us to marry." She said honestly. Ai sighed and shrugged. " Aiko I look at it as a great oppurtunity to brng peace to our clans. " Aiko sighed and crossed her legs. She shrugged. " Each to their own." She said softly, grabbing one of the tea cups to take a sip.

    Ai sihed and then looked at him and " And my sister is always brutally honest, most of the time."
  15. At least his wife didn't want to be married as much as he did. That meant that Sae could keep his distance as much as possible once they were married, only having to see her when they were in bed together and in the mornings when he would wake up. Otherwise, he could almost completely keep away from her.

    Jae, attempting to remedy the slight situation between the sisters, said, "Now, now. We have five days until we're to be married. That's plenty of time to get to know one another. Don't worry, Lady Aiko. I'm sure that by your wedding day, you and Sae will be madly in love with one another." Grinning good-naturedly, Jae shot a look at Sae, telling him to keep quiet.
  16. Aiko sighed softly. She bit her lower lip. She looked at her sister who said how great it'd be. " Well am I the one who didn't talk about it to you? I tried to find you to talk to you. " Ai sighed, " Well we all know now.. and we " She stopped when Jae talked. She nodded softly. " At least we hope." She said softly. She looked down and shrugged. " I don't know, you know things happen, " She blinked and shrugged.

    Ai sighed softly, looking at Aiko before looking at Jae. Before looking at Aiko and smiling. She then said, " yeah we can find out by a lot in that time."
  17. Sae seemed to slouch further down into his chair, looking like an unhappy child. He hadn't yet touched his tea, even though the kind that was brought in was one of his favorites.

    Jae, knowing that if he didn't step in soon his brother would make some sort of snide comment, spoke up and said, "Lady Ai, what do you like to do? Seeing as we're to be married, it would do to know a little bit about eachother, right?" As he gave her that charming smile of his, he brought the cup of tea to his lips, taking a long sip.
  18. Aiko sighed softly, she bit her lower lip, staying silent. She looked down, it wasn't even her idea, they didn'teven know each other, though. She sighed lihtly and sipped her tea, quietly.

    Ai looked at Jae and smiled softly, she shrugged and said, " that is correct, and I like to play the piano, for comfort.... and just originally I draw." She said softly. Aiko looked at her and smiled. She nodded. " She is great at dancing, but that is because our father paid for a tutor." Ai sipped her cup and nodded.
  19. While Ai was telling Jae about herself, Sae stood up, and, without saying anything, left the room. Heading towards the room that the swordsmaster lived in, he knocked on the door before entering. Sure enough, the swordsmaster was sitting at his desk, reading. "Kiele," Sae said, now standing straight and acting as a king might. "I want you to cut my hair. Just like Jae's."

    "Um, yes, Your Highness," said the swordsmaster, before telling Sae to sit down on one of the chairs situated in the room. On top of teaching the Oriske boys how to be masters of the blade, he was also in charge of cutting their hair, and had been doing so since they were babies. The swordsmaster took out a sharp, thin blade, and went to work, taking off inches of hair with one swipe of the dagger. In a few minutes, not even a quarter of an hour, Sae's hair was short, and he looked exactly like Jae.

    Returning to the sitting room, he passed one of the servants, who mistook him for Jae, and used the word, 'my esteemed lord' that they used for Jae, while Sae was supposed to be called, 'Your Highness,' as he was the heir. Still, it meant that his plan was working. If the servants could mistake him for his brother, why not his wife? Letting a slightly evil smile come to his face as he imagined the things he could do as Jae, he forced it down before entering the sitting room. Walking over to the seat he was in earlier, he acted as if nothing different was about him, though his head felt extremely light now that his hair was short.
  20. Aiko glanced around, she looked over at Sae, when he left. Why was he leaving. Wait she should let her hair grow out. She closed her eyes and smiled lightly. She noticed that her new soon to be husband look just like Jae. She blinked a few tmes. She bit her lower lip hard and then sipped her cup. " Hello." She didn't know how to act like that.

    Ai looked at Aiko seeing that she was shocked. She looked back and smiled. " oh." She then looked around and smiled. " Hey. " She then looked over at Jae, " so what do you like to do."

    Aiko slowly scooted over for him, she didn't know what to do. She glanced over at him.
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